Broken Base / Music

  • Within the dubstep fandom, fans of the more bass-driven, minimalistic sounds of Burial or Skream and fans of the more aggressive "Brostep" such as Flux Pavilion or Rusko get into flame wars that you wouldn't believe. There is no middle ground.
  • AFI seem to have a solid divide between fans of their hardcore punk period of 1994-2000 and their goth-influenced works from 2003 on, with rather ugly flamewars raging to this day. Neither side seems to like Crash Love much, however.
  • This happened to the British indie band The Horrors. The songs on their first album and their singles were fast, short bursts of goth-influenced garage punk often not lasting more than two minutes. Then in early 2009 came the video for "Sea Within A Sea", the first single from their second album. It was slower, more atmospheric and Joy Division-sounding and most troubling to fans, eight minutes long. Some fans cried bloody murder. Other fans welcomed the new sound with open arms and praised their new tighter sound. Needless to say, any forum discussing the band has degraded down to two dozen active flame wars about the subject between the two sides.
  • In Flames' older albums are often praised for being melodic death metal masterpieces, but when they changed their sound in 2002 with Reroute to Remain it caused a bitter flame war between "old" and "new" In Flames fans that still hasn't ceased; if you look on a comments section involving In Flames anywhere, it's very likely there'll be a debate (or flamewar) over new vs. old In Flames.