Dethroning Moment: The Fairly OddParents

There's a lot of episodes of The Fairly Oddparents that the fans want wished out of existence.

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    Seasons 1 - 3 
  • Zeanobia: "Love Struck!" is nothing but a big middle-finger to LGBT societies! Just because all women are separated, there's almost no love left? And one single straight pairing is enough to power up cupid all of sudden? The moral is supposed to be that love is important, but I feel too offended by it's homophobic implications to even notice that asoep. What does it mean when Ladyland equals a void anyway?
  • kablammin45: Yes, I know that Timmy's parents are supposed to not care too terribly about Timmy, but (referring to the episode "Scary Godparents") giving away all of his most important stuff? That's stupid! That was one of those few times that I got a little ticked off at Timmy's parents' negligence and stupidity. I mean, didn't they just used to be overworked and busy instead of stupid? Especially jarring when compared to certain episodes like "Super Bike".
  • fluffything: Fairly Oddparents is one of those shows that has moments that are terrible, but usually they're not downright offensive. I say usually because this is one of those downright offensive moments. Namely the (in)famous episode known as "Twistory". Why is it a DMOS and why is it offensive? Because it manages to insult two (Count em! Two!) countries at the same time. The episode basically boils down to Timmy wishing he could interview some of the Founding Fathers (In this case George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson) for his report on the American Revolution. It starts out funny enough (Though, Washington's obsession with chopping wood was nothing short of obnoxious), but it gets ugly when Timmy's wish changes history. And, here, folks, here is where we enter the DMOS zone. The alternate history Timmy accidentally creates is pretty much a world where the USA remains a British colony complete with stereotypical Cockney accents, bad hygiene, and no advancements in technology since the 1700s. Wow, I didn't even make this episode and I still want to go up to every British person in the world and go "I'm so sorry this episode exists". It's no wonder Nickelodeon rarely (if ever) airs it during reruns of the show.
  • Mr Thorfan 64: More from the Brit-hating writers. I can't remember the name of the episode but there is one where Vicky is an love with a British stereotype. Throughout the episode to sabotage their relationship Wanda and Timmy do things like make her look like a werewolf and reveal she wipes her noses on people's books. And the joke is... the stereotype claims Brits adore all these disgusting and horrible things because it reminds them of the hunt. Again, why are the writers so anglophobic! I can take a joke against the British, but this is so mean-spirited.
  • "Relaxing Teen": I've always loved the Fairly Odd Parents, but the worst episode I've ever seen was "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker". It was the worst episode of Season 3 that I've ever seen. The first 7 minutes were painful and frightening to watch and Timmy goes back in time to make Crocker less evil and miserable, one time when Timmy goes back it shows how Crocker was humiliated in Dimmsdale college and it's also devoid of humor. But the worst part was when Timmy actually stops Crocker from being miserable for a while for turning off the microphones, but "stupid" Cosmo turns the microphones back on and reveals Crocker's secret to the whole town, and because of this, Jorgen wipes out Crocker's memory in a scene that is painful to watch and has no humor, then Crocker loses his fairies and Dimmsdale chases him "For the Evulz". What's worse, you say? Timmy tries to go back to yesterday, but Jorgen stops him with help from his 70's counterpart just because they think Timmy was meddling and banishes him to the present. This is my Dmos because Crocker's my favorite character and they treat him like a loser. This episode is horrible for anybody, no matter who's side you're on.
    • NTroper: Even worse, Crocker is also a fairly constant threat to the Fairy World, and successfully conquered the entire world once. Had Timmy been successful, not only Crocker would be happier, but the Fairy World would be also safe from one of it's hugest threats. And Jorgen thinks that was meddling? Now that's grasping the Idiot Ball firmly.

    Seasons 4 - 5 
  • Johnny Nevada: "Timmy's 2D House of Horror" was pretty wretched for me. Not only did we get more of Cosmo bad-mouthing the idea of being married, but we get a heavy dose of Vicky's parents being more cowardly than Shaggy Rogers and afraid of their own daughter. Yes, Vicky's evil, but terrorizing her own parents seems pretty far removed from the earlier episodes (such as "Homewrecker", where she's concerned about getting in trouble with her parents after Timmy trashes her house). It also comes off as annoying versus funny...if push came to shove, I'd think two middle-aged adults could easily take on an annoying skinny teenage girl, Vicky's use of weapons or not. Adults have easily beaten Vicky up before in the series... see the ending of "Miss Dimmsdale".
  • FOP Troper: No list would be complete without the infamous It's A Wishful Life, a very demented subversion of the It's a Wonderful Life trope. Basically, the entire episode states that Timmy is responsible for all the bad things in his life, in his community and even the world. In other words, the world would be better off if Timmy was no longer around. The fact he nearly erase himself is very disturbing. The episode tries to fix this by stating the reason for this was to teach Timmy a lesson; earlier in the episode, he was doing favors for people, and they were not simply ungrateful, they were being a Jerk Ass about it. Timmy, though, is the one who needs the lesson that you should not do good things for praise.
    • TomPhanto: As the episode implied that everyone Timmy knew would be happier if they never existed, they made it sound like Timmy is the only character that Francis bullies, Vicky tortures, even though they show that it's not the case in early episodes. It also implies that AJ has hair and in college without Timmy around. Timmy's question about how that's his fault sums it up perfectly. It's just insulting that Timmy, who has saved Fairy World and the real world several times, would be shown an alternate reality where everyone is ten times happier without him, even if Jorgen was just testing him. But what really bothered me was how Jorgen opens the "Dimension For Kids Who Improved The World By Wishing They Were Never Born", and you see flames coming out of the crevasse. Look familiar? This was easily the most mean-spirited the show has ever gotten. Beavis And Butthead do an episode where they invert the It's a Wonderful Life trope a lot better than this episode did.
      • Not only that, but they forgot to include Sanjay (who was shown to have a crush on Timmy in Escape from Unwish Island.), Tootie, Veronica, or the Dimmsdale Ballhogs from Odd-Ball.

    Seasons 6 - 7 
  • Tropers/anoni: To be honest one sign that this show has overstayed it's welcome is "Open Wide and Say Ahhh!". Basically, Timmy has to get his tonsils removed. For the mandatory conflict, Vicky is the doctor operating on him. Instead of a Tonsilectomy, he's getting a "Twerp-ectomy", which apparently not only removes his tonsils, but his will to live! That's right! Vicky plans to perform a surgery on Timmy that will kill him. Timmy's parent, even dumber than usual, sign him up for it because it will give them 5 nights in Hawaii. Have fun mourning your dead kid in Hawaii. There's also the fact that what kind of hospital will allow such a procedure to be performed? By the way, remember when Vicky's best weapon was blackmail and actually became concerned if something may have happened to the kids she babysat, just so she wouldn't get in trouble? The writers don't.
  • TotalDramaRox97 In "Hair-icane", Timmy's dad reached new levels of mistreatment. He tries to get Timmy's hair with a chainsaw. And at one point he said Timmy's hair shouldn't be unlaughable. So he's basically saying he wants his own son to be laughed at.
  • ading: Originally, I posted "It's A Wishful Life" as my DMOS, but then I remembered the episode that convinced me the show really had jumped the shark: "Vicky Gets Fired". Timmy's parents fire Vicky, which would have been interesting, but it was done in an incredibly stupid way. They see a video of Vicky torturing Timmy, and what do they do? Completely ignore it, until they see Vicky erasing a tape they wanted to watch. Just... why? What happened to this show?
  • Baronobeefdip: "Take and Fake". Why? Because Crocker is thrown what may be the most wall-banger inducing Idiot Ball in the series. Long story short, Crocker (in a fairy costume, no surprise there) criticizes Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof (dressed as themselves) on their so-called "fairy costumes". Uh, Crocker, shouldn't you of all people know what a fairy looks like? Furthermore, why isn't it that he recognizes Poof especially. In the earlier episode "Bad Heir Day", Crocker had formed a close bond with Poof and is well-aware that Poof is a fairy (and is perhaps the only fairy he genuinely cares for) and that Cosmo and Wanda are Poof's parents. Psst... Earth to Crocker, Denzel Jr. DJ Poof is floating right in front of you.
  • Animeking1108: I know "Bad Heir Day" is considered one of the better episodes, but Timmy's Chew Toy status made Squidward Tentacles look like SpongeBob. After Poof went missing, Timmy went through hell and back to find him. Even though it was clear that Timmy had been through hell and was remorseful, Cosmo and Wanda didn't think Timmy suffered enough, so they poofed Timmy to the Crocodile pit. There's being a Papa Wolf/Mama Bear, and then there's being an unforgiving Abusive Godparents.
  • Kereea: "Crocker Shocker", the episode where Crocker is cured of his fairy obsession. You'd think it could make for an okay plot, maybe with Timmy getting reckless without Crocker being so suspicious and maybe someone else getting crazy instead and Timmy going back in time to undo all of it or something, but instead the plot is thus: Fairy World is now powered by belief in fairies. That's all well and good, several episodes and specials have shown there are thousands of godkids out there all over the world. Except for some reason, Crocker, just Crocker not believing shuts down all of Fairy World's energy. And the only way to fix things is to turn Crocker back into his miserable, fairy -obsessed self. Fairy World is literally Powered By A Forsaken Former Godkid. None of those other godkids, not Timmy, the kids from wishing boot camp, Remy, or any of the other godkid cameos matter. If Crocker is not obsessive about fairies, Fairy World is doomed.

    Seasons 8 - 9 
  • Mineburst: I would pick "Force of Nature". While the episode itself had a good message, there's just one thing about it I don't like: They've completely ruined Crocker. You all know Mr. Crocker to spaz out at the slightest sign of fairy magic, but this episode screws it beyond belief. You see him spying on Timmy with very obvious signs of magic, yet he thinks that's normal. The next thing you know, he thinks average stuff (like a candy bar with both chocolate and peanut butter) are signs of FAIRY GOD PARENTS! How could Butch Hartman have gotten this wrong?
  • ilovedededeAGAIN: Mine would have to be from "School of Crock". Most of the episode was pretty good, especially Mr. Crocker's antics, but that one dethroning moment of this episode was Poof actually speaking full sentences. Adding Sparky was already bad enough for the series but I consider Poof speaking to be Nickelodeon taking it Up to Eleven. And dear lord, his new voice sounds like a congested Timmy Turner. And now I'm already fearing Poof's new voice is going to become a permanent addition to the series. I didn't mind Poof back then (I admit he was kind of cute), but making him speak makes me think otherwise.
  • Fairy Dreamer: The episode "A Boy and His Dog-Boy" where Timmy wishes Sparky into a human. The whole episode just proves the writers are running out of ideas and have just said "whatever, let's go with it". Particularly, when it's shown Timmy can't change Sparky because he's in love with being a human and you can't destroy true love (seriously, writers?) and there's now an imbalance in the world because Sparky is human and Timmy must become a dog to restore the balance. It's not the plot that's stupid. It's how it's carried out.

    Live-Action Movies 
  • supernintendo128: I said in my old DMoS that after Sparky was introduced, the show has hit it's absolute lowest point. I gotta learn to keep my freaking mouth shut. Enter A Fairly Odd Summer, the latest in the live-action movie trilogy and easily the worst. But the ending is easily the worst part. Timmy becomes a fairy. That moment convinced me, right there, that this show is Ruined Forever. Sure Hartman, disregard continuity and logic to turn Timmy into a fairy. Sure Hartman, change him back into his kid form while you're at it. That certainly won't make Timmy and Tootie's relationship creepy. Not to mention how is he going to explain becoming a fairy to his parents? Sure Hartman, render the events of the first movie pointless and give Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof to the two cardboard cutouts Mitzie and Marty, who we barely even know and were probably introduced specifically to replace Timmy as Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof's godchildren. They need to end this show already. There is no hope for it getting better. It's just gonna get worse with no signs of improvement in sight. But on the bright side of Timmy becoming a fairy, maybe this means there will be no more Live-Action Fairly OddParents movies.