Characters / Deviant Dead

Sometimes I wish everything was as miserable as I am...
Charlie Gilbert, in Round 3+

Looks like the old guy's cooler than us, Si. Hipsters, pshaw.
Jay, in Round 3

DJ Voice

Created by Bilious and TheToshihikoA mysterious voice broadcasting to radios all over the city. Head north for safety, he says. Who is he? Where is he? Can he be trusted? Who knows...

Carl Price

Created by 8bitloserA famous movie star passing through the city as the infection is spreading. Unsatisfied with the life he's living, he's very depressed at the beginning of Round 1. Despite being a big Hollywood hot-shot, The City is his hometown, and it was his agent's idea to drive through on their way to New York in hopes that seeing his old home might cheer him up.
  • Dead, but immortalized on the silver screen!

Whit Schaffer

Created by 8bitloserCarl's cynical, workaholic agent, who was forced to drop out of Yale and became a talent agent instead of a lawyer. She is very caring to those those she is close to, but can be hard to get to know due to her tough personality. She's a very good planner and strategist, which makes up for her lack of strength.

Brian Gilbert

Created by And-Also-DinosaursBrian is a pilot who is taking his son to a baseball game when the adventure starts. He is a loving, overprotective father — unless, of course, you ask his eldest son, who may have a few words of disagreement. As his story unfolds, many dark things in his past reveal that he may not be the father he initally seems to be.

Joshua Gilbert

Created by And-Also-DinosaursJoshua is Brian's younger son, who is at his father's side as the story unfolds.

Charlie Gilbert

Created by And-Also-DinosaursCharlie is Brian's elder son, who doesn't appear until the end of round one. He is a very cold and calculating lad with plenty of misplaced aggression to spare. He cares about his little brother, not so much for his father.

Tom Stagolee

Created by AurynTom is a fun-loving type of guy who takes to the Zombie Apocalypse as if he'd been preparing for it all his life. He has a fun-loving personality, but beneath it is a man who wants to do the right thing and help those who need him.

Izzy Kadam

Created by AurynIzzy is Tom's roommate, who has the same fun-loving attitude as Tom on the outside. Her top priority is looking out for herself and her friends. She couldn't care less if someone else is in danger if helping them would put her in harm's way.

Naomi Holtz

Created by BordeauxbrowsA sweet, albeit bossy, foreign car mechanic who teamed up with Jason to help her find her brother.

Jason Krauser

Created by miniongttA self-serving, asshole mechanic who decided to team up with Naomi and fight zombies for the fun of it.
  • Death by suicide

Simon Parker

Created by BuuyaA quiet, introverted intellectual who works at the City Archives. He knows The City in and out thanks to his job, and is an excellent navigator. Is trying to find his ex-girlfriend somewhere in The City and hopefully patch up his relationship, if they both survive the apocalypse.

Jay Christopoulos

Created by BuuyaJay is an amiable sort of guy. He's been Simon's friend for 27 years and counting, though Simon still isn't quite sure what he does for a living. He's a businessman, with a big temper to balance out his usual big grin. Not very fit, but willing to exert the effort to ensure his and his friend's survival.

Saby Gaudet

Created by BuuyaThis usually sweet and demure florist is Simon's ex-girlfriend, also fighting somewhere in Major City to survive. It is implied that she is also looking for Simon, or at least hoping he makes it out alive.

Jerry Carlin

Created by CalickA plumber by profession, but an engineer at heart, Jerry is a clever man who loves to build and invent things. He's still recovering from a nasty divorce from 4 years prior, but that doesn't mean he can't handle the current Zombie problem. He's strong and fit and can hold his own in a fight, but has a very short temper if something's got him stumped.

Samantha Escher

A quiet, polite wife and mother-to-be, Samantha enjoys being a homemaker and despite her overall good health, is not prepared to fight off hordes of zombies.
  • Died during childbirth. Baby died soon after.

Ned "The Roach"

Created by Crispy-GypsyNed is a bum living on the streets of The City. His top priority is survival, and given his history, he is very good at it given his situation. Despite his low status in life, he is very intelligent and thinks of things from both a scientific or sociological perspective. Has frequent lapses in memory and sanity, and may not be totally aware of everything he's done in his lifetime.

Julietta "JB" Benson

''Created by Miniyuna, she's a tough older woman and ex-kick boxer. She met Ned in-between round 2 and 3 with a weakened ankle, and recognized him from his Crazy Homeless People days. They now travel together.
  • Action Girl
  • Ineffectual Loner - Tries to tell Ned she's fine on her own, even though she'll surely be caught by the zombies with her weak ankle. Eventually she gives in and lets Ned cart her around


Created by Beat Guy, art by delyaA spry, energetic Asian girl who speaks very little English. Met up with Eoin in an airport after their flights landed, and may be the one of the only survivors of those flights.
  • Dead in Round 2.

Eoin Bucklin

Created by delyaA kindly Irish-American man who met Q at the airport. He is a bartender and drummer but, despite his strong build, not much of a fighter. He's clumsy and not very good under pressure, plus he has a bad arm — permanent nerve damage in his left wrist. It seems his main goal before making it safely out of the city is to find his girlfriend, Juri, who has so far appeared in a prologue of delya's, as well as the audition comic for manic-pixie and flipsidered's characters, Sydney and Mickey. As of round 2, he is traveling through the remains of the city with a co-worker and good friend from before the zombie apocalypse, Mona.

Ozzy Caldwell

Created by doodle-bugzA university janitor who has previously worked every job under the sun. He was once a professional boxer and can hold his own in a fight. He is very aloof and seemingly rude, as he has trouble relating to people, but will still attempt to do the right thing and help those who need him.
  • Murdered in cold-blood.

Beatrice Sawyer

Created by eliw00d, art by doodle-bugzDr. Beatrice Sawyer is a proud, confident, and very qualified English professor. She dresses smartly and isn't afraid to call you out on your poor English. She teamed up with Ozzy, the janitor at the University where she works, when the zombie apocalypse happened in The City.
  • Murdered: See Ozzy.

Keziah Thompson

Created by EkuneshielKeziah was abandoned as a child at an army base. When her parents could not be located, she was adopted by Dr. Peter Thompson, the head surgeon at the base. She is an albino, and because of this suffers severe sensitivity to light. Because of this she prefers to go out in the evenings and at night and always goes out covered up, even in the summertime. She ran away when Dr. Thompson died and hitch-hiked to The City. She's skilled in Parkour and urban exploration, which can come in very handy when fighting — or escaping — a zombie mosh pit.
  • Dead.

Julien Le Roux

Created by hoisannaA violent, brash, trigger-happy girl who balances out Michael's physical lack with her gung-ho attitude. She's very possessive over Michael and more or less treats him like her property.
  • Having her face ripped off in some horrific event, she's granted a Mercy Kill by Professor Renard.

Michael Creavley

Created by hoisannaA med-school graduate with a general dislike for other people. He'd be going the apocalypse alone if it weren't for the fact that he can't handle the physical exertion of fighting zombies. Good thing he has Julien...

Molly Cousineau

Created by KoebAn engineering student who works part-time at the library. Her strengths lie in strategy, puzzles and planning, and she's not fit or strong enough to hold off the zombie mob herself.


Created by MahlstromA chef with a troubled past, Pierre now has a good job at a restaurant and a woman he has his eye on. Well, he did, until she was bitten and zombified — and though there are some people who wouldn't let that sort of thing get in the way, Pierre isn't one of them. While Pierre's large appearance may seem to be a hindrance to his survival, he is very skilled with knives and blades from his work cutting meat. He knows how to separate skin from bone, no doubt about that, and it will come in handy in battle.

Sydney Mahoney

Created by Manic-PixieA hardened, stoic, and humorless woman afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis. She has issues with mobility and is restricted to crutches, which make awesome melee weapons in the heat of battle. For emergencies, she has the "Crutch Cannon", a sawed-off shotgun taped to her right crutch.

Mickey Bones

Created by flipsideredA frightened loser of 18 who probably wouldn't be putting himself in danger on the streets if he weren't dead-set on finding his friend and idol Jack.


Created by flipsideredSydney's college buddy who succumbs to fear and ditches her when a zombie invades their lecture class. It is currently unknown where she is or what has become of her. Her loyal boyfriend Eoin is out to find her along with the help of his best friend, Mona.

Tobi Wakeman

Created by motopsycho72A friendly, wandering, cheerful guy who knows how to handle people, and how to handle zombies. Invented Zombie Coasting, or piggy back riding a zombie.
  • Surfer Dude - May not necessarily be a surfer, but certainly has the personality of one.
  • Like dead, dude. Woah. Literal Left for Dead.

Dean "The Bean" Wilson

Created by Amanita ZestVaughn's best friend since 4th grade, and always has a camcorder in hand to record his crazy antics and post them onto Youtube to help fulfull Vaughn's crazy dream of becoming famous and having his face featured on Hot Topic merch.
  • Dead.

Vaughn Von Vancouver

Created by Amanita ZestA crazy, quirky kid who dreams of achieving instant internet fame by way of Youtube blogging. When his normal crazy entries don't work, a stunt in the yard leads to an impromptu zombie battle — and a genius idea. What better way to achieve fame than to vblog the apocalypse? Vaughn drags his buddy along on this adventure as a cameraman. Godspeed, Vaughn.
  • Dead.

Aaron Woodward

Created by PenrilA young boy of 17 who acts as a sort of foster parent to his 9-year-old sister, Kaylee. Aaron is quiet, mature, and very protective of his sister, and will go to great lengths to ensure her safety.

Kaylee Woodward

Created by PenrilKaylee is a cute, sweet, extroverted little nine year old girl — at least she was until the infection spread to her school, causing her classmates to attack their teacher. She witnessed something so horrible that her personality did a complete 180. Kaylee is now quiet, blank, and speaks nonsensical strings of words... if she speaks at all. She is constantly terrified, and won't open up, not even to her loving brother.

Taylor Mc Rae

Created by SmilexStranger, art by PenrilA cheerful boy who is very friendly towards Kaylee. They attend school together, and he was the one to get her away from school and into temporary safety when the outbreak started. He's just as protective over Kaylee as Aaron is, and aids him any way he can. Also, he's Jestin's brother.

Marina Collins

Created by PhantosanuccaA little girl who claims to be a princess. She was rescued from the zombie outbreak — "goblins", she calls them — at her school by Hassan and Charlie, who both promised to take her to her parents, the King and Queen. She promptly knighted them and began their journey together.

Hassan Mubarak

Created by PhantosanuccaA kind, intelligent man who offered to help Marina find her family. Having grown up behind a trail of rowdy older brothers, Hassan grew up to be quiet and studious. He's not an athletic sort, but he's still willing to help Charlie and Marina any way he can.

Charlie Wick

Created by PhantosanuccaCharlie is cold, hardened and very British. Though he seems like a prim and proper sort of man, the scar across his face is a hint at the hardships he's faced. He works as a relief worker and travels across the globe helping charity and aid groups, and won't hesitate to share his wisdom and abilities to those who may need him. He is strong, fit, and a good fighter — well prepared to aid Hassan and Marina.

Lee Carlisle

Created by rassafragginLee is a young, genius doctor who was fast-tracked through med school and has... has... God, look at that hair! That is some nice hair. And those eyes are so alluring, I could just stare at him all— uh, yes. Just completed his 1st year residency at The City General Hospital. He is not a fighter in the slightest, and is in fact a wuss. He will run at the first sign of danger. He managed to escape the outbreak in the hospital by escaping into air vents, and tried to lead others to safety, with little success.
  • Bishonen - A lovable wuss with more to him than his looks, but certainly bishounen.
  • Bishie Sparkle
  • Dead, and still fabulous.

Father Daniel Andrews

Created by rc-kolaFather Andrews is a trained priest with little experience. His first official mass was scheduled for the day of the zombie outbreak, which caught him completely off-guard. His strength lies in his planning and preparation skills, but who on Earth would think to prepare for a zombie attack?
  • Another literal Left for Dead, as it were.

Natasha Baldwin

Created by rentabbyNatasha is a waitress at a local diner with a very weak stomach. She heads to work one morning to find zombies swarming the streets and her boyfriend, Charlie, already bitten.
  • Dead.


Created by rifgocrazyA wild, rebellious party-girl goth who ran off into the City after a fight with her mother. A bad idea, as she's running right into the middle of a zombie outbreak...
  • Dead. Big Sleep, and such a nice hallucination of her dead brother to boot. Before becoming a bloodlusting zombie. Actually, one of the few characters to be seen becoming a zombie yet.

Professor Euclid Renard

Created by Selenedragon.An out-of-touch but nonetheless jolly college professor, he hears of the strange events going on in the City and ventures there out of concern for his granddaughter. Epileptic and getting on in years, he faces an especially difficult time.
  • Badass Grandpa
  • Quintessential British Gentleman: True by his attire alone. Partly subverted in Renard's temper and epilepsy, both of which make keeping composure—part of the appeal of the Quintessential British Gentleman—very hard. Smoking a damn tobacco pipe in the middle of the apocalypse may help even things out a little.
  • The Philosopher - Or at least, teacher of Philosophy.
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Papa Wolf - Don't fuck with people younger than about 25 around him—protection issues.
  • These Hands Have Killed: Renard was very effected by Julien's death, even imagining seeing her
  • Word of Gay: According to Selenedragon, he's gay. Or at least gayfully bi; though, all of this might be obvious to anyone with eyes if one looks at more than two pictures of him.

Charlie the Dog

Created by Selenedragon.Charlie is Professor Renard's loyal dog, who remains at his side during the course of Deviant Dead.
  • Seizure dog.
  • Team Pet: Teams are made of one person now?

Mona Gerber

Created by SephiramyMona works as a barmaid at the local alehouse, and is popular with the post-college beer-binging crowd. She's physically fit and has got enough strength to hold her own in battle, although at the start of the story she cries. A lot. It is suggested that she aims to get through the zombie apocalypse to do something more meaningful with her life, although at present time she is traveling with Eoin - a co-worker and close friend - to try and help him find his girlfriend before they can leave the city.


Created by SerainA masked sociopath who has taken a keen interest in the virus causing the infection — he's particularly interested in making it spread faster.

Jestin Mc Rae

Created by smilexstrangerA sweet girl whose romantic cabin getaway was cut short when zombies broke into her cabin. Her boyfriend was killed, and she escaped home to find her father had killed himself. A text from her brother, Taylor, gave her hope that her little brother was still alive, and so she set out North to reunite with him.
  • Valley Girl: For the most part, though has not mastered the subtle use of "like" inherent to the Valley Girl dialect. Yes, there is science behind this.
  • Temporary Love Interest: - to Aaron
  • Shot and then fed to zombie Josh

Kaleb Williams

Created by spesiriaAsshole, rebellious son, overall jerk. Doesn't like his workaholic stepfather much, and does everything he can to try and drive him away.

Raul Sanders

Created by spesiriaKaleb's workaholic stepfather. Driven and focused, he had hoped to find an heir in Kaleb, but he was unwilling to be the son that Raul wanted. Their relationship is strained, to say the least.
  • Dead.

Hannah Worth

Created by TanizeA hardworking, no-nonsense girl saving up for college, but isn't sure what she wants to do with her life. Very quick-thinking in a bind, but is having trouble handling all the emotional stress the apocalypse is putting on her.

Adam Jaeger

Created by TanizeAdam is brash, violent, and suffers from hypomanic episodes that more often than not leave him in deep shit. Possibly insane.
  • Dead.

Nikolai Jan Holfeldt

Created by whitetrashpalaceSpent most of his childhood in and out of mental institutions. He is insane, delusional, drug-addicted, and has very little regard for personal safety, or reality in general. However, it appears beneath the drug-addled exterior, there is a person within Nikolai who is very concerned and fascinated with other people. Acts as a bodyguard for minor drug lords.

Staci "Sef" Connelly

Created by lazysmirkA weasel of a lawyer who always wins the match. Charming, predatory, and vain. Terrified of death. Also, in a similarly strong sense, he is terrified of being lonely, willing to distract himself at any cost to stave off that empty feeling. The name of Sef's game is delegate, delegate, delegate.

Bob Crossroads

Created by whitetrashpalaceA paramedic working to complete medical school. He's close to his family, but otherwise generally doesn't like people. Has experience in emergency medicine and is quite comfortable around most types of guns. The apocalypse has awoken his inner desire to emulate the stronger traits of his father, although he is not always successful in doing so.

Michael Madock

Created by xx-Blackwing-xxA hardened ex-criminal who went insane after he was forced to kill his infected best friend. His personality and thoughts are erratic and unpredictable.
  • Karmic Death in Round 1. The fuck he do.
  • Arguably Too Dumb to Live, as his death was scripted with DJ Voice telling survivors everything they should do to keep surviving— while he does the opposite

Jack Deschain

Created by ZerahocJack is a loner who speaks bluntly and isn't exactly amiable. He is private and pessimistic, and will cooperate if necessary. He runs an auto repair garage under his apartment, and is adept with machines. Also, he has a pole chainsaw. A pole chainsaw.
  • Accidental Death in Round 1.