Headscratchers / Big Finish Doctor Who

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  • At the end of I Davros: Guilt, why does Davros create his first Dalek from the DNA of a Thal? Doesn't that kind of go against everything Davros has been saying about the survival of the Kaled race?
    • Davros actually considers the whole Kaled and Thal thing ridiculous per Genesis of the Daleks. He's equivalent to a Nazi scientist who makes a bunch of Supergenius Zombies to kill all regular humans (blond and blue-eyed or not).
  • Does C'rizz wear clothing?
    • Yes. C'rizz occasionally lost control over his ability to change his skin colour and no one ever mentioned him being suddenly naked.
  • In the Big Finish version of Shada, it is explained that the events of The Five Doctors prevented the Fourth Doctor and Romana from visiting Chronotis, which is why the Eight Doctor is the star of this version. But when Four and Romana were taken by the time scoop, the Doctor's TARDIS was in Chronotis's office, meaning that he and Romana had to go back there.
    • Maybe Rassilon moved the TARDIS when he sent the Fourth Doctor back to make way for the Eighth Doctor's (and adjusted the Doctor's memory so he would know where to find it). Or maybe the Fourth Doctor's TARDIS was parked somewhere else the whole time and the one you see at the beginning of the episode is the Eighth's.
  • This is just to confirm what I think I know, the time placement of the Doctors and Melanies in the Wrong Doctors
    • Blue coat Doctor is from after his travels with Evelyn, but presumably from before he meets Charley, based on the fact there's still chocolate cake made by Evelyn, but has yet to travel with Mel
    • Multi-colour Coat Doctor is from right after The Ultimate Foe, is only aware of Mel from the events of the trial.
    • Mel A is travelling with the Doctor, has experienced Terror of the Vervoids and has been taken out of her timeline to have the trial
    • Mel B Has yet to meet the Doctor at all.
  • Where does the Sebastian Grayle who first met the Doctor come from? He can't be the Grayle from 1806 as that went back to 305 and died.
  • In the BBC audio series Hornets' Nest, the Doctor goes back in time, fighting the hornets earlier and earlier as he tries to find the source of the infestation. In the fourth story, he encounters them in medieval England, and they learn he's a time traveller and use the TARDIS to set up their position in third story (set in 1835), which had been foreshadowed in that story.

    But in the second story, set in 1935, the hornets are very surprised to learn he's a time traveller. They know he's their enemy, but did exactly why slip their mind over the previous 100 years?