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Funny: Nuzlocke Comics

Main series:

  • Doakes' face when he kept spamming Magnitude.
  • Ruby, a man of priorities, gives us this exchange as Gulliver the Pelipper is flying him over Mossdeep while they're chasing Team Magma:
    Ruby: Hey is that a town?
    Gulliver: But what about Team Mag-
  • "Who's there? Show yourself!"
  • Goddamnit Ralph!
  • Sawyer's self esteem HARSHLY FELL.
  • "I don't understand... how could water be good?"
  • The Warden getting his teeth back.
  • Pretty much this entire comic.
  • This exchange:
    Announcer: Let's see what you folks down in the stands think about our upstar little challenger...
    Mr. Fuji: I think he's cool. Much Poke-respect.
    Erika: He's pretty chill. Y'know, for a square.
    Bill: I think...
  • A good Mood Whiplash moment. During Ruby's final battle with Gary, after Bruce fails to finish off Blastoise with a Blast Burn and must recharge, Blastoise grabs Bruce, fires off a Hydro Pump point-blank, and misses.
  • Some moments with Ruby's conversation with Giovanni in the finale such as showing him the Kabuto, and this exchange:
    Giovanni: Fortunately you still have the Masterball so you can end all of thi-
    [Ruby breaks the Masterball]
    Giovanni: [Beat] WHAT THE FUCK
    Ruby: Sorry, Giovanni... but rules are rules. ''[Flies away on Bruce]'
    Giovanni: WHAT RULES?!
  • Giovanni and Maxie in prison. Fucking priceless.
    Maxie: So... How do you feel about water?
  • When Ruby finds Hilbert's body in the closet his response of "Arceus Christ" is just hilarious.
  • Ruby's reaction to being forced to pick Oshawott. The expressions on Oshawott's face make it even better.
  • Ghetsis has only just shown up and his speech is golden. "Allow me to reveal a simple truth. Pokemon fucking hate you. Seriously, you capture and pit them against each other their will. Would they fight back if they wanted to be caught?"
    • And the cop telling them about orders to "liberate" the park. After a complaint about freedom of speech, "Oh yeah? Well I've got freedom of repel." [cue using the pepper spray to get them out]
  • Meeting N:
    N: Your Pokémon... it's talking.
    Ruby: No he's not.
    Luke: No I'm not.
  • Ruby sees Professor Juniper for the first time:
    Ruby: Wait a minute...
    [Ruby sees Bianca peeking out from behind Juniper]
    Ruby: [while running away] FUCK FUCK FUCK
  • The first course.
    • Ruby's Pansear VS. Cilan's Pansage.
  • Ruby stealing, Cheren and Bianca's gift, and his plans for Senor Fluf once he finds what's inside.
    Bianca: FUCKING MONKEY!!
  • Fennel's brief flashback of her time at Castelia University with Juniper after Bianca asks how she knows the detailed effects of Dream Mist. The strip makes the use of Dream Mist out like a bad LSD trip.
    Fennel: ...I read it in a book. [Ruby knows she is lying]
    • What made it more amusing was Minccino's expression in the flashback with Fennel and Juniper can be seen as funny given the two were on a Mushroom Samba.
    Nuzlocke: Don't do drugs. You'll make Minccino sad.
    • To add to that, the Plasma Grunts seeing Satan just chilling behind Ghetsis is pretty funny.
  • Ruby and Cheren decide to team up. Cheren takes things to far and ends up ripping a heart out of a grunt's chest. Grunt's response?
    Grunt: What the hell, man...
  • This moment in the museum:
    Burgh: Castelia...? ...That's MY turf!
    Ruby: And who are you suppose to be?
    Burgh: I'm a friggin' gym leader, who the hell are you?
    Ruby: Wow. A gym leader not being in their gym and actually doing their goddamn job. There's a surprise.
  • Ruby and a Petilil have a kawaii showdown.
    • And the Plasma Grunt's subsequent reaction of pure horror.
    • It's even funnier now that there is new merchadise on the site shop showing them in "Kawaii-Mode".
  • Ruby's reaction to Bianca asking Iris to be her bodyguard despite being younger than she is, and seemingly implying that she chose her because she was Black. His reaction is then echoed by Ghetsis in the following scene.
    Ruby: I can't tell if you're being racist or just retarded right now.
  • Ghetsis and Bronius discussing people from Johto and their calling habits.
    • "There is nothing wrong with people from Hoenn" in the same panel with Ruby about to break into a window on a vehicle.
  • The entire arc where Ruby catches Victini. First, when Ruby finds him, the Victini, in the dark, makes a Badass Boast about itself, only to be interrupted by them turning on the lights, revealing he lives in a modest apartment. Which soon Ruby mocks him for only being lvl. 15, while Pauly accidentally views Victini's blog, hitting his Berserk Button. Which leads to Ruby pelting him with a mountain of Pokeballs before he gives up. Ruby also gets some nice revenge on Burgh shortly afterwards.
  • Pretty much every thing about Episode 9.1. Here are some notable examples:
    • The famous scene with Bianca and her father in Nimbasa City was Tear Jerker in the games; in this comic, it becomes a Soap Opera parody.
    • Vincent's less than amused face when Ruby enters him into an elegant-themed musical. Bonus points when Ruby off-handedly mentions that he intended to enter Princess, but selected him instead. As for the play?
    '"It. Was. Elegant!" -Nimbasa City Times

Robotv7's Nuzlocke Challenge (FireRed and Sapphire):

  • From Robot7's comic there's his attempt to make his Hitmonlee more unique.
    Let's see what TMs we have... *finds Attract* oh god yes...
  • Also from Robot:
    Robot: Man, i should switch Pchooooo out... (Beat) Naw, you can do it Pchooooo!
    Pchooooo: [sweat]
    Robot: We need a critical hit.
    Not a critical hit.
    Robot: [gasp]
    Pchooooo: [tears]
    Machop used.. Focus Energy!
  • Robot altering Dewford's trendy phrase.
    Kid: Are you sure...?
    Robot: Positive.
    Kid: OK! Hey everyone! The new trendy thing to say is ADULT TOYS! (Robot runs off laughing)

Freddy's Nuzlocke Adventure:

  • Rosie's reaction to her first real battle being against an Onix. That face is priceless.
  • Freddy encounters his rival in Pokemon Tower, with some Nuzlocke-flavored Fridge Logic adding a touch of hilarity.
    Gary: Your Pokemon aren't dead. Why're you here? Eh, no matter. I can at least make 'em FAINT.
    Freddy: (pause as it hits him) YOU SON OF A BITCH
  • Lance's first apperance:
    Lance: Are you a helpless 10 year old child?
    Freddy: Yes.
  • "And so Daisy drank... and drank... all the way to the Pokemon Center."
  • The Training Montage before the Elite Four match in his Gold run. Also a Crowning Moment Of Awesome.
  • Freddy battling Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.
  • I have two water pokemon!

Petty's Nuzlocke Runs:

Nonparael's Nuzlocke Runs:

Earl Grey's Ginjika Nuzlocke:

Manic's Screenshot Runs:

  • In Fatal Platinum, how does our protagonist keep Lucian out of his mind? By conjuring up mental images of the most grotesque, hilariously vile things he can think of. The only thing specifically noted is "Pichu/Miltank pairings," but... well. And then when Lucian tries to read his Medicham (who has been a serious character throughout the run):
    Lucian: Brrrr...let's see what you have in YOUR mind instead. A fellow psychic would never-
    Diell: Hippowdon lapdance.
    Lucian: OH COME ON!
  • Manic tearing down the Voltorb Flip mini-game in Spirit Electrum to get thousands and thousands of coins, and the team's proceeding reactions.
    *Manic advances to Lv. 7 of Voltorb Flip*
    Link: WHAT THE FUCK.
    Manic: What? It's easy.
    Will: The old guy is staring at you like you've got a tree growing out of your head!
    Gail: It's only a matter of time until you make a fatal mistake!
    Link: Ha! Gail's right. I mean, sure, you got this far, very nice. But this is the maximum level. There's no way you can-
    *Manic clears Lv. 7 as well*
    Link: What are you?!
  • During Blinding Light, Mccoy the Escavalier sweeps Marshal while doing a hoedown. Which is funny in itself, but this tidbit stands out.
    Zerzan: I can't believe this is working.
    X-4: He'd probably stop if Vile told him to. Vile?
    Vile: Yee Haw.
    X-4:Well, okay then.
  • Once Manic reaches Goldenrod City in Argent Ante, he eventually returns to Voltorb Flip. The reactions are gold, especially Manic's complete nonchalance about it.
    Velvet: You've won...more than ten thousand coins in an hour?
    Manic: Yeah, I had a few setbacks. Unlucky picks, things like that. I can still afford a nice TM, though!
    Alli: Uh, this guy looks ready to shit enough bricks to build a house. Maaaaybe we should call it quits for now?
    Manic: Hmmm? Yeah, I guess so. See you around!
    Voltorb Flip Guy: Please, I have a family!

Kynim's Runs


  • From Dennis's Revenge: The Johto Takeover:
    Falkner: Dennis, why do you seek to fix what Arceus (who is masquerading as Silver) has done?
    Dennis (actually Genosect in human form): Look at this place! Legendaries all over, level 3 fully evolved Pokemon, even Pokemon that don't belong in their regions are here! And you still have your two derps!
    Falkner: You did NOT just call my precious birds DERPS! I'll take you down! Go, Pidgey!
  • In Lenni's white run, when Nel's sewaddle evolves.
  • Azer's run has at least one in every page... but a combination of the earlier image of Godzilla (a charmeleon) hugging Azer and the later statement "He likes hugs" takes the cake for this troper.
  • In Aouli's run, Canterbury the Butterfree explains to the protagonist what "flashing" is. And no, not the HM move.
  • Pencil's Leaf Green Nuzlocke Drunk Dallas makes everything better
  • Azza's LeafGreen run at the beginning of comic 8, when Jasmine the Jigglypuff joins the party:
    Jasmine: (using Sing) I wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy...
    Azza: NO. Learn real music. (puts a pair of headphones on Jasmine)
    Jasmine: What the... (music starts blasting, Jasmine becomes stunned)
  • In Oh Gosh, Platinum Nuzlocke, naming a psyduck "Implying I."
    Implying I used water gun. Implying I grew to level 18. Implying I can't learn more than four moves. Implying I forgot how to use tail whip. Implying I learned confusion!
    Oh Gosh: That was amusing. *boxes Implying I*
  • Why its probably okay to have the No Dupes rule on, after getting 5 of the same damn thing, you are like a derp magnet. And yes, there is a facepalm.
    • The following comic provides possibly the best ever interpretation of a Diglett's body underneath the soil. It must be seen for itself, to describe it would be to spoil it.
  • Urahara's Scorched Earth Nuzlocke:
    (after nicknaming a Skiploom Deedeelion)
    Verona the Mismagius: You're the most creative person.
    Jasmine: Shut up. Or do you want me to rename you oldladyhat?
  • In Infecting the World: The Ultimate Bug Monolocke, ZP's opinion on Victory Road's boulder puzzles:
    "It's like there are magical fuck-you gnomes that want to make your day miserable."
  • Golden Bells has a very funny prologue. Starts off serious, with a text about the challenge, all while the protagonist is being dragged by her starter.
  • French's Fire Red nuzlocke features Wilton the Gloom. Talking his way through the Cerulean Gym
  • This guy makes the best of a bad situation.
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