Reviews: Death And Ker

Shows its work

"Death and Ker" is one of the best Persona 3 fics that I've read, and probably the best attempt at a P3 "sequel" fic that I've encountered to date, well-plotted and well-written. Special mention should go to the mythology used to create the plot; Rayless Night has clearly done the research, with the result that it feels both linked to the canon mythos but also fresh rather than simply rehashing the canon material. (To go into detail would spoil plot points for those not already familiar with the keres of Greek mythology, but suffice it to say that none of the new elements used were created from whole cloth). There are some liberties taken (such as, most notably, the nature of the Persona Thanatos) but for the most part they're done knowingly.

The story's perspective shifts between each of the main cast members, in order to display how each of them is dealing or not dealing with the aftermath of the game and the developments of the plot. The portrayal of Minako may or may not gel with any given reader's personal version of the character, but she holds up well on her own right: she's not perfect, and although she goes through a lot over the course of the fic, the narrative doesn't go overboard in demanding the reader's sympathy.

This is not a fix fic, and some parts of it are quite sad. Mostly, it's about finding closure following the end of the game, and it's worth reading for that purpose and more generally as a way to revisit the setting and characters of P3 from a slightly different perspective.