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Name: Geek Code Red (On Tvtropes)/SuperGeek10k (YouTube)/Luimnigh (All other sites)
Age: 17
Country/County/City: Ireland/Limerick/Limerick (Home of the Rubberbandits )

I haven't made a page. I've added one or two examples and made about 20 WMGs.
I made a page for the Irish Military. Need to finish it.

On the Forums, I play A Game of Gods and Twilight Of The Gods, as Alex Mason and The Cult of Skaro (Dalek Sec to be specific).
I am interested in:
Harry Potter
Artemis Fowl
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
The Heroes of Olympus
Marvel Comics
Skulduggery Pleasant
Green Day
Star Trek
Star Wars
Star Gate
Top Gear
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy
James Bond
Young Bond
A Series of Unfortunate Events
His Dark Materials
Horrible Histories
Horrible Science
Call of Duty: Black Ops
Barack Obama
Formula One
Military Technology

Tropes, Tropes, and even more Tropes

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Pre-pare for retali-tory ac-tion! -Desdendelle

so ronery

Judo VANDALIZE! Hey man. -Test Your Might

An okay dude.-Bindlestick

Putting the "V" back in Vandalizing - Amused Troper Guy

Bored. Here, have vandalism~ Raineh Daze
Tch, yes, I'm sorry. I do have a heart. ^^;