Characters / Trollz

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    The BFFL 

Amethyst van der Troll

Voiced by: Britt McKillip

Ruby Trollman

Voiced by: Chiara Zanni

Sapphire Trollzawa

Voiced by: Alexandra Carter

Topaz Trollhopper

Voiced by: Leah Juel

Onyx von Trollenberg

Voiced by: Anna Van Hooft

    The Ancients 


Ruby's Ancient.

Mr. Slate Trollheimer

Sapphire's Ancient.

Amethyst's Grandma

Amethyst's Ancient, of course.


Topaz's Ancient.


Onyx's Ancient.



Voiced by: Reece Thompson


Voiced by: Janyse Jaud

The Dragon

    The Boys 

Coal Trollwell

Voiced by: Jesse Moss

Amethyst's boyfriend.

Rock Trollhammer

Voiced by: Matt Hill

Ruby's boyfriend.

Alabaster Trollington III

Voiced by: Samuel Vincent

Sapphire's boyfriend.

Jasper Trollhound

Topaz's boyfriend.

Flint Trollentino

Onyx's boyfriend.