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Fridge: Nuzlocke Comics

Fridge Brilliance

  • If you think about it, Ruby doing White makes perfect sense. Zekrom represents ideals, which were the main theme in Fire Red.
  • Considering how using a Legendary for the final battle in Black and White is necessary, even when you knock out said Legendary, it makes sense that the No Legendaries Rule got nixed for the White run.
    • The "no Legendary rule" technically isn't an official rule, every Legendary encounter so far in the games are not the first Pokémon encountered in the areas they are at (which would be breaking rule two to catch). Victini, contrary to what some believe, is a legit catch as he is the first and only Pokémon to be encountered in Liberty Garden.
  • Some Fridge Brilliance from Petty's LG and HG runs. In LG Locke had a Graveler named Broseph who died by using Self Destruct. Broseph reappears in the HG run as a Geodude, claiming that when Graveler explode they break apart into several Geodude. Which handily explains why there are so goddamn many of them in the games.

Fridge Horror

  • Team Plasma preaches that Trainers are needlessly brutal to Pokemon for their own glory. The entire point of the Nuzlocke Challenge is to put your Pokemon's very lives on the line every time they battle, for no other purpose but the challenge (i.e., your own glory). Team Plasma is right!
  • Here's one: losing to the Champion in Nuzlockes is generally shown as a Downer Ending. But Black and White don't end with a Champion battle. If losing to the champion is normally seen as a Downer Ending, the implications of losing to Ghetsis in a Nuzlocke don't even bear thinking about.

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