Nightmare Fuel: Trollz

  • Simon's possession of Topaz. She's seen fighting from the inside by banging on her own eye, and her mindscape is a yellow void filled with swirls.
  • The walking trees in "The Big Test".
  • Some of Simon's spells, like the one where he brought mannequins to life and when he imprisoned Onyx in a tree.
  • In one episode, the girls and boys are attacked by ghost dogs when the bus breaks down. The dogs, being ghosts, are intangible enough to phase through walls. They can still eat you.
  • In "Bringing Back the Magic," the girls have to face a cyclops... without their magic. If they fail, the Ancients would die.
  • Zirconia was turned into a tree for 3,000 years. She was conscious the whole time.
  • When Simon tries to turn Onyx into a tree, he at first simply imprisons her within one. Eventually she'd become part of the tree, like what happened with Zirconia.
  • The Trollz turning evil in "When Good Girls Go Bad". The scare factor is really ramped up when they freeze Coral, Opal, and Jade and manipulate them like puppets.