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Characters: Medallion
All the things you ever wanted to know about characters from Medallion. Spoilers ahead.

Andreya Orifax

The heroine. Ruler of her people, but horribly scarred by the loss of her innocence at a young age.


A refugee experiment-gone-wrong who literally runs into Dreya.


A Quirlwing juvenile who originally acts as a guide but sticks around for the adventure.

Anshi Hitaro

Saela Jano

A friend to Tamox, and the first Xarn Dreya ever meets.

Sirold Treln

Kieral Treln

Keplan Jano

Kespa (also known as Cesla Kahn)

Krysty Anaril

Aora Kahn

Melane Elantur

  • Angst? What Angst? - She lost her best friend Mayara to Kespa. The loss is never mentioned, probably because she's busy caring for said friend's daughter.
  • Badass Bookworm - She was caretaker of the elven library, making her the most educated of any of the cast. She declines to join in the final battle, but she has scars from the Myrl War
  • Girl Friday - To Dreya's Crusoe.

Mayara Orifax

Darys Orifax

Treyn Hitaro

  • Hysterical Woman - Occurs when she realizes her daughter wasn't really dead.
  • The Ophelia - Partially. She was mentally fragile, but wasn't truly ill.

Aril Hitaro

  • Back-to-Back Badasses - With his daughter, Anshi.
  • Badass Cape - He wears one. And he's awesome.
  • Four-Star Badass - He's the Captain of the Guard, which in the Medallion universe puts him in complete control of every soldier in the Guard and makes him subordinate only to Dreya herself.
  • Papa Wolf - Do. NOT. Touch. His. Daughter.


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