Characters / Takamachi Nanoha Of 2814

This page is an incomplete listing of the characters appearing in Shadow Crystal Mage's 2814 fanfiction series.

Team Nanoha!

Takamachi Nanoha, aka Green Lantern-chan

  • By-the-Book Cop: Not only does she follow every rule and regulation of both the GL Corps (And appears to be the only Green Lantern in living memory to have actually read the rulebook from cover to cover) and eventually the TSAB, she is the only one who has no problem with filing paperwork.


  • Achilles' Heel: His weakness to magic comes up more often than he'd like.
  • Mistaken for Pedophile: He's accused of being a paedophile by tabloids because he works with a cute nine-year-old girl. Naturally, Luthor has a field day with it.
  • Mentor Archetype: An older advisor for Nanoha. She smugly notes how her mentor can actively assist her, a perk "which other magical girls only dream about".

Fate Testarosa, aka Black Reaper-Chan

  • Covert Pervert: She absolutely doesn't look at Chrono's girl-on-girl porn and nor does she fantasize about Nanoha in a Naked Apron, no sirree...
  • Secret Identity: Black Reaper-Chan.
  • Shock and Awe: Her lightening power is defined as possessing greater punch than Negi's but less volume, i.e. she can't bring down an army with one spell but her's will hurt more.

Ala Alba!

Negi Springfield

Fuyuki Fate Knights

Kuro von Einzbern-Emiya


Daidouji Tomoyo