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Fanfic Recs: Persona 3
Proof that the remaining 10% is worth going through the Dark Hour for here:

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Persona 3 Fan Fics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.

Authors and Websites

P3_Protagonist on Twitter
  • Recommended by Watashiwa
  • Synopsis: The Twitter account belonging to the protagonist of Persona 3. With the Max S Link guide as his map, the author writes the reactions of the nameless protagonist to the events of his day, taking great care to post on the real day that the events happen in game. Quite funny at times, and touching as well.
  • Comments: Given Twitter's layout, it will be a challenge to reach the bottom of the page and work one's way back up if they wanted to read it in chronological order.
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  • Any Persona fic by ashfruit
    • Recommended by Dont Kill Bugs
    • Pairing(s): Minato/Yuko
    • Synopsis: A series of one-shot fics detailing a rarely-used pairing. WAFF ensues.
    • Comments: As said above, this pairing really doesn't get the love it deserves. Ashfruit's writing style starts off a tad choppy, but gets better (Like Wind and Enchanted are the best).
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  • Anything by LesserNinja
    • Recommended by Tropers/Dman163
    • Pairing(s): Minato/Aigis and one Minato/Mitsuru
    • Synopsis: Beautifully written and mostly humorous with some well written romance in-between.

    Anything Persona by Gin Nanashi and ReachingOutFES (both author's work together)
    • Recommended by sillyfudgemonkeys
    • Pairing(s): Almost all Minato/Minako
    • Synopsis: Both cute and tragic stories of this pairing. Their stories will make you laugh and cry. Both author's work together to make beautiful fanfics.

    The "Seven Days Survivor" series by Jon-Berry
    • Recommended by Hooba Dooba
    • Synopsis: A series of crossovers between the Persona series and Devil Survivor. The basic plot is that Midori Komaki is transferred to Gekkoukan after the events of the Tokyo Lockdown (following the Song of Hope ending) and during the events of Persona 3, where she joins SEES. The series is planned to follow all released Persona games from P3:FES to P 4 A, possibly going into P5 and Persona Q.

    Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

    Persona 3: Fairly English Story by Samjaz
    • Recommended by ArcVaranus
    • Synopsis: It starts off as a first person rendition of Persona 3, only the Main Character was brought up in England. Then it gradually evolves into something resembling Shinji And Warhammer 40K, with Persona 3 at the core
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  • Death and Ker by Rayless Night (TVTropes article)
    • Recommended by Natzo, bluedragonx, Joie De Combat, Kaylee
    • Synopsis: January, the start of a new year. The start of turbulence in the Great Seal. Of renewed Shadow activity. Of the reconvening of SEES. And the time Death again walks the streets of Port Island.
    • Comments: Taking place after the main plot and a variation on The Answer, it has Minako return to the world to face a new threat, all while dealing with a world that has moved on. Excellent characterization, storytelling and use of lore and mythology. It feels like a natural sequel. Highly recommended.
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  • Knotted by Lady Cheshire
    • Recommended by The Tambourine Man
    • Synopsis: A series of short stories looking at the interactions of SEES members, generally focusing on characters who had little direct interaction in-game.
    • Comments: A good character study and rather interesting read. The end of chapter six is anticlimatic, but it's still worth a look.
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  • Persona: The Connection by Impulsivelyliving
    • Recommended by F1zzyp0p
    • Synopsis: When Souji Seta's actions at the end of P4 undo the end of' P3 a threat arises that both groups must work together to stop.
    • Comments: The characters are written in-character (Despite the fact that the author hasn't played a Persona game) with some tweaks like Teddie being more aware of the world around him and character development and focus for both groups. Somewhat rushed story telling and rough around the edges but a great read for anyone who loves crossovers and a plot with a couple of twists.
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  • My Life is a Goddamn Mess by Schildkrote
    • Recommended by Hanz, Rogue 7
    • Synopsis: In actuality it's a Let's Play of the game from Something Awful, but it's written as what's left of Minato's (or Ramenboi 1990) Livejournal entires. Occasionally there are pages from Junpei and Yukari's own LJ used to describe Minato from an second-person perspective and comments left by other characters.
    • Comments: Despite the fact that it's not actually a fanfic it's written basically like one. The writer manages to add incredible Character Development to Minato, who starts off as a Deadpan Snarker Emo Teen whose relationship (determined by the Goons, no less) results in him developing into a Messianic Archetype that he's meant to be. The character also has some great lines about the absurd character he meets (from personal disgust with Kenji to his pitiful attempts at trying to break Maiko). His dying speech is touchingly tragic, with a twist on his old Catch Phrase.
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  • Minato in therapy by Jhon Doe
    • Recommended by Samjaz
    • Synopsis: Short story about what would happen if Main Character went into therapy. Sequel to the SEES Group Therapy Session by Seint; both are silly and funny.
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  • Persona? What's a Persona? by Black Jackal
    • Recommended by The Tambourine Man
    • Synopsis: What would things be like for the cast without Personas or Shadows? Probably not like this. Crack.
    • Comments: Script Format and Character Exaggeration? Yes. You'll likely be laughing too hard to care.
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  • How Not To Play Persona 3 by ~ancret
    • Recommended by Ronfar
    • Synopsis: "Can you hear the many voices? ... Oh wait, there aren't any. You haven't formed a single bond. What on Earth did you do all year?"
    • Comments: This hilarious fancomic demonstrates how to reverse every Social Link.
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  • The Eagle and the Butterfly by patchworkearth
    • Recommended by LoveIsWeird
    • Synopsis: After the end - all the days of the quiet boy who became the seal, the people he saw, and how he found his way home. P3/P4. Spoilers, Theories, light touches on the pairings: Mi/Yu, Sou/Ris, Nao/Kan
    • Comments: Superbly written Fix Fic on the end of Persona 3. It has a cliffhanger, but it looks like it's complete. And it is a complete and utter Tear Jerker.
      • Actually, while the story can indeed stand on its own, it's part of a (still ongoing) series of oneshots that, when strung together, make a much larger whole. The next in the series is The Prince and the Policeman, though the more direct continuation of The Eagle and The Butterfly would be A Remembrance Carried on the Wind. All the subsequent stories are just as good as the first, and worth a read as well.
        • Thirding this rec, and all of the others in the series. This author has an engaging style that hooks you early and tempts you with what's deliberately left out. Great reads overall.
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  • A Fool Named Fortune by Magnus Ragnar (TV Tropes article)
    • Recommended by Kaylee
    • Synopsis: Same old Persona 3 with a Lusnati Style-inspired twist. Find out what happens when Roy Fortune ends up with the Wild Card and fights his way through Tartarus.
    • Comments: It's another OC-Protagonist novelization fic, but where Lusnati Style is an experiment at it, A Fool Named Fortune is one more grounded in what it wants to be, and is doing it while maintaining a healthy balance between the comedy and the drama.
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  • To Give What Is Due by Butterfly Needle
    • Recommended by Mistralkite
    • Synopsis: Takaya stole his revenge, so he'll just have to steal it right back. Someone has to do it - and Ken might still be just a kid, but he knows better than to believe in lies like "second chances". Alternate outcome of October 4th. Ken-centric.
    • Comments: There aren't many fanfictions centered around Ken out there, but this is one that at least should get some respect. As the synopsis says, it's an alternative to the events after October 4th, so a whole lot is changed here, but in a darker tone. Quite descriptive and emotional, and due to how much angst and blood is present, this story isn't for the light-hearted, either.
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  • P3P: Shinjiro's Resolution by Skarrow
    • Recommended by The World of Fantasy
    • Synopsis: The SEES members are trapped in their dorm, & time has stopped. Truly, there are certain bonds that cannot be broken. Could Shinji ever hope to move on without "her"? Based on P3FES The Answer.
    • Comments: The Answer version of the FeMC's Path of Persona 3 Portable. With Shinjiro taking over as the Main Character and two mysterious characters, who happens to be Ken's favorite heroes from his favorite TV show... (or are they...), in place of Metis's role. This fanfic is worth reading for those want to know what the Answer would be in the Female Main side.
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  • Addressed to You by Anti-Nostalgic Angel
    • Recommended by The World of Fantasy
    • Synopsis: After the events of FES, the members of SEES feel only mild relief about Mizuki's fate. But when Shinjirou discovers an envelope filled with letters, perhaps it is only their late leader's words that can calm their hearts.
    • Comments: A fanfic that is highly recommended to read. Letters addressed to each SEES members (and Theodore), filled with Heartwarming and Tear Jerking moments, written by the Heroine of P3P.
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  • Dream World by delusionment
    • Recommended by The World of Fantasy
    • Synopsis: In a world where is no Shadows, Personae, the Dark Hour and only possibilities that "could have been" only exist when Minato Arisato sleeps during class.
    • Comments: A "what if" fanfic where the protagonist and his friends lives a normal life in a "dream world" where the Dark Hour doesn't exist; and also a world where his parents are still alive. This is a very-well written fanfic that I highly recommended.
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  • AntiShadow-Suppression-Weapon-M1N470 by King of Zero X

    The Arcana in Mourning by Mathais
    • Recommended by Merhabi
    • Synopsis: Persona 3 Spoilers. After the Journey but before the Answer is the mourning. Shorts on the Social Links.
    • Comments: A beautifully told series of shorts covering the effect MC's death has on the social link characters, be warned that the story is not yet complete.
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  • Persona: Ultraviolet by Ice Krystal
    • Recommended by Demigod-Witch-96
    • Synopsis: An fanfiction that features an all original cast, with characters from both Persona 3 and 4 playing supporting roles. Has many elements of Persona 3. Arisu Amano, a sixteen year old girl, comes to Osaka from Tatsumi Port Island to discover that the Dark Hour has returned, its new home the mysterious amusement park, Witching Hour. She and her friends must defeat the creeping darkness that the SEES had once had to conquer.
    • Its TV Tropes page can be found here.

    The Fool's Turmoil by Shenjay (TVTropes article)
    • Recommended by sillyfudgemonkeys
    • Synopsis: Sequel to The Fools' Tournament. P3 X P4 crossover: reading the previous fic is extremely recommended, if only at least to know what's going on.
    • Comments: Following from where the previous story left offnote , the author does a great job characterizing Minato, a who is trying to overcome depression from the previous fic's ending. The fanfic has a great mixture of drama and comedy. Unlike it's predecessor, this has said to be only 6 chapters long, 4 chapters have been published so far.
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  • Persona 3 Death and Chaosby TheDarkNightSky
    • Recommended by Michelle
    • Synopsis: A retelling of Persona 3 story with a brutal and powerful Minato matched by a ruthless rival who wants nothing more than to see him dead, the troubles will only increase as Nyarlathotep awakens mysteriously hoping to destroy The Wild Card, the member of SEES must face their darkest fears in the form of their own selves and at the end Nyx awaits them.
    • Comments: A rather rare story which is surprisingly updated fast and is 50 % done. The grammar in the early chapter is mediocre at best but it progressively gets better. The most interesting twist is the addition of Nyarlathotep and the shadow selves of SEES. Minato already has the knowledge of The Dark hour even before coming to the dorm. Minato is OP in the story such as spamming Armageddon multiple times, having the World Arcana etc but has his fair shares of bruises through out. All in all an interesting take on the Persona 3 story.

    The Other Path by BloodBoredom
    • Recommended by Dman163
    • Synopsis: Series of alternative possibilities where Minato was raised by different organizations from various media (Hellsing, the X-men and Asgard)
    • Comments: Early stories are a bit short for my tastes but they do enough to establish his divergent character evolution and additionally give the MC opportunities to be awesome.

    Mercenaries of Fortune by BlackTyrantValvatorez (TVTropes article)
    • Recommended by Cybran General Sturm
    • Status: Ongoing
    • Synopsis: Ghost Force 969 once set up shop in the Inaba area to take out a large Shadow. Now they're back in town to deal with a threat that should have been extinguished. Meanwhile, a certain Reaper has arrived for an unspecified reason. P3 and P4 crossover.

    Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

    Persona 3: Memories of You by RyougaZell
    • Recommended by Lionheart0
    • Pairing(s): Minato/Yukari
    • Synopsis: A novelization of the hit RPG, Persona 3 FES, with added scenes, extended scenes and my own take on Arisato Minato's Journey. Follow Minato, Yukari, Junpei and the rest of SEES as they investigate the mystery behind Tartarus, Shadows and the Dark Hour.
    • Comments: As the synopsis states, it's a novelization of the events of Persona 3. Ryouga Zell does a good job characterizing Minato, turning him into a Stoic Woobie and does a great job developing his relationship with Yukari. One point of interest is the amount of Epileptic Trees included in the story, such as the possibility of Naoto being Minato's younger sister and a possible alternate universe where the Female Protagonist takes Minato's place. The two noteworthy criticism is the story updates extremely slowly due to the massive lengths of the chapters. The grammar can also be spotty due to English not being the author's original language.

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  • Lock, Shock, Barrel And Kiss by Roxius.
    • Recommended by Alexlayer.
    • Pairing(s): Yukari/Mitsuru (Yuri)
    • Synopsis: Collection of drabbles focused on the pairing.
    • Comments: Nothing really unique, but it's really good for a short yet very fun reading, specially if you like the pairing.
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  • Fuuka's Recording: The Aftermath
    • Recommended by The Tambourine Man
    • Pairing(s): Fuuka/Junpei
    • Synopsis: How Fuuka got out of the massage belt.
    • Comments: A cute and pretty funny oneshot featuring an odd pairing. Worth reading just for Junpei's solution.
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  • Nights in Shirakawa
    • Recommended by orpheus_izanagi
    • Pairing(s): Minato/Elizabeth
    • Synopsis: Elizabeth has another request. Minato is doomed...
    • Comments: Very funny and long oneshot that has a very unusual pairing. Elizabeth and Aigis's naivete are hilarious. Especially since Elizabeth's wasn't naivete at all...
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  • Angels in the Room
    • Recommended by Alacron
    • Pairing(s): Akihiko/Mitsuru
    • Synopsis: A collection of short fics exapanding on the relationship between Mitsuru and Akihiko.
    • Comments: It's not my favorite pairing but it is one of my favorite Persona 3 fics. It can, admittedly be corny at times but for the most part I'd say it's really a solid read. It's also finished so there's a plus right there.
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  • The Fools' Tournament by Shenjay (TVTropes article)
    • Recommended by Grant, gadeel
    • Pairing(s): All pairings in the game because of the social links, but focuses on FeMC(Hamuko)/Minato
    • Synopsis: Minato and Hamuko were complete strangers to each other. Upon meeting and awakening to their powers they entered a battle... A competition to screw each other's social life.
    • Comments: A large fic that has finished at 104 chapters (with the "final" chapters, chapter 99-102, uploaded on the 2 year anniversary, includes 4, labeled "extra chapters" and one Q and A chapter and an eplilouge) and over 507,000 words. It has real character development and does an excellent job of exploring how Hamuko and Minato would play off of each other. It is also able to stay canon while adding some amazing twist of it's own.
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  • Think of Me Always by Year of the dog
    • Recommended by bluedragonx
    • Pairing(s): FeMC (named Riichi)/Shinjiro
    • Synopsis: With the arrival of Christmas, comes the uprising of memories she thought she suppressed, and feelings she thought she had come to terms with.
    • Comments: A very well written and heartwarming fanfic taking place during the Christmas Eve dates that many FeMC/Shinji shippers would feel should have been in the actual game itself.
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  • Harmonia Vita by Acerbus Wings
    • Recommended by bluedragonx
    • Pairing(s): FeMC (named Satashi)/Shinjiro
    • Synopsis: Shinjiro Aragaki, an MP3 player, and memories of a dead girl.
    • Comments: Another very well written though heartbreaking fanfic for FeMC/Shinji shippers. This one uses the soundtracks to P3 and P3P as the backdrop for Shinji, who is listening to said music on her mp3 player, to remind him of the times with the FeMC after the events of an implied P3P: The Answer.
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  • Catalyst by Legendary Armor
    • Recommended by randomlyuncool
    • Pairing(s): FeMC/Akihiko
    • Synopsis: Twelve short stories from Akihiko's point of view between his and the female main character's relationship.
    • Comments:Legendary Armor condenses their relationship into few paragraphs per chapter, but captures it wonderfully. Cute fangirl fodder when appropriate, and massively heartrending/warming at the end (depending on how you look at it; definite Tear Jerker though).
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  • Coffee Beans and Watches by Year of the dog
    • Recommended by bluedragonx
    • Pairing(s): FeMC (named Riichi)/Shinjiro
    • Synopsis: It was the little moments that one remembered. FeMC/Shinjiro collection
    • Comments: You will be laughing until your eyes become waterfalls as the FeMC puts Shinjiro through multiple humourous, humiliating scenarios to her bemusement.
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  • The ABCs of KenxMinako by Ryuchu
    • Recommended by phoenixdaughterAM
    • Pairing(s): FeMC (Minako)/Ken
    • Synopsis: The ABC challenge featuring KenxMinako or Mshe, or Hamuko, whatever you want to call the girl. Twenty-Six one shots that will be terribly fluffy.
    • Comments: Very fluffy but knows when to put on a serious side, thanks to in game events and the natural resistance (both internal and external) to a May-December Romance as this. Out-of-order, we go through the events around Ken and Minako's relationship, from the firefly incident to the inevitable end. Not finished yet though.
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  • Unsaid Thoughts and Wildfire Blushes by Twiggy Morrison
    • Recommended by dogson
    • Pairing(s): Yukari/Minato
    • Synopsis:A series of oneshots dedicated to Yukari and Minato the one pairing in the game that just don't get no love.
    • Comments: Bad synopsis aside, I was really impressed by this author's knack for story telling, I'm not a big fan of the pairing but reading this story definitely opened me up to it. Yukari's chapters are more somber then Minato's which was an interesting twist. All in all, I'd give it a four.five out of five
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  • Memories of You by ReachingOutFES (TVTropes article)
    • Recommended by sillyfudgemonkeys
    • Pairings(s): Minato/Minako
    • Synopsis: "For every side shown, there is a side hidden, secret, rejected from reality. But what happens when this part becomes tangible? Even more so, what happens when this half...loves?" 1st Person point of view. Read and Review (Co written with Gin Nanashi).
    • Comments: Has an epilogue as well written by Gin. Memories of You Epilouge
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  • ''All Alone With You by Gin (TVTropes article sill in works)
    • Recommended by sillyfugemonkeys
    • Pairing(s): Minato/Minako
    • Synopsis: "Have you ever felt like you were missing something? Like there's something that you should have but it's not there? I've felt that way...for as long as I can remember... But, when I'm with you, I feel so...whole. As if I've found the Yin to my Yang." (Co-written with Reaching Out FES)
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  • Persona 3 Days of Autumnby CipherPrinceofDreams (TVTropes)
    • Recommended by Personification Of Night
      • Seconded by D'Elder
    • Pairings: Minato/Minako and Minato/Yukari (love triangle), Chidori/Junpei, Rio/Kenji, also OC/Oc and *insert P3 character*/OC.
    • Synopsis : Minato Arisato rises three days after the Battle of Nyx. He may now live the life that was taken from him. Minako Arisato (Both are not-related), his new friend and partner in crime, who helps him in all his school problems. Then, he found love and is forced to choose. Will he willing to lose the love for the friendship? Or will he be willing to lose the friendship for love?
    • Comments: sillyfudgemonkeys: It features cool O Cs and P4 character Naoto, also Chidori's alive in this.
      • D'Elder: Awesome storyline, comedic punches and romantic fluff. A good and balanced combinations of all of these make this a very good read. Also, features fitting references, both pop-culture and the like. The OC's aren't bad either, not the typical Mary Sue you see, but a cast of supportive, yet vital characters that spare as important to the plot as everyone else. Definitely a read for the century.
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