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Hi. X3

So I'm just your average tvtroper. I love Role playing — mostly in Chronicles Of The Gods — , chatting in the forums, and everything and everyone savvy in general. Tvtropes has a lot of rather intelligent people to it, and met a lot of some of my best friends on here, so I stick around. It's good folk.

Gender: Male. Has been confused before on these forums. Thankfully not in real life. Confused, that is. I'm still male in real life last time I checked.

Just graduated freshmen year of college, and aiming for a double major in computer science and engineering, with continual dipping into Physics as well. Not all that much more to life these days; work, role playing, video games and books, repeat.

If I were to describe myself in one sentence, it'd be 'one half curious cold intellectual pragmatic, one half happy go lucky The World Is Just Awesome humanist VERY silly jokster, all good guy try hard.'


  • Dresden files

  • Rick Riordan's series's

  • Artemis fowl

  • Moral Instruments

  • Twilight (yes, I found the fantasy parts cool. Bite me)

  • Several animes, movies, lots and lots. Love media.

Video games:

Tropes about me, I suppose:

  • Berserk Button: Someone being extremely in the wrong and refusing to listen to arguments about it. I occasionally annoy my friends due to a tendency to attach to small details in their statements and create a tangent explaining why that isn't so, even if it isn't important to the overall argument. Refusing to listen when others and replying back to people who aren't being mean with extremely smug and condescending answers. That's not really berserk so much as annoyed, though; I am EXTREMELY hard to get angry, but there are a few reserved for top tier asses, like people who believe themselves to be doing good but have extremely hypocritical actions about being 'good' and refuse to listen when you explain that to them. Looking at you, Tumblr SJW's. Also, I'll happily tone down any of my eccentricities if it's bothering someone, but if you instead try to attack me for it while assuming that'll get me to stop, it'll have a spectacular reversal instead.

  • Brilliant, but Lazy: TRIES not to be this. Fails so much. I was one of the valedictorians of my class...because I literally shoved EVERYTHING that was not schoolwork out of my way for the entire school year. Otherwise, if I had even the sliiiightest bit of distraction, I would have spent all my time on that instead. Occasionally gives way to The Determinator.

  • Cloud Koo Koo Lander: Switches between this and calm down to earth, depending on the situation. Most of the time I'm incredibly silly and tend to go along with my impulses regardless of how they look. I never keep my realistic side too far away, though, and slip into it when it's time to solve a problem or make a judgement. I start and end conversations that have no real meaning, mostly just cause I find it fun. For more serious people, this can be grating, but oh well, not everyone needs to like everyone else.

  • Deadpan Snarker: I love to trip people up, though never if it actually bothers them. I don't go for 'mean' sarcasm unless the target is being a genuine ass. I'll snark at my friends all day long though.

  • Genki Guy: Excitable, goes off on tangents, perpetually cheerful.

  • Gray and Gray Morality: Basically takes a world view on this. I don't believe most people if not all wouldn't have SOME excuse for what they're matter how BAD it is. "They shouldn't have been walking down our street!" is a hilariously bad one, but everyone has at least an excuse that works in their mind. No one really likes to consider themselves 'evil', and the ones who come close are most likely just messed up in the head. It is nowhere NEAR human nature to flat bad, and people on the whole level towards their own definitions of what 'good' is.

  • Honor Before Reason: Played straight and averted, depending on the principal. I'm on one hand a pragmatist who only looks to overall result in the end, in terms of how good or bad your actions are. I usually go for options that I believe sacrifice the least in the end; this includes supporting some very gray actions if I can consider it the lesser of the two evils. I believe idealism without sense is useless, and if reality won't allow it then it's useless to try and believe otherwise...HOWEVER, that DOESN'T mean you should just go along with some things. If the reality of a situation forces you to choose between 2 evils, there's always a chance to change that reality. You shouldn't collaborate with a bad system thinking that you have no other choice; if you want, you can try and start change by going against it. It won't do much in the meantime and might not in the long run, but change must start with that single step. Never be complacent; I think you should ponder whether or not you can try and change something before going for the lesser of two evils. People can start great things with that small step, if you can inspire others to do the same. On the other hand, there are some Some situations where I go for honor no matter what; I try to never lie and never cheat what I have coming to me if it brings others down. I'd hand back in my assignments during school if the teacher gave me more points than I was supposed to by accident, because I didn't think it was fair to other students. Honor, honesty, these things mean a whole lot to me, and I hope I never find myself turning my back on them. So far, I've done good...I think you can tell I care a lot about such ideals.

  • Incredibly Lame Pun: Loves to give these out.

  • Nice Guy: So I'm told.

  • Only Sane Man: Can work as this, depending on who I'm with and what they're doing. Usually when people are getting emotional, since I'm rather Spocky

  • Team Mom: For the my friends in the AGOG crowd. Anyone has an argument? I play the arbitrator and mediator. It's like my designated job.

  • The Pollyanna: there's very little that gets me down seriously, cause I always turn around and think about all the good things in life even when the harshest of tragedies strike.

Harry, kitchen — to Jan, Menardi, Rose, Eve, acknowledging mamizou, and tira fuck it why not

The girl in the big black dress glanced at me. Then sat down to eat a big plate of fruit. The half korean woman didn't seem like she had even heard me.

This is why I don't talk to women at community socials. I fiddled with my coke, my cheeks turning red. Well, that sure as hell was an embarrassing failure of an attempt to talk to people. I suddenly wished I could just crawl back into my apartment and lock the door behind me.

Except my apartment was gone, bombed out by vampires. The can crackled in my hands as another flash of red hot fury tried to take over. It took me a second to shake the damn feeling off.

"Is how it works here", a British sounding voice came from behind me. I glanced over as a man finished fetching a blue gatorade out of the fridge.

At least in terms of get up, he wasn't that unusual. Just a blue hiking jacket, pants of the same shade, with the only odd thing being the cap clinging tightly to his head, which had a weirdly stylized eye in the middle of it. He was...well, you know those people who just have the kinds of faces you can't help but feel the urge to dropkick? This was one of those men. It was hard to pin it on one thing — the beady, ratty eyes, the ugly gleam in them, the overly sharp edges of his face, the way his dark brown skin was pulled just a little bit too tightly across his mug.

The way I was sitting gave me a decent view of Mr Polyester, I and I was able to witness his mouth when he started muttering about all the damn Gatorade in that fridge. Instead of incisors, the man had pointed, razor sharp-looking fangs. My eyebrows warily shot up. A vampire? Or maybe a werewolf. Or any of the other dozen creatures with fangs, it was hard to tell. Normally when I got around most of those types, I could tell by the kind of aura that bled out of their skin and rubbed up against my wizard senses, but this guy was a blank as far as they were concerned.

He shrugged. "Don't tell me you haven't listened either. Or seen Catshit explode into gibs like twice."

I rolled a shoulder. "I try not to make a habit out of watching catshit explode. I mean, then I have the whole apartment to clean up, have to get the air freshener, shampoo the carpet...Plus then my cat — who graciously lets me live in his apartment — would boot me out for daring to defile his imperial catbox." I briefly quirked my lips upward into a goofy grin. "I hoped him getting killed would have taught him better. Naive me."

Wouldn't you know it then, another person walked in. I leaned back in the chair and checked them out too. Another woman strode in, looking around the room with a dim look on her face. She was tall, taller than pretty much everyone else but me, with her long blonde hair actuating the distance. She dressed conservatively compared to pretty much everyone else here (besides me, again), wearing just a big brown cloak, with parts of a simple black bodysuit showing between the folds. Bland, but practical, it wasn't what caught the eye.

Her face, on the other hand, snatched my gaze and held it like a bully playing hookie. She wore warpaint, like the black-dressed girl, but a lot more of it, swirling patterns and shades of red flowing from her forehead, down to her sharp cheekbones, before disappearing down the sides of her face. It gave her a mystical kind of look, primal but artistically done. Her features were a little bit too sharp to be conventionally pretty, but they were striking enough to give it an exotic appeal all on its own. She had the kind of face that would immediately demand and hold attention from anyone, whenever she walked in.

Also, I was instantly pretty sure she wasn't human. From her upper jaw to just behind her ears jutted out harsh red scales like spires striking out upwardly into the air, making it almost look like she was wearing a short mantel around her face. My eyebrows were sure getting their exercise in today, let me tell you. Been a while since I've seen anyone with lizard features.

Her eyes quickly slid over us, barely paying attention, before finding the rest of the room. The dim look in her eye was instantly replaced with a cheerful glimmer, and she started slidding over to several of the fridges and meat bars. I sipped at my coke, tracking her movements out of curiosity. It didn't take me long to peg her as someone used to fighting up close and personal; you can always tell when people are martial artists, they hold themselves differently than everyone else. Don't believe me? Go watch some old Bruce Lee movies to see what I mean. Hell, actually, go see them anyway.

I hadn't gotten that impression from the vampire-something-or-other, so that was good at least.

She piled up a plate and gave us a bright look. I smiled and waved. "He—"

"Heya, girls," she said cheerfully. Girls? I shot a look at the other two sitting across from me, and realized she had actually been looking specifically at them, not at them plus one wizard. And that was when I realized, with my mood shattering along with my self esteem and image, that I was about to be completely ignored. Again.

"I'm Menardi", she happily continued, oblivious to my aghastment, "Mind if I borrow your grill to make some hamburgers?"

The korean woman, of course, managed to hear her just fine. She looked up from the pork and said "Ah, no. Feel free to use the grill as you wish." She even smiled at her, while I was just sitting here in no mans land.

I raised my hands, twisting to express my exasperation to Mr Polyester with a very helpless glance. He might be a supernatural spook of some kind, but in that moment, I felt an infinite kinship with this man with whom I was being ignored.

"What, did I break some kind of social taboo everyone knows about but me, and now I might as well be wearing the one ring?" I griped and turned back around. "Hey, what if that's our grill and we mind because we're allergic to the scent of frying beef?"

"It is like these... individuals... have stated." I blinked, then looked back down. The korean girl watched me intently, her big blue eyes flickering thoughtfully. Her entire body language had changed; now, she was reserved, her face withdrawn and carefully observant.

I blinked, then leaned back, my pouting feeling fading. I knew an analytical look when I saw one, you get used to seeing your own mirrored on other people's faces. She was...sizing me up?

Wait, had this all been a test to see what kind of temperament I had?

The truth dawned on me, and I smirked. Clever, clever girl. Of course, I still had no idea what she thought. "Oh yeah?", I said directly across to her, more quietly.

Her reservedly professional voice never changed. "We are stuck in a sort of enclosed structure where we are to be monitored at all times for the entertainment of the unseen masses, expected to repeatedly kill and attack each other like rabid animals in a pit." She studied me still, and her gaze flickered towards my staff, then back at me. They narrowed slightly. I arched a brow, ready for whatever subtle interrogation she must have had in mind.

"Is the blood on your staff one of an innocent's or that of a monster's?"

...I looked down and sighed. Or, maybe there wasn't a subtle bone in her body. "Not my fault. His body fell on the staff, after I killed him."

"Uh, self defense", I hastily amended in to the look she gave me in response. "I was sitting outside, and this big four armed demonic guy came flying out of the building like a cannonball. He was bleeding all over the place, but for some reason he thought it would be a great idea to to attack me anyway." I cocked a finger back towards the exit, which could barely be seen from here, past the kitchen wall. "You remember that giant boom a few seconds ago? That was me. Coincidentally, I hope you weren't looking to throw a picnic on that lawn anytime soon." I shrugged. "Can't say how innocent he is; he looked roughed up enough to where he might have been delusional. I didn't have a choice, though."

An excerpt from a friend about writing humanoid abominations I keep around to help me write:

On the subject of humanoid abominations:

What you're describing is a fairly vague term - TV Tropes tends to use it to refer to everything from Nyarlathotep in his Black Pharoah mask to Slenderman. I'm pretty sure you're referring to the former, though - incredibly powerful, alien things in human form, with a penchant for manipulation and 'playing games'.

Generally speaking you want them to be clever. Not necessarily a trickster or riddler, but rather that they're never lacking words, they're never uncertain, and nothing EVER takes them by surprise. If the heroes come smashing into their lair at the head of an army they need to offer the army tea and cookies, or perhaps the severed heads of their allies on plates depending on the tone. It's an odd sort of hypocrism where a good 'evil' being like that needs to have seemingly no vices whatsoever - Hence why so many of them have british accents and act cultured.

At the same time, though, it's good if they don't quite 'get it'. Maybe they quote poets' dying words or most despairing works, or they discuss things no one but them could know - 'Do you know - Lincoln didn't die when they shot him. He was still alive for a while after, screaming away in his brain...' That sort of thing. Maybe they don't know societal norms, maybe they just ignore walls and walk straight through them or eat with their fingers off expensive chiny. Their 'lair' or locations associated with them should be similar - for example, a swanky penthouse suite with no furniture, no windows, and no color, or maybe an office that just happens to be a mile wide. Alien geometries, but instead of the mind-shattering, bile-provoking disgustingly organic horror of R'lyeh and like things they're just... Wrong. They're imitating humanity, but their realm of existance is so beyond the physical that they have trouble figuring out quite what it is we do down here. Establish them as a God, not just as a troll. A good thing to do is to introduce them as a mortal first - someone met just off the side, perhaps vaguely helpful and very, very odd - but not, immediately, dangerous or disturbing. As the interactions continue, build the 'off'ness until it becomes readily apparent that you're not talking to anything remotely... Human.

Gloating and monologuing generally aren't things that well-written eldritch abominations do, unless they're incredibly petty. They're *above* humans, so far above that the only reason they take a humanoid form and interact with them is because they find it funny.

As far as manipulation goes, there are a few ways you can go about it. The most common is religious - but that doesn't work on RP characters. Ever. No one ever falls for it and it disappoints me so much. Failing that there's always bribery - promises of wealth or power or flesh, whatever the manipulated wants. Up to the elder thing if they ever get delivered, though, and there's almost always a monkey's paw attached. Eternal life in particular is fun for them to fuck around with.

There's also logos - using philosophy and reason to bend people to your will. This is by far the most entertaining and interesting, if done right - but again, almost never works on RP characters except in the rarest of circumstances. Players mostly just get annoyed if you try to philosophize with them, and they'll either endlessly debate or just ignore it - you won't get much ground with it, because every player immediately had decided whether they'll support a villain or not. IF they're gonna help, they would have helped anyways - if they weren't, no amount of meticulously planned philosophy will sway them. Plus, unless you're an expert rhetorician, you might even be out-debated by your players - which is a good way for your so-called 'god' to look really pathetic.

Lastly there's just straight-up intimidation - this one works best on player-characters, but that's because it doesn't leave them a choice. The elder thing kidnaps them, or simply reveals his/her presence - Oftentimes explicit threats are never stated, but rather are left ambigious. I know where you live, or rather "I know which mortal plane you inhabit". It's here that their confidence is important most of all - they do more in a smirk and a wink than Xerxes the First did with a thousand piles of dead slaves.

There are lots of ways to play them, of course - focusing more on the alien aspects, maybe, or making them more human. But in general you play them in much the same way you would play a divine figure - powerful, seemingly flawless, above everything... And most of all, utterly alien to anyone human, a pale mockery of civilized thought. —

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  • Walk with honour as your only guide. - Diamonnes

  • Get something in here, mate. You're faking. (Feel free to drop by and vandalize my page.) -desdendelle

  • Get off my lawn, Des! Kids these days......*Grumbles like an old man.* -TvTropesnoob

  • Walk with honour as your only guide. - Diamonnes