Awesome Music / Trollz

  • The songs throughout the series, as performed by The Valli Girls, are both awesome and heartwarming.
  • The opening/ending theme, "It's A Hair Thing," describing the premise of the show and the appeal of magic.
  • "Best Friends for Life" is this and a Heartwarming Moment.
  • "The Power of Five" is a rockin' song about how the girls use the Power of Five to defeat evil.
  • The song heard at the beginning of the Middle Ages story arc, describing Simon's plan to turn back time.
  • In "New Girl In Town", the song when Garnet speeds off with Amethyst and friends. It emphasizes that Garnet is Simon in disguise.
  • The Trollhiti song is one of the few songs to be played fully in an episode, with little talking over it.
  • The "Best Friends for Life" reprise in the series finale gives the show a sense of closure, and also has the second verses not heard in the first music video.
  • The Italian theme song is completely different from the English one, but is also completely awesome.