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Film: The Wolf Man (1941)

"Even a man who is pure in heart
And says his prayers by night
May become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms
And the autumn moon is bright."

Lawrence Talbot (Lon Chaney, Jr.) is about to have a really bad night. He's just returned to his family's home in Llanwelly, Wales, to reconcile with his father. While there, he meets and starts pursuing Gwen Conliffe (Evelyn Ankers), a shopkeeper who sold him a walking stick adorned with a silver wolf's head (which she says represents a werewolf). In the course of rescuing Gwen's friend Jenny from an apparent wolf attack, Larry is bitten. He soon learns from a gypsy fortuneteller that the wolf in question was actually a werewolf, specifically her son Bela roaming the countryside in the form of a wolf. Bela had been a werewolf for years, and has now passed on the curse to Larry.

Can Larry overcome this curse? Are his friends and family safe from the roaming beast? Will anyone take a werewolf named Larry seriously? note 

The Wolf Man is a 1941 monster horror film written by Curt Siodmak and produced and directed by George Waggner, starring Lon Chaney, Jr., Claude Rains, Evelyn Ankers, Ralph Bellamy, Patric Knowles, Bela Lugosi, and Maria Ouspenskaya. The title character has had a great deal of influence on Hollywood's depictions of the legend of the werewolf. The film is the second Universal Pictures werewolf movie, preceded six years earlier by the less commercially successful Werewolf of London.

Lon Chaney, Jr.'s Wolf Man was featured in four further films in the Universal monster cycle:

A remake of the film was released in 2010.

The Wolf Man is one of the 8 Major Universal Monsters.

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