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Authors and Websites

Anaklusmos14 (author)
  • Recommended by RonnieR15
  • Pairing(s): To date it's mostly Percy/Zoe with one Percy/Artemis. Other pairings may also appear in the future.
  • The Queen's Champion seems to have become the best known though, going as far as to even have fan fiction of its self!
  • One of his fics, Altered Destinies now has a Trope Page

Kioko (author)
  • Recommended by tikkihikki, californiarolls, KA
  • Pairing(s): Mostly (almost exclusively) Percy/Annabeth, with some Nico/Rachel. The Nico/Rachel's not that great, but the Percy/Annabeth stuff is really good.
  • The Three Lives of Luke Castellan makes me bawl like a baby.
  • californiarolls: I second the recommendation!
    • Thirded by KA. I'm not that into Luke/Thalia, but Three Lives of Luke Castellan is gorgeous.

Incendiarist (author)

StarlitReader (author)

icy roses (author)
  • Recommended by Birdiedogcatlove

Musafreen (author)
  • Recommended by: Komodo Classic
  • Mostly oneshots. Finding the Percy Jackson ones requires a bit of scrolling, she's multi-fandom.

HecateA (author) The best One Shots in PJO

Also take a look at cabinthree's official fic rec at LJ

Percy Jackson Fanfiction Wiki (website)
  • Recommended by Yuki Kiryu
  • Comments: This is a very active site. The stories are much, much better than most of the crap you'll find on - in fact, a lot of them are good enough to be published! The users are much nicer, with not a single troll or flamer (and any trolls or flamers that do come will be banned very quickly). If they don't like something about your story, they'll give you friendly, polite CC. Currently there are over 300 original, well-written stories. There's something in it for pretty much everyone, and I can almost guarantee that you'll love it.

Broken Bow by Xed Alpha
  • Recommended by Holylight88, RonnieR15, Kr Space T, tvtropesnoob, Geek Code Red, Nroque18
  • Synopsis: An old fool's vengence forces Apollo to keep a huge and possibly devastating secret from Artemis for over a decade, a deception that she may never be able to forgive him for. Winner of the Veritas OC award. Ghost Writers Approved. Beta by Shrrgnien.
  • Comments: An old cliché that, for once, doesn't suck. Child of Artemis stories are usually very bad indeed, but this story is a shining example of one of the few ways a child of Artemis story can be done, and done well. the O.C, Armani, is very well-written, and serves as an example of a well-defined character. His flaws and powers are well balanced, and the author managed to make the reader sympathize with him through the whole story, even when he is not being entirely reasonable. The author's grammar isn't perfect, but it's been revamped, and the plot more then make up for this.
  • Seconded by RonnieR15
  • Thirded by Tvtropesnoob. Extremely tight and entertaining writing, standing very much in contrast to most fanfics.
  • Fourthed by Krspace T. This is the one Fanfiction that I actually see on par with canon, and if Rick decided to adopt just one fanfic into the official PJ world, I'd want it to be this one over the ones I've written myself.
  • Fifthed by Nroque18. Now has a trope page, albeit a nascent one. Please add to it if you can.

Three by icy roses
  • Recommended by USA Bobcat
  • Synopsis: One life is not enough for love; Percy and Annabeth try for the Isles of the Blest, but it seems that fate is not always kind to them. (Taken from the Pit)
  • Comments: Simple as the author's description reads, Percy and Annabeth go for reincarnation after the events of the books. Each life (save for the third one) is a self-contained chapter, and while not as long as the books, it proves fascinating. A read that will keep you up from start to finish, tantalizing you until you complete it.

Palace of Memory by Scion of Kushiel
  • Recommended by Unclouded TJ, cedarleaf
  • Synopsis: Unable to sleep, Percy, age 20, decides to finally ask his father some hard questions, never thinking that the answers might surprise him.
  • Comments: A nice post-series one shot that looks at what the world looks like four years later from Percy's point of view. It has wonderful characterization and despite how short it is has a very nice feel to it.
    • Seconded by cedarleaf. Wonderfully insightful into the relationship between Percy and his parents, both sad and sweet.

Baby Mine by icy_roses
  • Recommended by tikkihikki
  • Synopsis: A mother and her baby demigod: twelve years of Sally raising Percy.

Hero, Standing Alone by icy_roses
  • Recommended by tikkihikki
  • Synopsis: One of those fics showing Luke's death from his POV.
  • Warning: Post-TLO.

The Plutonian Shore by Youko-Kokuryuuha
  • Recommended by tikkihikki
  • Synopsis: A Nico fic, as the title indicates. Post-The Titan's Curse, pre-The Battle of the Labyrinth.

The Road Less Traveled by Youko-Kokuryuuha
  • Recommended by tikkihikki
  • Synopsis: Another Luke deathfic.
  • Warning: Post-TLO.

Iceus Drake and Aeolus' Staff by ZephyrX9
  • Recommended by YukiKiryu
  • Synopsis: Aeolus has been kidnapped and it's up to Iceus, son of Zephyr, to find him. Iceus and his friends go on a quest to save Aeolus, but then one of them dies.

Whispers in the Dark by Sparrowsong

The One Time by Forestpaw13
  • Recommended by YukiKiryu
  • Synopsis: Annie doesn't know her father. When she finds out, she resents him more than just a little. Meanwhile, her friend Colin is apparently in love with her. Does she love him back, or is it just a crush?

Yesterday's Feelings by Dnrl
  • Recommended by Tropers/Halinmonk
  • Synopsis: She is one day from sixteen for all the days of her life. Thalia's story.
  • Comments: Tear Jerkingly beautiful, as the details of Thalia's life from six years old to 16. Touchingly sweat, chillingly dark, heart breakingly honest. There is not better look into the mind of the Daughter Of Zeus. Completely cannon to, with the exception of a single scene due to this being written pre-Last Olympian.

Nico Di Angelo: Boy Uninterrupted by Mission To Marzipan
  • Recommended by threaderofink, K the Cloud
  • Synopsis: Scenes from The last Olympian from Nico's point of view. Shows more on the type of relationship Nico has with his father
  • Warnings:Spoils some of TLO
  • Comments: I liked it because you don't get to see a lot about Nico's struggle to gain his father's approval, to get him to join the fight or to find out more about his mother

To Be a Tree by la Belle Luna Claire
  • Recommended by patriciarakel
  • Synopsis: To Be a Tree chronicles Thalia Grace's life after she was turned into a tree by her father, Zeus, and how she is still conscious within, listening to all the happenings of the camp.
  • Comments: To Be a Tree is a very interesting story that seems impossible. How could someone write in the point of view of a tree? But that's exactly what Trisha, the author, manages to do. The fic itself jumps around in capter length (which Trisha chalks up to half being written longhand and half writen on the computer), but even with its relative shortness, it's heartwarming and sweet.
  • Status: Ongoing, but with large gaps between updates.

Fading Yesterdays by percabeth777
  • Recommended by Cedarleaf
  • Synopsis: A short ficlet about early in Thalia's life.
  • Comments: Focusing mostly on Thalia's love and care of Jason, and the subsequent fallout of his "death", this fic is cute, heartwarming, and incredibly sad all in the same moment.

Six Times Poseidon Visited by alwaysuptonogood
  • Recommended by Fambera
  • Synopsis: Six times Poseidon openly checked on his son whilst he was growing up. After all - he was just checking that he was safe . . . Pre-series. Canon.
  • Comments: This is a really cute pre-series story with a nice portrayal of Poseidon's relationship with Sally and Percy.

Alice in the Underworld by Is you heart in the game
  • Recommended by Fambera
  • Synopsis: Alice was living the ultimate irony when she fell down a hole and ended up in another world. The Underworld, to be precise. When she accidentally eats the food of the dead, she has to endure the punishment. Nico x OC
  • Comments: Still in progress. Alice is a very likable OC who isn't a Mary Sue. The author is really good at characterization, and there aren't many noticeable grammar mistakes.

Annabeth Chase VS The Internet by ithinkabouttrees
  • Recommended by Crunchyrocks
  • Synopsis: The head councilors of each cabin are given a special reward; laptops! But what happens when someone with all the wisdom in the world runs into something with no wisdom at all? Hilarity, that's what.
  • Comments: What started out as an X meets Y fic has quickly turned into a charming comedy fic from the POV of Annabeth about her life as a normal teen hanging out with her friends. The characterization is very good, the shipping is there but not a main plot point, lots of continuity nods, and plenty of internet memes used in a way that isn't stupid or over bearing. Really makes you want to hang out at Half Blood. Still in progress, and in it's early stages.

Camp Half Blood: Rebellion by singer22498 and DuchessDerp
  • Recommended by Penzy
  • Synopsis: The gods think they no longer need our kind. We are their children, their flesh and blood. They betrayed us. It is our time to fight back.
  • Comments: The story blends a good amount of realism versus the fantasy of the Percy Jackson stories. The plot is rather original, and while shipping is present it's kept at a minimum compared to the rest of the story. It's still in progress.

The Jackson Legacy by Simon Layton
  • Recommended by laurellight
  • Synopsis: His name is not Peter Blofis. He's not mortal. He's not really Percy Jackson's younger brother. He's definitely not forced on a complicated quest to find his missing brother. And we're definitely sure Percy Jackson is not dead yet. Post Second Series.
  • Comments: Post-Heroes of Olympus, In progress. Be prepared to laugh, cry and stare, and meet a lot of the good ol' favorites!

The Perseus Attraction by There She Goes And Shes Comin
  • Recommended by BDLG, K the Cloud
  • Synopsis: Percy was just a normal guy. Well, he thought he was. Turns out he has some weird aura that makes him really attractive (aptly called the Perseus Attraction.) Throw in a running gag that satyrs suck, a love crazed Annabeth, a quirky, goof guy (who is supposed to be a bad guy) Luke, and you have a parody that takes the books, rips them apart and takes a pop at modern culture at the same time. Very smartly written. See the +1,600 reviews (as of 42 chapters/ 3 Seasons) and a Phoenix Award Nomination for further details. Set out in Seasons, beginning with The Lightning Thief.
  • Pairing: Much of the story revolves around Percy and Annabeth's growing feelings for each other, starting from when they first meet, and gradually evolving over the subsequent 'seasons' (as each book covered is called.)
  • Comments: Unlike some parodies out there in that it will actually make you laugh. The author mixes popular culture with good writing and characters you genuinely care about to make the best parody in PJ Fan Fiction. (It actually comes up on Google!) And it has a perverted Mr D, so that's always good. Rated T for some sexual themes and bad language.

Desperation by Avatard1234
  • Recommended by: ShotgunWilly
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: summary: AU. Things could be a lot worse for Percy Jackson. He did, after all, get to travel a lot. So far the only cons were the continuous risk of either death or dismemberment. Sometimes, both. He has learned though, that if a 3000 year old half-human, half-horse approaches you and asks you to save the world, you should read the fine print first.
  • Pairing(s): Percabeth is the main relationship shown. There's a bit of Percy/Bianca in there, but it doesn't end up going anywhere. Otherwise, it's pretty much canon pairings.
  • Comments: This fic does not get anywhere near the attention it deserves. Fair warning, however: when the summary says that this is AU, it means almost totally AU. It starts years later than canon does and many characters who come to camp and/or die in the first few books are already at camp and/or dead, plus some O Cs. One thing that really impressed me about this fic is that the characterizations are excellent and the O Cs don't seem like O Cs at all.
    • This story may no longer exist.
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  • Blood and Sand by o Mischief Managed
    • Status: Complete
    • Pairings: canon pairings, slight Leyna
    • Recommended by cinderscoria
    • Synopsis: Post Heroes of Olympus. Ten months after the Giant War, Rachel's new prophecy warns of an end to the fragile peace the world has finally won. Nico di Angelo is sent to investigate, and never returns to camp. And to top it off, the whole of Camp Jupiter vanishes in a cloud of darkness. Suddenly graduation is the least of Annabeth's worries.
    • Comments: Slightly AU as of House of Hades, but nothing glaring. Wonderfully in character, juggles four different PO Vs well. Read like a Riordan book—and ends on a cliffhanger. Lovely. Now has a sequel, War of Shadows.

    Son of the Western Sea by Mac Ceallach
    • Status: Ongoing
    • Recommended by Paladin Anderson, Ravaelt
    • Pairings: Percy x various mythological figures
    • Synopsis: All myths are true. Outside the borders of Western Civilization lies the rest of the world. After the Second Olympian War, a restless Percy Jackson sails for the horizon, and never stops. AU after The Last Olympian. Percy x various mythological figures, het and slash.
    • Comments: The best thing about this story? Percy isn't betrayed by the Olympians. Annabeth doesn't cheat on him. No overdone cliches here. Now with its own Trope Page!

    Cross Over Fics

    Holding Back the Sea ( Link), by Ryuugi
    • Recommended by Crimson Flight
    • Sypnosis: Taken from the summary provided: Chiron always said there’d be legends about him one day. He hadn’t thought that’d result in him fighting to the death with other Heroes, though. Percy Jackson and the Olympians/F/SN.
    • Tags: Crossover
    • Comments: Thread 2 can be found here, while the current one (Thread 3) is here.
    • As of June 2014, the current thread is Thread 4, which is here. hasn't been updated since Sep. 2013...

    Deep as the Sea ( Link), by Ryuugi
    • Recommended by Salvls
    • Sypnosis: 'And I've removed the filter from your eyes which covered them before, so now, you'll easily distinguish between gods and men.' After the power of the Mist began to weaken, the demigods found themselves in the middle of a whole new world.
    • Tags: Crossover
    • Comments: A Dresden/Jackson crossover. Thread 2 can be found here

    The Death God Alliance by Asilda
    • Recommended by The White Knight, cedarleaf, RonnieR15
    • Fandoms: Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Kane Chronicles
    • Summary: "Sorry," said the son of Hades, "but if I surrendered to an organization called the House of Life, my dad would kill me." After a run in with the Kanes, Nico unwittingly ends up becoming a host for the Egyptian death god Anubis.
    • Comments: An amazing fic which combines the aspects of both series fabulously. With serious action and some rare but uproariously funny humor, this is my second all-time favorite fic.
      • Seconded by cedarleaf. This troper was completely blown away by how outrageously awesome this story is and read the entire thing in one sitting because it's just that good. Characterizations are spot on, the action is engaging, conflicts are complex, and if you're not laughing at least thrice a chapter, then you need a new sense of humor. There isn't a single thing about this fic I don't recommend.
      • Thirded by RonnieR15

    Percy, Meet Dora by Max8080
    • Recommended by tsubasafan101
    • Fandoms: Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Dora the Explorer
    • Synopsis: This story is dangerously pathetic and OOC. Read only if you enjoy these kind of pathetic crossovers.
    • Tags/Warnings: Crack Fic!
    • Comments: This is probably the most stupidest (in a good way) fanfic ever written, but you can't help it but keep laughing at Percy's adventures with Dora and Boots. I cannot describe this work. If you need something quick, funny, and stupid, I recommend you should give this fanfiction a try.

    Dark Phoenix by Lightningscar
    • Recommended by eduardogranja
    • Fandoms: Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Harry Potter
    • Synopsis: "This camp isn't for me. I don't belong." A few years after Nico said this, some Campers apparently agreed. Will Nico find a new home at Hogwarts or will he meet rejection there as well? Will he even want to return to Camp Half-Blood when they need him?
    • Pairings: As of chapter 10, some Hermione/Nico though even the author said it won't be a focal point
    • Comments: Out of the many PJO/HP crossovers out there, this is the best one this troper have read. The writing is consistent (even with quite a few typos) and the author have a good pace. It's also one of the only ones that use the roman characters like Jason and Hazel
    • While it's certainly not the worst HP crossover this troper has read, this definitely does not rank well. The writing can be terribly awkward, with inconsistent uses of contraction and the apparent need to make Nico talk formally, everyone is at least a little OOC, Nico solves a lot of problems that happened in Order of the Phoenix and experiences no moral dissonance from [[spoilers: being so afraid of becoming evil that a boggart becomes an evil him from the future (which seems to be an odd choice as in pj canon nico displays basically no evil tendencies) and remorselessly using his powers to terrorize malfoy]]. Also Nico teaches fighting wrong. It's not a terrible fic if you're dying for your HP/PJ fix, but this troper doesn't see why it made this list.

    Maps by dnrl
    • Recommended by tikkihikki
    • Pairing: Thalia/Luke
    • Synopsis: Or, Five Times Thalia Grace Didn't Say "I Love You" (And One Time She Did)

    Graveyards Are Not So Romantic by ad_exia
    • Recommended by tikkihikki
    • Pairing: Nico/R.E.D.
    • Warning: Post-TLO

    Ghost Town by ad_exia
    • Recommended by tikkihikki
    • Pairing: Nico/R.E.D.
    • Warning: Post-TLO

    In His Arms by Lord Death's Paramour
    • Recommended by Clandestine Clear
    • Pairing(s): Percy/Annabeth
    • Summary: It didn't take long for the logical side of her to ascertain her location. She was, after all, a daughter of Athena. She was in his bed. Devoid of a few choice articles of clothing. Di immortales.
    • Comments: This fic is excellently well-written and really has gotten characterization down pat. It's something I enjoy reading again and again, and definitely deserves this recommendation.

    Aska by grace.grenade
    • Recommended by Whodunnit
    • Pairing(s): Nico/OC
    • Summary: Aska means ashes. The ashes that you, son of Hades, rule over. You've always wanted a quest; and now you have one. Join the Norseling. Join her and overthrow Hel. Join her and overthrow your father's kingdom. Join her before the ashes blow away in the wind.
    • Warning: Post-TLO, Post-TSN
    • Comments: This fic shows excellent writing, a likeable OC, and impressive creativity. Definitely worth checking out if you want a fresh take on the Nico/OC or the Percy Jackson series in general. The trope page can be found here: Aska

    On The Fringe by Kirii
    • Recommended by Me 4 Justin B, tsubasafan101
    • Pairing: Luke/Percy
    • Summary: AU, as its premise is Luke didn't die. After the Final Battle, Luke and Percy return to Camp Half-Blood with the former's memories wiped. As they try to rebuild their friendship, it is discovered that Aphrodite has been messing with Percy far more than she let on...
    • Warnings: Post-TLO, slash, partially AU
    • Comments: Excellently and believably written. There are several O Cs, all of whom are well-written and do not hijack the story. Both fluffy and angsty.

    Family Dinner by Amethyst Grey
    • Recommended by Me 4 Justin B, Aylis
    • Pairing: Nico/Percy
    • Summary: Nico and Percy invite Hades, Poseidon, and Sally over for dinner. Hilarity Ensues. Also includes a cameo from Hestia.
    • Warnings: Post-TLO, slash
    • Comments: So fluffy you may get cavities.

    K-I-S-S-I-N-G by Marcenplushie28
    • Recommended by Me 4 Justin B
    • Pairing: Luke/Percy
    • Summary: A mishap during sword practice has the entire camp misconstruing events in the funniest way possible. Also, demigods are really immature.
    • Warnings: Slash. Set during The Lightning Thief.
    • Comments: Funny and hot. A twofer!

    Maserati Ride by Fanless
    • Recommended by Me 4 Justin B
    • Pairing: Apollo/Percy, with a little Luke/Percy and Percy/Annabeth
    • Summary: Apollo's run out of people/gods/what-have-you to seduce. He sets his eyes on Percy Jackson.
    • Warnings: Very cracky. Also very fluffy.
    • Comments: Both hilarious and hot, a great read for anyone who appreciates crack, slash, or both.

    The Percabeth Club by spectaculaire
    • Recommended by The Wild West Pyro
    • Pairing: Percabeth
    • Summary: Read as the characters of PJO and Ho O witness various Percy/Annabeth moments. Gods, demigods and animals alike all get a chance to express their thoughts/opinions on Percabeth. This story mixes humor, randomness, and good ole-fashioned fluff. Each chapter is in the POV of a different character. I sincerely promise no OOC! Feel free to request a character!

    Wonders and Contemplations by Percyjacksonfan3
    • Recommended by The Wild West Pyro
    • Pairing: Percabeth, with a hint of Leyna and Jasper mixed in.
    • Summary: What was the other characters reactions and thoughts to the surprising Percebeth reunion? What were the rest of them feeling? Read to find out! Lot's of Percebeth and there is Jasper, hints of Leyna and hints of Gwakota. Suggestions of characters POV's are accepted.

    Deceptionate Gleamings by Skadi 2, Marchking.
    • Recommended by The Wild West Pyro
    • Pairing: Nico/Zoe
    • Summary: Admittedly it is a warped love, but do they care? Even in death she's proud and arrogant, and somehow it's beautiful among the broken. #Zoe/Nico AU one-shot#

    PJO Drabbles and Oneshots by woodpaintedflesh
    • Recommended by The Wild West Pyro
    • Pairing: Percabeth and a small bit of Thaluke.
    • Summary: Percabeth one-shots and drabbles. Some other pairings, maybe. Fluff.

    And Foes Bear Arms by Stormfire76.
    • Recommended by The Wild West Pyro
    • Pairing: Leyna, or Leo/Reyna
    • Summary: "Surrender... I'll bring you back to New Rome for trial. It won't be fair. You'll be painfully executed. But it may be enough to stop further violence." - Reyna, pg. 251, Mo A. Everyone thought it was too late for peace. After all, the Romans had reached Camp Half-Blood already. But what if Reyna's offer still stood? And what if Leo decided to take it?

    Firsts by
    • Recommended by: Komodo Classic
    • Pairing: Leo/ Calypso
    • Summary: He promised he would come back for her. And he did. / The first time they met, the first time a man returned for her, the first time they came to Camp Half Blood, the first time she thought he was a complete fool (and the times after that). The many firsts in the relationship of Calypso, goddess of Ogygia and Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus.

    The Hunter by PennyOfTheWild
    • Recommended by: A Splashing Koi
    • Pairing: Artemis/Orion
    • Summary: She swore she would remain ever chaste. Her decision never bothered her ... until she met him. The story of Artemis and Orion the Hunter.
    • Comments: A beautiful reinvention of the Orion myth that reads as if it could actually have happened in the canon universe. The romance is both believable and heartbreaking, as it's a Foregone Conclusion for the reader about what will inevitably happen to Orion in the end, but it's definitely worth a read.