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Trivia: The Fairly OddParents


  • Timmy, the main character, is named after Butch Hartman's younger brother.
  • Timmy's full name is Timothy Tiberius Turner.
  • Around 2005 or 2006, Butch Hartman had considered making a theatrical movie of The Fairly OddParents. Unlike the later Live-Action Adaptation that was aired on TV in 2011, this one would have been animated. The details aren't concrete, but the plot was this: Timmy, feeling sorry for the other kids whom Vicky has babysat, wishes that every child had a fairy godparent. This, of course, backfires on him because Vicky, being under eighteen, is still considered a kid so she gets a fairy — Jorgen Von Strangle. Meanwhile, since there is no one to guard them or stop them the pixies and Anti-Fairies team up to take over the world. Butch has stated he would like to release it on DVD one day.
  • The Fairly Odd Parents may be one of the few cartoons to actually give a type of explanation of it's Floating Timeline due to the fact that Timmy wished no one to age in the episode Timmy's Secret Wish.
  • Unlike other Nickelodeon shows, Fairly Oddparents is notable, due to be distributed by Canada's Nelvana, to have its earlier episodes (actually, Nelvana distributes internationally all episodes from Season 1 to 4 (excluding The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour) and first 10 episodes of Season 5) aired on Disney XD, or even Disney Channel. (Dating back to the distribution rights for non-English broadcasts to be aired on Jetix where available.)

Specific tropes:

  • Actor Allusion: For the Crimson Chin, Catman, and Dr. Rip Studwell.
  • Adam Westing: Featuring Adam West himself as Catman, who believes himself to be a real superhero.
  • Ascended Fanon: Many fans have wondered why Tootie has never gotten a fairy, or speculated that she may became beautiful later on. The live action movie shows that not only does she become a beauty, but she also meets Timmy's fairy family (with Timmy this time, and no mention of her "big mouth" being a problem).
  • Banned Episode: Twistory and Hail To The Chief don't air much these days. No one knows why. One theory is that "Twistory" had a lot of jokes about the British that were considered offensive and "Hail To The Chief" mocked the Secret Service. Another theory is that those two episodes weren't all that funny or memorable with audiences.
  • Bizarro Episode: "Crock Talk".
  • Breakthrough Hit: Butch Hartman's breakthrough, seeing as how he's gone on to be a successful animator because of this show.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Tara Strong (and Mary Kay Bergman before her) as Timmy; it's kind of obvious with the squeaky girly voice. Lampshaded often.
    • Surprisingly averted with many young male boys, who sound girly but are infact voiced by guys.
  • Crossovers, with Jimmy Neutron, and with Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide even though the latter is live action (the cartoon characters appear in Ned's imagination).
    • In the episode where Timmy finds Atlantis, Greg says that Atlantians eat fish all the time, going on to say something along the lines of "Sponges, starfish, and the occasional underwater squirrel (queue him barfing up a squirrel tail)." This feels like a reference to Spongebob Squarepants.
    • In-universe, the Crimson Chin has met Crash Nebula and Catman.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Several.
    • Norm the Genie's first voice used to do the fake news on Saturday Night Live (until he was fired in mid-1997 for allegedly not being funny).
    • Chester's original voice actor (Frankie Muniz) was a child genius stuck in a dysfunctional family. His replacement voice (Jason Marsden) was on a lot of animated shows of the 1990s.
    • Former (as of 2014, when Jimmy Fallon replaced him) Tonight Show host Jay Leno as the Crimson Chin and Nega-Chin
    • Adam West as Batman expy Catman.
    • Ben Stein as the Pixies. All of them, unless they're rapping, then it's Redman and Method Man from the Wu-Tang Clan.
    • Cliff McCormack and Gordy the janitor (Daran Norris) as Cosmo, Anti-Cosmo, Mr. Turner, and Jorgen Von Strangle
    • Gilbert Gottfried as Dr. Bender and his son Wendell (later replaced with Butch Hartman trying to do a Gottfried-style voice)
    • Mr. Crocker, The Mayor, Chompy the Goat, and Crocker's mom are all voiced by Carlos Alazraqui (Rocko from Rockos Modern Life and Deputy Garcia from Reno 911)
    • The Latin American cast is the same cast as one used for doing Latin American Spanish dubs for South Park. Yeah, not really something parents want to hear about their child's (or children's) favorite show, though Latin America is more liberal about this than the United States would be.
    • Spain's cast, however, is a wild ride. Vicky, like her English voice actress, is Yumi. Timmy is Littlefoot, Cosmo is Mickey Mouse, Tootie is Eliza Thornberry, Chester is Daxter, and Crocker is Lotso Huggin' Bear from Toy Story 3.
    • Here's the Polish dub (all of them were dubbed in Warsaw with exception of episodes 27-44 and 46-53 (according to the production number) which were dubbed in Łódź for Kids Co):
    • Back to the American version: Grey DeLisle uses the same voice for Tootie as she does for Lizzie Devine on Codename: Kids Next Door. And she also voices Vicki.
    • Timmy is Twilight Sparkle, Bubbles, Raven, Dil Pickles, Ben Tennyson, and scads of other characters (mostly pre-pubescent boys, though Tara Strong does voice girls and women).
    • Paulie Walnuts from The Sopranos (Tony Sirico) is Wanda's gangster father, Big Daddy.
    • Dana Carvey (from Saturday Night Live's second Golden Age [fall 1986 to sometime in 1993, depending on who you ask]) as Schnozmo Cosma
    • The "igor" from Open Wide And Say Aaagh! turns into T.U.F.F. Puppy villian/fail with eye equipment person The Chamelion.
    • And in The End of the Universe-ity, a worker at the death ball is Zapp Branigan.
  • The Other Darrin: Robert Cait replacing Norm MacDonald as the voice of Norm the Genie, Butch Hartman replacing Gilbert Gottfried as Dr. Bender and Wendell, Jason Marsden replacing Frankie Muniz as Chester, and Jeff Bennett replacing Adam West as Catman, to name a few.
    • Subverted with Daran Norris as Cosmo and Timmy Turner's dad. While there is a vast vocal change between what Cosmo and Mr. Turner sounded like in the current episodes vs. the old ones, Daran Norris was, at no time, replaced with someone else nor was Norris a replacement for another actor. He just made his characters sound wackier.
  • The Other Marty: Mary Kay Bergman was Timmy's original voice actress for the Oh Yeah! Cartoons pilot episodes, but committed suicide shortly before the series got greenlit by Nickelodeon. She was replaced by Tara Strong and all of Timmy's dialogue for the pilot episodes were rerecorded (though not on the DV Ds. The DV Ds have the original versions with Mary Kay Bergman as Timmy).
  • Schedule Slip: There was supposedly a year long celebration of The Fairly OddParents 10th anniversary, but nothing has happened or is going to happen in the month of April. In addition, there were several shows from season 7, even though the Season 8 Premiere was shown, that took months to air.
  • Screwed by the Network: For the year 2011, FOP was promised a year-long 10th year anniversary celebration. However, only a handful of new episodes and a live action movie were released, mostly during the summer, and the rumored anniversary special either became the live action movie or doesn't exist. Though a ninth season finally began airing in 2013.
  • Short Run In Peru: Started with the two episodes Timmy the Barbarian and No Substitute for Crazy, two episodes of the fifth season, being shown in the UK first. However, Nickelodeon now seems to show several first run episodes of FOP first in the UK and Latin America, and then weeks, sometimes months afterwards in the United States. A prime example of American audiences being Screwed by the Network.
    • This also happened to Butch Hartman's other show, Danny Phantom, during its final season. Apparently Nick likes to screw with Hartman's American fans.
  • Talking to Himself: Timmy, Poof, and Princess Mandie; Cosmo, Mr. Turner, Jorgen, Anti-Cosmo, and The April Fool; Wanda, Mrs. Turner, Blonda #1, and Anti-Wanda; Vicky and Tootie; The Mayor and Chompy the Goat; Sanjay and Elmer; Mark Chang and King Grippulon; Crocker and Juandissimo in "Teacher's Pet".
  • Throw It In: Timmy's trademark pink hat was originally a blue one, but Butch Hartman's blue marker dried up and he randomly grabbed a marker, not knowing what color it was until it showed up on paper.
  • Trope Namer:
  • Un-Cancelled: Ended in 2006, restarted in 2008. Then it seemed to end again in 2011 when the last episodes in production aired (though the show was never officially cancelled during that time). Then in 2012 it was mentioned that a ninth season was in production and it began airing in 2013 making Fairly Odd Parents the first Nicktoon to be Uncancelled twice.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally Timmy was going to be a redhead because Butch Hartman hates brown hair. He was forced to change his mind because he didn't want Timmy and Vicky to be mistaken for siblings because of their similar hair color. Also Timmy was almost named Matt after Butch's other brother, but an argument with his brothers changed that. Timmy's shirt and hat were meant to be blue, but Hartman ran out of blue marker and grabbed the next nearest color—which just so happened to be pink. It stuck.
    • Butch also thought of giving Timmy black hair, but decided it looked too heavy on him. So, why not just make him blonde?
    • Originally, as can been seen in the pilot shorts, Cosmo was the smart one and Wanda was the idiot. They were also implied to have been Cinderella herself's original helpers. While not exactly contradicted by the show, this is never confirmed either.
    • Wanda was originally going to be named Venus, but they couldn't resist the pun of "wand-a." In fact, it was originally going to be a Running Gag that all of the fairies had space-related names; of course, Cosmo's name is a remnant of this. The name "Venus" was kept as Wanda's middle name instead.
    • Before it was settled on Cosmo and Wanda like chibi's, Cosmo was supposed to be a fat, bald guy, and Wanda was meant to be tall and thin. Strangely, original design was reused in one episode for a male Wanda.

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