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    Characters from all seasons 


The main character or the Nuzlocke comic.


One of the first Pokemon in the comic. While he dies in season 1, his ghost is seen throughout all the seasons. Due to how he was drawn (Based on John Locke from Lost) and his Catch Phrase, he was nicknamed Nuzlocke by the fans, thus originating the name of the run.

    Season 1 


Ruby's first pokemon.


One of ruby's early pokemon and the first one to die. Caught as a Silcoon.



Ruby's Numel/Campurt. Despite the name, she's a girl.


Ruby's Absol.


Ruby's Pelliper


Ruby's Spheal//Whalrien
  • Butt Monkey: A non-comedic example. Starts as an HM slave then gets the blame for not being strong enough to prevent mr.humpys death from Sceptile.

Dogen The Medicham

    Season 2 


Ruby's Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard, and his best friend for the duration of the series.


Ruby's Mankey, the first Pokemon he caught in this run. Dies to Misty's Starmie.


Ruby's Oddish who is quickly evolved into Vileplume to fit the current needs for a raid against Team Rocket.
  • Nice Hat: The vileplume mushroom gives the impression.
  • The Stoic: After his evolution.
  • The Stoner: Before his evolution.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Ruby is forced to use him to make up for a gap in his party. On seeing Buddy has no direct attacks, Ruby shoves cut, bullet seed, a leafstone, and a rare candy down his throat. Buddy is effectively exploded into a badass Vileplume wielding a gun and katana.


Ruby's Voltorb, which evolves into an Electrode. One of his most powerful team members.


    Season 3 

Luke the Oshawott/Dewott


Ruby's legendary. Enjoys blogging and shopping for handbags on Etsy.


A cynical Lillipup and Ruby's first catch. Later evolves sometime before Lenora's gym.

  • The Cynic: He overhears Ruby and Luke talking and says "You got no chance, punks... y'all ain't shit."
  • Dynamic Entry: He tackles N's Purrloin in a football suit from offscreen.

Señor Fluf/Fluff

A weak Purrloin caught on Route 2 and the first HM slave.


A Pansear given away by some random dude.


A Timburr that helped Ruby catch Victini.


In the original games, he is the player's main rival. Nuzlocke portrays him as a ditzy creepy guy.