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Fridge Brilliance
  • On their parody of Celebrity Jeopardy, Sean Connery's tendency to insert or remove the spaces in category titles is funny enough on its own but it just occurred to me that he's old english (well, sort of... it's funnier that way). -gibberingtroper
  • The famous $3000 dollar offer to The Beatles to reunite and perform three Beatles tunes is already a Comically Small Bribe, but it's even comically smaller when it clicks that it's not even a $1000 per Beatle.
  • The Kristen Stewart monologue leads to Kate Mckinnon joining her on stage, saying "I just wanna be like you, sleep all day, party all night". That last part is from the tagline of another vampire movie famous for pandering to the young adult demographic, The Lost Boys. If that's not enough, Kate's gratuitously Butch Lesbian outfit and hair mimic Keifer Sutherland in that movie.
  • Kate McKinnon's Gonktastic character, Shud the blobfish-mermaid, is dressed in some messy junk including a fishing net with a weight still on it - hinting that she was not only caught by accident, but thrown back in such a hurry they didn't want to keep the net.
  • Hillary Clinton (the openly gay Kate McKinnon) noting to bartender Val (the actual Hillary Clinton) that they could've been quicker to promote LGBT rights.
  • During the "Does It Even Matter Anymore" sketch, which addresses all the ways in which Donald Trump has avoided justice, Jessica Chastain and Cecily Strong are the only ones closest to a nervous breakdown - because they have a personal stake in it. Cecily attended the last White House Correspondents' Dinner for Barack Obama and gave a memorable speech, while Jessica famously starred in Zero Dark Thirty, about one of the operations that took place during the Obama administration that Trump might have some trouble reversing like he did all the others. (Cos yknow, you'd have to unkill Osama...) And then Kate Mckinnon acts first to reach out to Jessica, much like she did for all of America with a memorable piano solo in the previous season.
  • Natalie Portman appears in full costume as Queen Amidala threatening someone to badmouth the Star Wars prequels at gunpoint. Even if you never heard of The Professional, Amidala has been depicted as deadly with a gun (something Leia inherited).
  • The 2018 episode with Chadwick Boseman has Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump claiming that "nobody is tougher on Russia than me... not even Hitler." It makes a funny kind of sense if you know that Hitler did try to attack Russia in World War II... and failed.

Fridge Horror