Characters / Luminous Arc

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    The Garden Children/Fatal Hounds 


A boy who lives in the Ever Garden with his comrades and his younger brother Theo. A bit stubborn, but has a strong sense of right and wrong.


A priestess at the Ever Garden. She's very kind-hearted, and believes in the teachings of the Luminous Verses.


Alph's younger brother.


A close friend of Alph, Theo, and Cecille. Leon has always looked up to his father, and strives to become a strong warrior and live up to his legacy.


A "witch fanboy".

  • Camp Straight: He acts very flamboyant, has a high-pitched voice, and could probably pass for a woman in terms of appearance. Despite this, he fights with Leon over Cecille, and hits on every single Witch the party meets.
  • Expy: Consider how Nicolai acts around Witches. Now replace "witches" with "Officer Jenny/Nurse Joy". You now have Brock.
  • Handsome Lech


Another friend of Alph's from his childhood in Ever Garden. Though she's often busy doing reconnasance work, fate brings her to fight alongside her old comrades.

    Residents of Witch Village 


The Dawn Witch. She came to Ever Garden disguised as a maid in order to find her 'Rym', which turned out to be Alph. Was forced to part ways with Alph soon after, but they rejoin in time. Comes off as cold, but actually cares for people despite her guarded personality.


The Witch of Immolation. Has a fiery, strong, violent, and impulsive attitude.

  • Fanservice: If fanservice was a solid substance, you could pour it into a dress and get Vanessa.
  • The Lad-ette: Her demeanor should be a dead giveaway, but if you missed it, there's still her Weapon of Choice, her gauntlets, the way she treats her own Kopin, and the fact that the second time you find her, she's on the corner of a bar downing some mugs.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Each of her intermissions with the main character are rife with double meanings, with only a few exceptions.
  • Nice Hat
  • Playing with Fire: There's a reason she's called the Witch of Immolation.
  • Pretty in Mink
  • Sinister Scythe


The Sky Witch. She's quite lazy.


The Nature Witch. She doesn't trust humans, due to their habit of hunting things to extinction.


The Torrent Witch. She idolizes heroes.


The leader of the Witches. However, she's not at all confident in her abilities...

Sage Payan

A old and wise manatee with the ability to talk. He can identify any Vitae in the world, and can use them to give weapons, armor, and accessories special traits. If the right assistant is picked, and the right Vitae are used, the equipment can turn into a completely different item with vastly improved statistics.

Alice and Therese

The two young girls that assist Sage Payan when imbuing items with Vitae.


Sage Payan's assistant, who's asked to accompany Alph's group to learn the ways of the world.

  • Joke Character: Pollon-Pollon's high damage output is coupled with an abysmal hit-rate, and he's the only character who never gets a Synergy. Also, he's a dugong.

    The Luminous Church 


An Arc Knight for the Luminous Church, who is prepared to throw himself into any battle to fight for justice. Also known as the "Cleansing Flame".


The former head of the Eurus Knights, whose brigade was wiped out due to an incident with the Thunder Lapister. He managed to escape unscathed, and his friend Heath asks him to protect the Garden Children for him.


Current leader of the Zephiryon Knights unit of the Luminous Church, and Kingston's assistant. He's quite proud of his "manly biceps".

Provost Hugo

A weak-willed priest that tends to accompany more forceful people such as Andre, and distresses at how much punishment he'll receive for his current partner's reckless actions.


Cardinal of the Luminous Church. Assists the Grand Cardinal, and wields the real power of the Church.


The 13-year-old Grand Cardinal.

  • Heroic Host: Johannes' very reason for being in such a position despise his young age is because it was foretold he'd become the vessel for God, and bring a new era of peace.
  • Demonic Possession: implied, once it finally happens. Should come as no surprise, given God's actual motives.


A "Steel Witch" created by Kingston to fight back against the real Witches. She was originally an orphan that Heath rescued.


A ditzy angel created by Zehaal, the god of the Luminous Church, to ensure that his reincarnation goes exactly as planned.