Characters / Trollz

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    The BFFL 

Amethyst van der Troll

Voiced by: Britt McKillip

She's the girl you can't help but love. Amethyst has so much natural charm, you'd think she was using a spell. She's the super glue of the BFFL (Best Friends For Life!). And by glue we mean like the ultra-sticky kind, not the gross pasty kind from kindergarten. Her friends and family are the most important things to her. She's the best friend a girl could have - loyal, totally down to earth and always real.

Ruby Trollman

Voiced by: Chiara Zanni
The self-proclaimed leader of the group - although the other girls wouldn't admit it! Ruby's the girl who'll tell it like it is, whether or not you wanna hear it. Although she can be a brat sometimes, she's always there for her friends and she's always got their backs - no matter what! She's the girl you want on your side.

Sapphire Trollzawa

Voiced by: Alexandra Carter
Super cute smarty pants. Sapphire's a girl genius who scored 2500 on her SAT's - out of a possible 2400!! When she's not reading about Quantum Theory, Sapphire loves hanging with her best friends. She's a quick thinker, she's got a photographic memory and knows practically every spell known to trollkind! She's curious, kind and did we mention she's a total brainiac?

Onyx von Trollenberg

Voiced by: Anna Van Hooft
Onyx walks to the beat of her own electric guitar. The only goth girl at Trollzopolis High, Onyx is truly a unique character. She's sarcastic, smart and always quick with the comebacks. She's the least willing to compromise what she thinks to please others and that's why her friends love her. She's Onyx. Deal with it.

Topaz Trollhopper

Voiced by: Leah Juel
A Fashionista, Topaz was blessed with the gift of supreme fashion sense. Able to rescue any fashion faux pas and brave any mall sale - Topaz is the queen of style! While she may be a little slow on the speed dial (if you know what we mean), she's a true fashion savant. Always optimistic and willing to put herself out there, Topaz is as sweet as a trollibean. She's also the funniest one of the group, although she usually doesn't mean to be. She sees the Trollacino cup as half full and is the kind of girl you want as a best friend.

    The Ancients 


Ruby's Ancient.
Obsidian is the owner of the spell shop in the mall and she acts as mentor to the BFFL. Like any good mentor, Obsidian keeps the girls on the right path. In between labeling frog warts and dragon droppings in the spell shop she guides them on their adventures. The girls always bug her for information about magic and new spells, but Obsidian is careful to give the girls just the information they need as their powers mature.

Obsidian has a special place in her heart for Ruby. As magic and Trollz history get passed from generation to generation, each of the Ancients has a corresponding Troll in the BFFL today, and Obsidian's corresponding Troll is none other than red-haired beauty, Ruby Trollman.

Mr. Slate Trollheimer

Sapphire's Ancient.
Mr. Trollheimer, the ninth grade science teacher, is smart, bookish, and owns several different styles of pocket protectors. However, Mr. Trollheimer does have an outside life. He's one of the five surviving Ancients! When duty calls, he'll put down his Bunsen burner and periodic table and get right into bad-guy-butt-kicking mode. His equally bookish but slightly cooler corresponding BFFL is Sapphire.

Amethyst's Grandma

Amethyst's Ancient, of course.
Grandma Van Der Troll is armed and dangerous with loads of love and cheek pinching fingers, but she can easily be disarmed with just a single hug. Amethyst's grandma has a secret, though; she's one of the five surviving Ancients! Just think, only 3000 years ago this old granny was your age and fighting against Simon! And of course, her corresponding Troll among the new Magic Of The Five group is her granddaughter, Amethyst. You can see the resemblance goes further than skin deep, too. Amethyst's personality is as sweet as her grandma's cookies.


Topaz's Ancient.
What's your biggest fear? If your answer is being transformed into a tree and imprisoned for 3000 years then you and Zirconia (the fourth Ancient) have lots in common. Zirconia looks gross and grimy, but if Topaz (her corresponding Troll) learns to be accepting of her corresponding Ancient, it may be shopping spree time. Maybe there's a fashion queen underneath that dirty sack cloth! Who knows?


Onyx's Ancient.
While Zirconia was imprisoned inside a tree, her husband Spinell was locked in another kind of prison. He was transformed as a ferocious Dragon, which might be okay except for the painful fire-breathing sneezes! Some guys would love the chance to breathe fire, but Spinell's not one of them. Spinell would much rather be reading the paper, drinking black coffee (no sugar) and making cynical remarks to his wife Zirconia - this makes him the perfect match for his corresponding Troll, Onyx.



Voiced by: Reece Thompson

Simon is a rebel without a cause or a sense of style. He's also a gremlin, which means he will forever look like a 9 year old little boy - no wonder he's angry, huh? Not only does Simon have a bad attitude, he's also got a police record that makes him Trollzopolis Public Enemy #1! Simon's bad boy days started in the Ancient Times when he tried to take over the world. It took ten trollz, five young and five old, to banish the little sucker to the Netherworld.

Unfortunately, the BFFL accidentally awakened his powers and now he's back with big plans: Take over Trollzopolis! Luckily, Simon doesn't know anything about new technology. He's so behind the times he could practically confuse a spell phone for a bar of soap (not that Simon washes up much, he's too busy to take over the world to worry about personal hygiene)!


Voiced by: Janyse Jaud

Snarf is half doge, half ogre and can shift from one form to the other at will. That makes him both a loyal friend and a ravenous beast, with serious emphasis on the beast part. Snarf is Simon's proud sidekick, and he'll do anything to make his master happy. Despite all this affection, Simon can't stand Snarf. But since Simon's short on friends and can use Snarf's ogre-muscle for his plans of world domination, he lets Snarf stick around. As much as Snarf loves Simon, that's how fierce he is to everyone else. Snarf loves to terrorize Amethyst, Onyx, Sapphire, Topaz, and Ruby in both his dog and ogre forms, as well as in a number of crafty disguises, even as a little girl poodle.

The Dragon

    The Boys 

Coal Trollwell

Voiced by: Jesse Moss

There's nothing quite like green hair to get a girl going, and Coal's got plenty of that. But Coal is a lot more than just a good head of green hair. He's also just totally genuine, cute, smart, funny, cute, mature, kind, cute... Really the best way to describe Coal is just one word: Trollicious. Coal's only problem is that he can sometimes be a bit clumsy, which is pretty easy when your hair is so disproportionate.

Amethyst's boyfriend.

Rock Trollhammer

Voiced by: Matt Hill
After one summer vacation everybody came back different — Coal's voice got deeper, Jasper got into hip-hop, Alabaster got an inch taller — Rock got about 35 more pounds of muscle and could eat 23 Trollburgers in one sitting! Although she doesn't always know it, the majority of Rock's muscle flexing is for Ruby. All of Rock's muscle is powerless when faced with Ruby's smile or her red hot temper. But even when Ruby's exasperated with her muscle-bound crush, she tries to keep her cool because she knows whatever Rock does, his intentions are good and his strongest muscle is the one that really counts: his heart.

Ruby's boyfriend.

Alabaster Trollington III

Voiced by: Samuel Vincent
What do a mature teenager, a multi-millionaire, a suave romantic, and the dorkiest kid in school have in common? Well, actually, they're all the same people: Alabaster Trollington III. Unfortunately, the only side of Alabaster that most people see is the geek, not the chic. If they got to know him, people would realize that Alabaster is less like a poindexter and more like a Clark Kent. When thick glasses and cardigan sweaters make a comeback, Alabaster will be the King of Cool.

Sapphire's boyfriend.

Jasper Trollhound

Jasper is the only troll in Trollzopolis who dares to go outside bald. Well actually, he doesn't have much a of a choice since his hair fell out after a spell went wrong, but he found his chrome top fit his hip-hop personality. This T-roll is always keeping it troll, especially when he's scooting on his T-ride (his skooter). He's actually been saving up lately to get a pair of spinners, when you're Jasper you've got be cool all the time, he's got a reputation to live up to! It's Jasper's tough guy personality that the girls are always trying to change, especially Topaz. But really, underneath Jasper's gellin' front is a lost little baby troll. Don't tell anybody but during the movie "Trolltanic" he cried 27 times and even once more during the credits because, "their love was just so beautiful! -sniffle-." He also isn't the brightest troll either; he was surprised when the ship sank in the end.

Topaz's boyfriend.

Flint Trollentino

Flint is a poet, a singer, a songwriter: an artist. At least he likes to think he is. Flint's mind is always turning and coming up with new ideas, they might not always make sense, in fact they usually don't, but that's Flint. The only Troll who comes close to understanding Flint is probably Onyx. They have a dream of one day starting a band together with Flint on the guitar and Onyx on the electric accordion. Of course, the band might just be an excuse for cool shirts with their band name on it: Troubled Trollz.

Onyx's boyfriend.


Coral, Opal, and Jade

You know those cheerleaders that are bubbly and nice and full of sugar and spice? Well that's great! Unfortunately, Coral isn't one of them. She's the head cheerleader at Trollzopolis High and she and her friends Opal Trollangel and Jade Trollberger are always out to pick on the BFFL crew in way that oh-so-mean girls do.

Shale and Mica