Characters: Guilded Age

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    Byron Hackenslasher 

"Said to be the only survivor of the “War That Felled Battleshire,” Byron The Berserker is just about the most professional and genial sort a dual-axe wielding killing machine could be. His good head for tactics and strong sense of loyalty make him the de facto “quarterback” for the group during most combat maneuvers. Indeed, most days, it was hard to see he’s called a berserker at all. And then there were the bad days. Recently, Syr’Nj seems to have defeated Byron’s “uncontrollable friend-murder problem” with medication, and the two have grown closer… a lot closer."


"As a royal Wood Elf, Syr’Nj feels a close connection with nature and the world around her. As an ambitious young prodigy, she has a deeply entrenched in of the cutting edge in technology. That connection and curiosity have drawn her out from her own people to explore a larger, often xenophobic world. Though she once served in the Gastonian military and now fights alongside adventurers, Syr’Nj has grown ever more determined to serve as an agent of peace."

    Frigg Akerfeldt 

"A foul-mouthed, arrogant warrior whose indifference to social mores is rivaled only by her indifference to pain. Frigg is nevertheless bound to the group, the first people who have given her loyalty, trust and respect. Recently, Frigg has developed an even more formidable, but unreliable, ability to create magickal constructs around her weapons. The source of this power appears tied to her anonymous spirit animal, but his advice to her is cryptic at best."

    Gravedust Deserthammer 

"The last of the Savasi mystics, he strives to preserve his dwarven brethren, who have fallen under the grip of a warmongering usurper. In his quest to save them, he has walked across the desert and entered the realm of Gastonia, his people’s old enemies. As a mystic, he is a spiritual guide for both the living and the dead. When speaking to either, he shows quiet wisdom, dry wit, and sincerity."

    Payet Best 

"A prophesied hero of legend (or so he believed), Best was a gifted and intelligent Warrior Musician, with natural charm and tremendous ability in combat. He could also use his musical abilities offensively, creating sonic attacks or hypnotic lullabies. Almost as capable an adventurer as he believed himself to be, Best became increasingly obsessed with finding his ultimate heroic destiny, and fulfilling the prophecy he believed was his. Then, shortly after receiving a second, more disturbing prophecy, he fell into a magickal vortex, and is presumed dead."

    Bandit Keynes 

"A career thief who bargained her way into the good graces of the group, but not into their complete trust, try as she might. Bandit has nevertheless served her comrades well, even with an unlikely stint as the group’s leader, during the period where the rest of the original team was missing and/or dead. Bandit is a rabble-rousing adversary to the Gnometown status quo, and has since been dodging bounties under Gastonian House amnesty."

  • Bad Ass
  • Loveable Rogue: Though she is quite obviously a thief and a liar, she's never done anything to make the main characters mistrust her. Hell, even when she was stealing things back home, she'd try to take only what people didn't need. Sometimes, she'd steal people's tools and replace them with better tools! (According to her, at least.)
  • Our Gnomes Are Weirder: Not tremendously strange, but she does play the trope straight by being chirpy and mischievous.
  • Sticky Fingers: Though she seems to have some control over her kleptomania.

    Rachel Al-Abinya 

"A former member of the Sisterhood of the Perpetual Bloodshot Eyeball, a corrupt cloister that tried and failed to assimilate Frigg into its ranks, Rachel worships Frigg with nearly as much zeal as she reserves for the divine lifestyle. Her faith allows her access to a magickal force somewhat similar to Frigg’s, which augments her blows in holy hand-to-hand combat."

    E-Merl Danielssen 

"Master of both the Arcane Arts and Street Legerdemain, E-Merl is a charmer at best and a vagabond at worst. He especially enjoys company, and is often honest to a fault. Whether he’s pulling a rabbit out of his hat or his foot out of his mouth, E-Merl puts on an equally great show in combat with his array of magick items. Being uninvolved with any ambitious, state-funded long-term projects, E-Merl found his financial situation pretty desperate before Keynes recruited him."

    Scipio the Scorpion 

"A man of few words."

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The World's Rebellion

    In General 


"Harky is a legendary warrior whose combat prowess is as yet unrivaled by any normal opponents. He is also the High Chieftain of the Savage Races (aka The World’s Rebellion), leading them in an effort to stem, and perhaps reverse, the growing human influence in Arkerra. Harky’s army has already won several significant victories, and Gastonia regards him as a growing threat."


Penk, initially a drummer and temporarily Harky's herald, is the newest avatar of Tectonicus and the leader of the World's Rebellions champions, their answer to the Peacemakers.
  • Badass Boast: Delivers one to the Peacemakers.
    "There is nothing that you can build that we will not tear down. There is no land that you can take that we will not reclaim. For my god is a fiery, vengeful god. It is by his will that we live to face you again. Pray to your own gods...while you can.
  • Flaming Mace
  • From Nobody to Nightmare/Took a Level in Badass: Depending on whether you look at him from a Gastonian or a Rebellion point of view, either of these tropes could apply. He starts out as Harky's herald and ultimately becomes an avatar of Tectonicus.
  • Instrument of Murder: His drum can be used as one.
  • The Knights Who Say Squee: His view of Harky, especially when first introduced.
    Penk: What do you even say to him? 'Pleased to make your acquaintance, savior of my people. Huge fan of your work. Can I shake your hand?
  • Large and in Charge: He got bigger(and buffer) when he became an avatar of his god, and also became the leader of the Champions.
  • Super Senses: Gained them after becoming an avatar.
  • Warrior Monk: After he becomes an avatar of Tectonicus.