Film / Bulworth

Bulworth is a 1998 political satire film starring Warren Beatty (who also directed and co-wrote the screenplay) and Halle Berry.

The story begins as the title character, Senator Bulworth of California, grows weary with his political career and failing marriage. He decides to end his life, taking out a ten million dollar life insurance policy so his daughter will remain well off, and hiring a hitman to kill him in two days' time. With nothing to lose, he spends his final hours telling the public how he really feels about them, smoking marijuana, dressing like a gangsta, and rapping about socialism.

With a new found purpose in life as the voice of the underclass, he begins to regret his decision to hire someone to kill him. Can he stay one step ahead of the assassin's bullet?

This work contains examples of:

"You can't be no ghost, Bulworth, you gotta be a spirit."