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Character Gush: Comicbooks
"Oh, my god! John Constantine is the greatest character I've ever seen in my life! He's all about manipulating the forces of evil, because these demons and devils are stupid around him. And he likes to sell his soul multiple times, like overspending on a credit card, but he has just one thing to spend, and now all the demons are fighting over who gets to collect it, and how much interest he owes for..."

Characters from Comic Books that are just that... totally... Awesome.
  • John Constantine from Hellblazer.
  • Miss America from Young Avengers
  • Squirrel Girl!
    • She defeated Dr. Doom in her first appearance, and just got better from there.
  • The Goddamn Batman. No explanations necessary.
    • I would say that pre-One Year Later Batgirl is even better, although marginally.
    • The Joker, people. The archetypal Monster Clown, and never stops being hilarious no matter how many terrible, awful things he does.
      • Some would argue it's because of the terrible, awful things he does.
    • Nightwing! Don't forget Nightwing! Not only was he the first Robin, he managed to survive all those years as Robin and then branched out to become epic himself. And dang me, but he's pretty...
      • He is the one person all superheroes trust, he's led teams to hell and back, and only wangsts about it when a victim of bad writing.
      • Not only that, Nightwing takes on Killer Croc effortlessly while wearing the Mantle of Batman. He takes Croc out much quicker than the original ever could, all while wondering if he is even 'worthy' of the role!
      • This troper loves him for the perfect ass and legs. Oh, and for being the least crazy member of the Batfamily.
      • Face it, the only reason DC editor-in-chief Didio wanted him dead was because his death would have the most dramatic (i.e. most debilitating) effect on the DCU. You can kill off Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, and everyone will mourn for the next couple of months or so before they move on and the dead hero/es are inevitably brought back to life. But Nightwing? Forget the mourning—Dick would have to be brought back pretty quickly to stave off the imminent breakdown of the whole freakin' DCU.
    • Barbara Gordon, Batgirl original flavor and currently the all-knowing Oracle. Whether she's in Birds of Prey, ''Batgirl: Year One", or Batman: The Animated Series, she kicks ass so hard.
      • I think the reason why that Babs is so awesome is that even when faced with disability, she continues to do what she can to make a difference as a hero. Plus, she's not exactly as defenseless as one might think.
    • I love Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman. Bestest Anti-Hero in comics ever. Who else agrees?
    • I'd like to chime in with the love for Robin III, Tim Drake.
      • He deduced the identities of Batman and Robin and saved Batman's life twice, all acting as a civilian.
      • As Robin he trained with several masters, beat Lady Shiva in a sparring match, took down a British crime syndicate and stopped a bioterror plot all in his first few months.
    • I think that, aside from Batman, my favourite DC character has to be Stephanie Brown. Specifically, Spoiler-era, pre-War Games Steph. She really doesn't get enough love.
      • This troper prefers Steph to Batman, honestly, no matter which identity. Be it the goofy-though-impressive Spoiler, the genky-excitable Robin, or the Made-Of-Win take as Batgirl, Stephanie Brown ties for my favourite DC character, with Nightwing and Wally West. Why? She's not the strongest, the fastest, the best equipped, or the most successful. She's a girl from a working class background, who grew up with poor clothes, poor home life, and the one thing she was good at, she was actually at the bottom league of. But she still tries, damn it, and no matter how much the world tells her to quit, she sticks to her guns. Stephanie Brown is the easiest character this troper can identity with, honestly, probably more-so than Spider-Man (at least Spider-Man is a prodigy and has superpowers, Steph doesn't have that).
      • Why hasn't anyone mentioned Scarecrow yet? The dude invented a toxin with which he can make you experience your worst nightmares. And there was this one time that he didn't use his Fear Gas, just to prove that he can be pants-shittingly scary without it. His reputation gained him a spot in SINESTRO CORPS! Now if that isn't badass, I don't know what is.
  • Cerebus. He may be the most jerkass aardvark in Estarcion but you cant help but feel for the guy because of how much crap he has to go through. He gets a happy ending only for it to be taken away. It also helps because he's a well written and rounded jerk.
  • Black Canary. She kicks ass! She knows all kinds of martial arts! She rides a motorcycle! She has a sonic scream! She wears fishnets and leather! Did I mention she kicks ass? Love. Her. (Just keep her away from Green Arrow and in Birds of Prey, please!)
  • X-23 is even better than Wolverine. Yes, I said it.
  • Death. There was a scene in one of the first Sandman comics where... oh, just thinking about it makes me tear up. So many emotions, so many interpretations of the afterlife... Neil Gaiman, when will your characters not be awesome?
    • Fiddler's Green and Hobb, both excellent supporting characters and foils to Dream's more melancholic personality.
    • I love Delirium. Her antics are some of the most entertaining parts of the series, but she can balance it with break-your-heart Woobieness.
    • I'll second Death. I've only read The High Cost of Living,but when she turns towards the reader and gives a "what can you do?" shrug? Hearts <3<3<3.
    • Dream from the same series. His Character Development over the series is amazing. He narrowly beats out Death for my favorite of the endless.
    • While all of the above are all awesome, I gotta say, Desire's kinda awesome. S/he is always and unashamedly him/herself, and s/he clearly knows exactly how much of a bastard s/he can be, s/he's got those moments where s/he truly is kind, and caring. S/he makes no excuses. And is the entire reason Everybody Wants the Hermaphrodite.
  • Sabertooth, how on earth did they manage to make him so darn cool? Oh that's right, Age of Apocalypse.
    • Only since then? And an alternate version of him?
  • V's a pretty cool guy. He blows up Parliament and doesn't afraid of anything. Props to Alan Moore also for making the main antagonist genuinely sympathetic, albeit skewed towards pathetic, rather than a typical Strawman Political.
  • The Punisher. Some might consider Frank Castle to be a sociopathic mass-murderer, and they might be right. But at the same time, there's many vastly deeper layers to him than just the brutal vigilante killing machine, and his own internal conflicts and inner darkness make him one of the best examples of a dark Anti-Hero you can find, and deeply compelling and realistic character.
    • Agreed. The Punisher has balls of steel, which is confirmed by the fact that he has his own site on Badass of the Week, and he's often the only person that even dares to bring complete monsters to justice. Also, despite being one of the most brutal Anti Heroes out there, he manages to Pet the Dog often enough to avoid becoming a monster himself.
  • Impulse, so very much. He was so adorable and woobie and crazy and... (we all miss you Bart ;_;)
    • He's back from the dead!
  • Lets not forget the other Flash Family. Jay's an awesome old timer, Barry's a loveable nice guy and Wally? He is the character that redefined the Flash; he gave SO much to the title, that its sickening that DC won't let him out to play any more. Wally West is that kind of person who needs to be published again. He needs love, damn it!
  • Doctor Doom, the greatest comic book supervillain ever.
  • Magneto, the second greatest comic book supervillain and the quintessential comic book Well-Intentioned Extremist.
    • Second best? Second best?!? The Master of Magnetism scorns that feeble appellation! He is a magnificently complex character with motivations that are no less scary for being completely understandable. The range of his powers is enormous, from effects so subtle as manipulating the iron in someone's blood to so staggering as short-circuiting Sentinels wholesale. Not to mention, he's a brilliant scientist in his own right. No doubt about it, Mags is absolutely the Number One supervillian in my book!
    • Mine too, because he's not an out-and-out villain. The Übermensch concept is alive and well in him, and even when they bring him into conflict with people he respects and wishes he could be like, he still sticks to his ideals. Alien though it may be, his moral code is still very strong.
  • "I'm Paco, and I'm going to demonstrate my awesome by hitting you with this stick until you get the *&^&^ off my planet." In addition to that, we would also like the say that Jaime Reyes is adorkable and made of win.
    • Traci 13! Traci 13!
    • The best thing about Jaime is that he genuinely wants and tries to help people and do the right thing. He's responsible with his power and is polite and respectful to authority. Plus, his love for his family is just so darn sweet.
  • This troper is stunned that there is yet no mention of Midnighter from The Authority.
    • Seconded, as this Troper can think of no other Bad Ass Anti-Hero who gets so many CMOHs, and I motion that the Jennys are damned awesome too.
    • This troper has only read The Authority: Relentless and can see him becoming a favourite. Simply for being an outrageous, vicious bastard, who isn't entirely a bastard (him and Apollo in the Sliding Albion story. Aww). Not that the others aren't good so far, but a guy whose first panel or so has him grinning happily whilst killing two people at once leaves quite the impression.
  • Astro City has numerous great characters (arguably nothing but great characters). Samaritan and The Confessor are the most obvious choices, but there's also Steeljack, The Junkman and Crackerjack.
    • For some reason, this troper has taken a shine to Infidel as one of his favorite villains of all time.
  • Nite Owl II from Watchmen is this troper's favorite character. He's so sweet and lovably dorky. Not to mention the fact that he built a crapload of awesome high-tech gear and his own ship and gets the girl in the end.
    • Don't forget Rorschach, a uncomprimising, pragmatistic, sociopathic Vigilante Man with a constantly shifting mask who's the Unintentionally Sympathetic grandfather of antiheroes.
      • He's intentionally sympathetic, which is what makes him an amazingly intriguing character. A character so disgusting yet so deserving of pity, this troper couldn't help but feel for him.
    • Ozymandias. In a world filled with blood-soaked dirty alleys, Ozymandias's appearance comes as a breath of fresh air and a reminder that all the high-minded concepts are still around. While he's not without his faults, he honestly believes that people have the potential to do anything they choose to. Oh, and he's also one of the greatest examples of Badass Bookworm out there.
  • Spider fucking Jerusalem. What a perfectly written character. He's a mean, spastic, violent, crude drug abuser, and you can't help but like him. Why? Because he's also noble, articulate, brilliantly clever, surprisingly kind, and absolutely dedicated to the truth. He's surrounded by a decaying, corrupt, materialistic and brutal society and yet remains consistently optimistic because he knows he can change things. What makes him so awesome is that he goes ahead and does all the insane things we wish we could do to go about fixing the world. The religion convention...The Chair Leg of Truth... He's one of the most brilliantly unique protagonists in comics.
  • Peter Parker changed the superhero genre for the better by making civilian responsibilities just as important as Spider-man. He can be used in any story no matter how lighthearted or rough the mood is supposed to be. His powers make him superior to the average human being, but its still just as interesting to see him track down a burglar as it is to see him go head to head with a super powered lunatic. He makes mistakes, but is smart enough to fix most of them. Peter's bones break, his costume shreds, he occasionally gets the common cold but he doesn't let that slow him as he balances work, family, friends and being Spider-man. Not to mention he has some pretty cool friends and supporting cast members. Few of Peter's girlfriend's have tragic endings and they usually part on good terms with him.
  • Say what you want, but this troper always had a soft spot for the much-maligned Sentry character from Marvel. Sure he's batshit insane (schizophrenia's the tip of the iceberg here) and he was ill-used for most of his existence. But he's got a great Woobie factor, and in the hands of Paul Jenkins, a subtle maturity.
  • Steve Rogers, Captain America. He really is just the best.
    • Agreed. This troper would marry him in a heartbeat. He'd be like the world's best dad. Save the world and then come home to play catch with the kids!
    • Thirded. Even Batman and Superman would follow his command, he is just that awesome. Those who oppose his shield must yield indeed.
    • Fourthed! Hell, when the Goddamn Batman himself admits in canon (during one of the Marvel/DC crossovers) that he would lose in a straight-up head-to-head fight with Steve Rogers, you know Cap is the most badass badass that ever badassed.
    • Fifthed! (Is that a word?) Any man (though not just any man, but the Star-Spangled Man with a Plan) who can have freaking mythological gods to get behind him and follow his commands without any sort of scorn behind it has to be the most awesomest man who ever awesomed.
    • His archenemy, The Red Skull, also deserves mention for being on of the most absolutely vile and depraved villains ever and being awesome because of it.
  • No love for Superman? He practically is comic books!
    • Without Superman, most of the people on this page wouldn't exist. They all arose as the result of his heroic actions. Some strive to uphold the ideals he established; others rebel against them; others still are actively, violently opposed to them. But there is no superhero or supervillain anywhere who hasn't felt Superman's influence.
    • And never has so much power been used so responsibly.
    • This Troper always gets a warm tingly feeling of role-model-worship when she sees Superman. Maybe it's his simplicity — he's not a superhero because his parents died or has personal experience with crime or has guilt issues or went through some traumatizing ordeal, he's one just because he's that good. Because he knows he should be one. Because it's only fair. Yeah it sounds corny, but just think of how rare that is in fiction nowadays, yet in real life there really are loads of people who are good, fair, unflinchingly moral individuals just because. There's a reason he isn't first on this page — he doesn't jump to mind like that because there are no specific reasons for him to. He's one of those people who are so quietly, constantly, dependably awesome that he's taken for granted.
      • This Troper has a similar reaction to Commissioner Gordon, especially in The Dark Knight Saga, for many of the same reasons.
  • Lex Luthor. Greatest Criminal Mind of Our Time. Superman's arch-nemesis, bar none (sorry Zod). IGN's 4th-greatest supervillain of all time (outranked only by Magneto, Dr Doom and The Joker). The perfect foil to Superman. A human being who dares fight a god, surely the greatest of his kind. The epitome of the Green-Eyed Monster. Second only to Dr Doom in the Never Gives Up Awards. I digress.
  • Wonder Woman. The original Amazonian Beauty and mother of all action girls.
    • And Wonder Woman's daughters-by-inspiration, the Claremazons. You know who I mean, X-Men fans. Storm, Psylocke, Rogue, Phoenix, even Kitty Pryde...The X-Women rock. 'Nuff said.
      • Even Kitty Pryde? The girl killed a demon singlehandedly!
      • Speaking of Rogue, not only is she a Woobie and a Badass rolled into one, but she's a former villain who knew she had to earn the X-Men's trust. And guess what? She DID. By proving herself through her actions, again and again, thereby graduating out of the ranks of Reformedbut Rejected. For that, I will always have a fondness for her.
      • Storm deserves special mention for being a strong, compassionate hero first, and a black woman second. How many minority characters get churned out, chewed up, and thrown away because of being walking stereotypes? Storm has defied being a stereotypical "black superhero" for decades now. She's a great leader with awesome powers and an even more awesome moral compass, and a role model for everyone, not just a "target demographic."
  • How about Mera? Ever since Blackest Night, I've been really intrigued by this character. She's just so powerful and awesome, with the right amount of angst and self-doubt. Per the Blackest Night page, there's talk of a Mera spin-off. Please, DC, give her one!
  • Bigby Wolf. He'll huff, and he'll puff, and he' something really really bad to you.
    • Most Fables characters are awesome, for that matter. Snow White as an asskicking authority, for example.
    • FLYCATCHER! Excuse me, King Flycatcher. I always thought he was sweet, and then The Good Prince arc comes around and WHAM! Epic awesomeness in SPADES. He's kind, he's sweet, he's caring, he's fair, and basically is a walking Crowning Momentof Hartwarming, who dabbles in Crowning Momentof Awesome as well. Red Riding Hood is a lucky girl. Here's to Flycatcher! Long live the king!
  • Deadpool, The Merc with a Mouth who's not exactly the saniest guy in the asylum but is hilarious for constantly smashing the fourth wall.
    • Who doesn't love Deadpool? He is the meaning of Crazy Awesome. He's absolutely insane, very violent, and yet strangely loveable. They better get him right in his solo movie, or there will be hell to pay.
  • Abigail Mathilda "Ma" Hunkel. One of the first female super heroes. She is made of Golden Age win.
    • Her granddaughter, Maxine, aka "Cylcone", is awesome too! Red-haired, freckled, but possessing a Woobie-level amount of low self-esteem and the cutest silly costume in comic book history. Her rapid-fire Motor Mouth dialogue has made her a favourite amongst writers, and makes her totally stand out in an Angst-happy comic book medium.
  • Iron Man How in the nine hells is he NOT HERE YET!?!?!?!?
  • Cyclops is the man. With the death of Captain America, he became the best damn leader in the Marvel Universe. People complain about him being The Stoic, but that just makes him more badass. Beating up his whole team to teach them a lesson is no problem for him. He needs at least one broken rib to make it challenging. And female telepaths just can't keep their hands off him.
    • Seconded. Look at the X-Men CMOA page; over half the entries are awesome things he's done.
  • John Hartigan. Marv. Dwight. Nancy. Miho. And those are just the characters I can think of off the top of my head from The Movie (it's been too long since I read those comics...). Even Kevin has his moments...let's just shorten this and say the only characters from Sin City I don't like are all the Roarks.
  • Empowered. Going from an adorably insecure mess to somewhat less of a mess through the course of the series,with the support of her best friend and her man,you can see the Character Development at work. She never ever stops trying to do what's right,despite being a laughing-stock to nearly the entire superhero community and a mere Fetish Fuel character to the internet at large. As her entry under Determinator says,"What keeps her going (day after day, as opposed to during any one outing) is anyone's guess, but it CANNOT BE STOPPED.".
  • This Troper and her sister have started a "Hugs for Nightcrawler" campaign.
    • May I donate some hugs to him?
  • Atom Eve...oh, wait...ok, then...Kitty Pry(damn)...Boom Boom(muther#!@%er)...why do I read these things, again? Ok, well...X-23 rocks, so she'll probably get killed by (sucka ass) Daken and his fancy murasma claw...ugh...
  • Jughead from Archie comics is the best character in it, hands down.
  • I like Jubilee. The girl was the definition of spunk, and she didn't take guff from anyone. Fighting ninja? Walk in the park. Blowing up castles? Just another thursday. Too bad she was stuck with that tacky outfit for so long.
    • Heck, I like the outfit. It's unique, and it's usually what you think of when you think of Jubilee. I'd also like to add the fact that Jubilee's much more badass than most people give her credit for. Especially considering that one hand's worth of her powers (unfortunately written off as "lame fireworks" far too often) can take down a Sentinel.
  • Supreme is probably my favorite comic and character in the world. There's just something about him, the fact that even though he's a blatant pastiche it's still new and fresh somehow.
  • This Troper became a newly formed (pun intended) Plastic Man fan... He is so creative when he expresses his elastic powers visually. Plus, his recent TV incarnation is voiced by none other than the guy who does SpongeBob.
  • This troper thinks Maria Hill is awesome. Yeah, she has done some shady things but that's because she damn well fights for the things she believes in. She got a lot of flack from heroes for not being Nick Fury but she took it and proved she can kick ass just as well.
  • Mister Miracle, creation of Jack Freaking Kirby, master escape artist, and lucky, lucky husband of Big Barda.Oh, and did I mention his name? Scott Free. Hell Yeah.
  • Donald Duck. He can play any role. He can be anybody. There's a little Donald in every single one of us, as everybody can identify with him in one sense or another. Plus, the whole essence of the character is that, no matter how bad things go for us, you gotta stand up and keep on trying. Never to give up. That's the spirit of Donald Duck.
  • Guy Gardner is pretty damn awesome. Let me list the reasons why:
  • The Pied Piper. He blew up a planet. With Queen.
    • Hell yes. Out-and-proud music geek, social activist, and reformed villain who helps the homeless.
  • Even Thought they're all been mention, well most of them, I'm ghonna tell you who's the most awesomest cell-shaded characters ever to use speach bubbles:
    • Wolverine, Yes, he's over rated, sucked all the life out of the films & ruined the third, but damn it, he's a badass when he wants to be, he's better off Solo, I profer Origins Wolverine to others because then it was meant to be about him instead of him sucking the spot light.
    • Daken, He's amazingly complex, & could very well take Wolverine's mantle should he finally bite it, he's probably the only one who could do it, & he has the perfect build up for a Vegeta-styled Heel-Face Turn.
    • Much like the other two, X-23 is a pint sized badass. She proved that the only onecapable of outmatching Wolverine has to have his DNA...
    • Or they just need X-Men Membership as Havok proves, Considering who his brother is, he's bound to be a badass who could mop the floor with anyone who gets in his way, & should be noted he's my favourite boss in X-Men Legends & the only reason I'm still ghonna watch First Class.
    • The Goddamn Batman, the only non Marvel character I would willingly write for, dark, Edgy, has the most realistic origin story, & all those Wonderful toys, damn it he's awesome. And can breath in space.
    • Nightwing, As an extention from Batman, he's traind with the master of Badass normal, the only man more Badass while still being just a dirty human...
    • Is Nick Mother Fucking Fury, I don't swear a lot so you know I mean it, he proves Jerkass can be a good thing, his eyepatch, his guns, his mother fucking imortality drugs, damn we need more of him.
    • Iceman, Iceman, Iceman. He's more powerful than the Pheonix, & could, if he wanted, destroy the sun by just walking into it, He's got one of the best super powers EVA!
    • Gambit, Even the Guys Want Him, Badass Longcoat, Real Men Wear Pink, Jerk with a Heart of Gold that he will sell & then steal back later to do it again, his On-Off Relationship with Rogue is one of the many things I hated that it wasn't used in the films.
    • Colossus Proves that Manly Gay can work for superheroes in the Ultimate universe while in the regular, & everywhere else, proves that all you need is metal skin to do anything.
    • As an Extension of Colossus, Kitty is pretty awesome too.
    • Cyclops, The x-Men Leader who proves that The Stoic is a powerful Badass in waiting. Take on the entire X-Men when they're brainwashed? Ha! Easy! They think you're the Dark Pheonix & are so stupid to take you on head on? Where's the chalenge! Have a good few broken ribs? Like that e'll stop him! He beat the Juggernaut Singlehandedly with only firing less then 5 shots, Why do you think sinister is obsessed with his family genes?
    • Nightcrawler, the only devout Catholic character I like, no, Love! Blue & demonic can't stop him from getting any date he wants! He punched out the Devil! Beat up a group of people with a broken leg & without his powers, we can say he's the only character who has never had an unlikable moment.
    • Iron Man, IRON MAN! Tony Fucking Stark is the only man other than Fury who could lead SHIELD, give him one box of Scraps, shoot open his chest, & lock him in a cave & wait two days, he will make the worlds most advanced Weapon system & KILL YOU ALL. Then have sex with your girlfriend.
    • Captain America, I'm English & tend to hate things that are too Pro American due to all of its mistakes, but Damn it who can't like Steven Rodgers? you could suck out the Super Soldier formula from him & stick it in 3 armed mercenaries he'll beat 'em all.
    • Old Clasics Spider-Man, Punisher, Hulk, Blade, Thor, who can't love them, sadly I don't have timeto rave about each indavidually.
    • Blazing Skull, little known, but proves that the Ghost Rider look works for anyone, even when wearin red PJs, & his interactions with that fire chick in New Invaders: "(Walks in on her fully dressed) Woah should I come back when you're indecent?" And "Hey, did I tell you I'm fire proof?"
    • And while all the others were in no particular order, the Most awesomest one ever is Wade Mother Fuck-fuck-fucking Wilson, Deadpool, The Merc with a Mouth who shows that if you scar your skin hideously, loose your body hair completely, & are infected with the worst disease ever, Even Men will still want to carry your babies! He's the most badass of them all, He is Crazy Awesome, he could beat Wolvering in a fight even after loosing his finghers, hands, & his costume & keep imagining everything loony & different. He was the one who really defeated the Skrulls, not the X-Men, Not the Avengers, Not even Gods, He did. And Damn it, weather he's a mutant or not, The X-Men NEED HIM!
  • Though I love several of the X-Men, my favorite has pretty much always been The Beast. He's witty, compassionate and highly moral; I often felt he was the glue that kept the X-Men together. He's also having a love affair with both words and science, I can relate.
  • Knives Chau is one of the most adorable characters in anything I've ever read. Wallace Wells is all kinds of awesome too.
  • Is it just me or does Batman have the most awesome Rogue's Gallery ever? They are everywhere on the spectrum from Anti Villains to Complete Monsters, many of them are foils to the Dark Knight in some way, and they are all varying degrees of awesome, ranging from mostly harmless but incredibly fun to scary love-to-hate-'em Crazy Awesome nightmarish terrors.
  • Molly Hayes from Runaways is the unconcentrated definition of Badass Adorable. She's sweet, kind, cute as a button, has too many adorable hats to count, and her list of accomplishments includes tossing Wolverine like a baseball, flipping a Godzilla sized Kaiju on its back (granted, she was suped up on magic at the time) and punching the fricken punisher in the gut! Add to the calculation that she is actually Wise Beyond Their Years and you have the girl I would have had a crush on when I was 11.
  • Have to give a shout out to my boy Static. He was created by Dwayne McDuffie to be a contemporary version of Spider-Man. In fact a lot of his series, and the rest of the Milestone titles, read like the marvel's own Ultimate Line. Static is funny, smart, and is a hero because he wanted to be one, not because he's trying to live out a legacy or has a Dark And Troubled past that pushed him into heroics. He's living the dream and is enjoying every second of it.
  • Two Words: Cheerleader Supergirl.note 
  • Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, the once-and-future Sorcerer Supreme. He's kind, wise, and noble, immensely powerful, and just as immensely burdened. He is sworn to the defense of the Earth and all innocent life — including you — and believe me, there is no one you would rather have on your side.
  • The Silver Surfer. Commands the power cosmic, surfs outer space at the speed of light, and fights the toughest opponents with little effort. Oh, and he's quite possibly the most ideal being in Marvel, often acting as the voice of righteous reason in the mad, mad world of man. His undying loyalty to his one true love, no matter the distance between them, and his will to do good is nearly unmatched in Marvel.
  • Orion of the New Gods. Perhaps one of the defining examples of an Anti Hero. In fact, he's barely a hero. He borders on becoming a full villain at multiple points. It's clear that he only has a loose grip on his own sanity and could easily lose it at any time. In fact, he does on a few occasions! "Orion is his own monster" indeed! And yet, this makes him a very compelling and interesting character who's a ton of fun to watch.
  • Xadhoom from the obscure disney comic PKNA. you thought Alucard was overpowered? think again. take Reed Richard's intellect, Vegeta's abrasiveness, Captain Atom's Matter/Energy powers, Add it all together and you're only just beginning to scratch the surface of Xadhoom's complex personality.
    • From, the same series,The Raider is one of the best Anti-Villain of all time:not only he is a Noble Demon,but he is a Noble Demon smart enough to still acts out for his gain while doing the right thing.He is also a total Bad Ass,enough to get away with his costume and his never.ending puns.Oh,and he is also a dad,and his relationship with his son is as heartwarming as it is hilarious.
  • Mr. Freeze is the best villain ever! Tragic backstory, Awesome design, literal Cool Gun and that's the tip of the iceberg!
  • Marvel's greatest heroine, She-Hulk. She manages to combine butt-kicking, courage, wit, toughness, intelligence, genuine goodness, and lots of Fanservice into one insanely awesome character.
  • Eugene "Flash" Thompson aka the the fourth Venom has become one of this troper's favorite comic book characters ever in a very short amount of time. I like him so much because of the fact that he is more like Spider-Man than the actual Spider-Man in recent years, Flash goes through so much crap (from lossing his legs in Iraq to Demonic Possession), yet he still wants to help people because he was inspired by Spider-Man all those years ago. That's a really inspiring character and you really want to root for him to succeed in the struggle between him and the symbiote(and possibly the Demon)
  • Can we get some love for Richard Rider, Nova? He might be relatively unknown outside of the comic book crowd, but damn if he isn't one of this troper's favourite superheroes of all time! Galactus was getting ready to eat a planet, and what does he do? He saves every single individual on that planet, that's what! He really is one of the best superheroes of all time, and he needs a lot more love.

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