Characters: First Generation Get Backers

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     Der Kaiser 
Ban's dad and leader of the Belt Line, he disowned Ban when he was young and used to be one of the First generation Get Backers with Paul

     Drei Ritter 
The Terrible Trio for Der Kaiser, they're Miroku's father, Shimon, elder brother and sister all at once [

    The Miroku 7 

Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki (Japanese, Natsuhiko), Akiko Kimura (Japanese, Yukihiko); Michael Morgen (English, both)

The childhood friend(s) of Ban. They're really seven siblings in one body (in the anime it's only two); the first one seems to have been Natsuhiko. The others include Hikage, Ukyou, Tsubaki, Tokisada, Yukihiko, and lone female Kirara. When they switch, their appearance changes slightly. They were led to believe that Ban killed their sister Eris, which made them become out for his blood. He did kill her, but in self-defense; she was being controlled by the Black Strings at the time.

The kicker is, she wasn't even their sister but their arranged-marriage bride-to-be. The seven siblings are actually only facets of a single person, who would merge into one upon reaching adulthood - merge into Yukihiko's "body", such as it is (but shh, they don't know that).

Their father, real older sister, and older brother were Drei Ritter/The Three Knights, guardians of Ban's father der Kaiser.

The image is of Natsuhiko Miroku.

     Der Henker 
The first opponents that Ban and Co. face in the Underground Tournament Arc, all of them wear cloaks and masks