YMMV / Deviant Dead

  • Crack Pairing - Tightly bound with Ho Yay, include Ned x Birdie, Ned x Charlie Wick, Aaron x Charlie Gilbert, Aaron x Luis, Jestin x Renard, and many more have been suggested.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse - Several, but mostly Birdie.
  • Growing the Beard - Often the longer someone is in an Original Character Tournament, the more their art and comic skills improve. Also for some, this is literal, as their character gets more facial hair as time goes on.
  • Ho Yay - People are shipping Charlie Gilbert with Aaron and they haven't even met.
  • Memetic Mutation - There are several inside jokes between the DD artists, most predominant of which is to draw DD characters with Tom Cruise's face.
  • Nightmare Fuel - Where to even begin...
    • Buuya's mutated zombie woman from round three. Absorbs other zombies, too many arms, that TONGUE...brr. Just hope it doesn't absorb living people too. Would not imagine that's a nice way to go. Gets even more uncanny realizing that this was an ordinary person (and kitten) once.
    • Not to mention the Nikolai mutant that then eats the woman mutant.
    • Renard mercy-killing Julien when her face gets ripped off.
    • Brian shooting Jestin and Taylor as they're celebrating their escape. He kills Jestin first, and then shoots Taylor as he's mourning his dead sister's body.
    • Pierre's nightmares.
    • Mickey's infection REVEALED.
    • Charlie walks through a house in and-also-dinosaur's round 2. In the background, we see what seems to be a mother and child sleeping peacefully. Next panel - the dad is sitting in a chair with his brains blown all over the wall. Still think the zombie apocalypse would be cool?
    • Anybody remember Loretta's brain-splattering scene?
  • So Bad, It's Good - Some artists go for a cheesy throw-back to old zombie movies as part of the appeal to their comics. This includes delightfully cheesy or punny round and contest titles for the main competition.
  • Tear Jerker - Jestin and Taylor, finally reunited the round before, are brutally shot in the head by Brian. Brian shoots Taylor as he's crying over his dead sister's body.