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Radar: Saturday Night Live
  • Saturday Night Live once featured a sketch with Joe Pesci playing his "Goodfellas" character buying a pinkie ring. He goes to the mirror to try it on and begins miming a conversation which ends as an angry argument full of F words. Today, censors would pixillate his mouth and no one would get the joke.
  • Schweddy Balls even lampshades the trope. Reprised later with Pete Schweddy's other culinary concoction, his hot dogs (weiners).
    • Later reprised again by Betty White, with her muffins that, despite their age, were surprisingly moist.
  • There was also the SNL skit "Jingleheimer Junction", a parody of children's shows with characters personifying Friendship, Unity, Caring and Kindness. With their initials written on their shirts. They never get into that order... but come surprisingly close. The best part is the "togetherness song" that's sung toward the end: "You can do it anywhere, in the park or on a chair... in and out, in and out..."
  • There was the "Sofa King" commercial from the season 32 episode hosted by Shia La Beouf with musical guest Avril Lavigne note . Say it fast.
  • The conclusion of one of its Celebrity Jeopardy skits which had Sean Connery's final answer being "Buck Futter". In fact, Connery would often invert this trope with his insistence on reading the genuinely mundane categories as something obscene.
  • One memorable sketch featured guest host Christopher Walken as Colonel Angus. Say it out loud.
    Once a lady's been introduced to Colonel Angus, she'll settle for nothing less!
    • It gets better. When Colonel Angus gets drummed out of the service, he's forced to go by his real name: Enal.
  • The racial slur job interview sketch with Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor from 1975, culminating in:
    Interviewer: Jungle bunny!
    Mr. Wilson: Honky!
    Interviewer: Spade!
    Mr. Wilson: Honky honky!
    Interviewer: Nigger!
    Mr. Wilson: Dead honky!
  • The many times "fuck" (and its variants) has accidentally been said on live TV (i.e., the 100th episode where then-cast member Paul Shaffer plays a medieval musician who says "flogging" to mean the actual f-word — and naturally screws up, Charles Rocket's "I'd like to know who the fuck did it" during the Charlene Tilton episode from season six note , Norm MacDonald muttering, "What the fuck was that?" after botching a joke on Weekend Update, and Jenny Slate playing a biker chick with her own talk show and peppering everything she says with the F-word substitute, "freakin'". However, after getting an ashtray hurled near her head by her co-host (played by Kristen Wiig), Jenny says, "You know, you stood up for yourself, and I fuckin' love you for that!" Look closely and you can see Jenny's face briefly read, "Oh Crap!" just before the camera cuts to Kristen Wiig).
  • In an appearance by Wayne and Garth, where they discuss the 2011 Oscars, they mention Natalie Portman, and Garth says "I could make Mila out of her Kunis!" Even Wayne was shocked.
  • One of the Weekend Updates in the first five years was sponsored by "Pussy Whip, the first dessert topping for cats."
  • Janet Jackson note  visiting a wine bottling plant, where everyone is busy soaking corks. The entire sketch has every character mentioning this in their lines, every single one.
    Male visitor: Can I try soaking corks too?
    Foreman: You look like you've soaked a few corks yourself!
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