Funny / Ace Combat: Equestria Chronicles

Ace Combat: The Equestrian War

  • This little conversation from chapter 6, when the ponies try to protect Rainbow Dash and Applejack:
    Derpy: Are you going to release them, or should we knock some sense into you?
    Griffon soldier: What kind of idiot would let his prey go like that?
    Cloud Kicker: Hey, it never hurts to try.
  • In chapter 7, when the pegasi arrive at the Gildsedale Plains, Firefly asks Lightning Bolt to confirm their location. She knows the situation is slightly tense and tries to lighten the mood by goofing up.
    Lightning Bolt: (checking the map) Hmmm... according to these symbols, of ancient meaning I presume, weíre somewhere... here.
    (Medley chuckles)
    Firefly: Tell me something I donít know.
    Lightning Bolt: Consuming large amounts of food may lead to indigestion problems.
    (Everypony laughs)
    • Moments later, Derpy drops a little gem of her own.
    Lightning Bolt: Supply bunkers at 11 oíclock.
    Derpy: Shoot! Itís 1057 hours! Weíve got to hurry!
    (Medley and Cloud Kicker chuckle)
  • Firefly's facehoof when Pinkie Pie says she's throwing a party for her team just before the mission to destroy The Burning Talon in chapter 9.
  • Rainbow Dash asking Firefly for a permission to begin their own party in chapter 10. Complete with a proper tone and a salute.
  • In chapter 14, before the battle for Cloudsdale begins:
    Lightning Bolt: [...] But now, letís focus on whatís ahead. RIDE OUT!
    Firefly: Uh... Thunder? Whatís with that yell all of a sudden?
    Lightning Bolt: I thought we need a sort of battle cry, you know, to boost our spirits! Was it bad?
    Firefly: No... but weíre flying, not running.
    Lightning Bolt: *sigh*
    Rainbow Dash: Iíve got a better one: GO FOR BROKE! (laughs)
  • This amusing exchange in chapter 19, when Mirage squadron sees Red Cyclone's base:
    Medley: This isnít Fortress Intimidation, this is Fortress Intolerance! Red Cyclone shouldíve called it like that, itís more fitting.
    Lightning Bolt: Maybe... but Iím afraid that name is already taken, Medley. *giggle*

Ace Combat: Wings of Unity

  • Despite the whole seriousness in Aurora's declaration of war, Pinkie Pie points out that it could've been worse:
  • Shockwave's reaction to The Equestrians whipping out a laser cannon to fend off Gleipnir in Chapter 6?
    Shockwave: (grumbling) "How can the Allies have access to laser technology? It does not compute..."
    • In context, this annoyance is the greatest show of emotion the guy's had so far...and yet he still talks like the 'bot he's a Shout-Out to!
  • Heavy Cloud's musings toward Lightning Bolt and Cloud Kicker in Chapter 10a. The way he reacts implies that he thought Spitfire brought them to him, so he could, in his own words, "go out with them".
  • In Chapter 10b, Colgate uses her magic to hit Firecracker Burst with a snowball in order to reign her in after she gets a little TOO excited while fending off the Exiles with her fire magic. Made even better from the sheer Mood Whiplash, given how the narration details the burned Exiles wailing in agony and Firecracker cackling like a maniac...then the snowball goes splat! and the violent scene ends, complete with Firecracker Burst sheepishly blushing and apologizing for her behavior.
    • It's her tone that nails it. She acts more like she shouted in a library than burned a bunch of ponies to death.
  • Chapter 12 has one moment that serves as an interesting Take That! to Ace Combat Infinity and its Fuel System, disliked by some players. Shockwave's Zeal can only work for 10 minutes after first being activated (it can be turned on and off with a voice command, though) and after that time limit expires, it enters "cooldown mode", which lasts 6 hours. Trickster was not pleased when he heard that.
    Trickster: (to Shockwave) So, let me get this straight. We can use this ''technological marvel'' of yours for only 10 MINUTES and then we have to wait for 6 HOURS before using it again?! That's bullcrap!
    • Also from Chapter 12, we learn how the EAF managed to get defiant Exile prisoners to crack without resorting to torture: they just put Pinkie Pie and Rarity in their cells, and let them ramble and "whine", respectively. The Exiles were apparently reduced to screaming desperate confessions, just to make their talkative tormentors shut up.
  • At the beginning of Chapter 13, there are some very amusing interactions between the Reaper squadron, including Deathwing making a Stealth Insult toward Trickster and Havoc unable to recognize sarcasm in Shockwave's emotionless voice.