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Awesome: Twisted Metal
  • Quatro's ending in Twisted Metal 4.
  • Calypso's ending in Twisted Metal 4.
  • Sweet Tooth's ending in Small Brawl.
  • Agent Shepherd's ending in Head-On. How do you beat a Literal Genie? By arresting him without wishing for anything.
  • Outlaw 2's ending Where Jamie uses Calypso's own Literal Genie status to get exactly what she wants.
  • Most longtime fans will pick their favorite Twisted Metal moment as destroying the Eiffel Tower in 2.
  • The escalation of bosses in the reboot.
    • The Brothers Grimm, Hammerhead and Slayer. Two monstertrucks capable of demolishing previously indestructible buildings.
    • Iron Maiden, a giant robot made in the image of Dollface with rockets instead of feet, that has to be weakened with two nuclear missiles before the player can take it on, and and continues to fight you as a Faceship after you short out its rockets and drop it off a bridge.
      • Hearing Dollface's metallic loud speaker taunts are a combination of Awesome and Nightmare Fuel.
    Iron Maiden: RUN LITTLE MAN, RUN!!!
    • The Carnival of Carnage, a gargantuan vehicle built in the honor of Needles Kane. You start out beneath the vehicle (if it can even be called a vehicle) being swarmed by Sweet Tooth trucks and dodging fireballs shot by a giant clown head. Then, you are set upon by hordes of Clowns (most looking like different incarnations of Sweet Tooth and his assistant from 4) with chainsaws in a giant pinball machine. Then you have to drive through a winding death coarse with spinning blades, jets of flame and swinging spiked balls, before you FINALLY reach the actual final boss; a giant, flaming robotic clown head that has to be fought using Talon (A helicopter) while you are swarmed by flying Sweetbots...seriously.
  • Needles "Sweet Tooth" Kane's endings, when not hilarious or terrifying, are raw awesome. He's one of the only characters who has a positive track record against Calypso, except in Twisted Metal III, where he asks to eat all the candy in the world, only to end up needing crazy dental surgery. and Twisted Metal 4, due to him running it, though him wishing in the beginning to rule the contest sorta counts.
    • In the first game, He gets his best friend back, Crazy Harold The Wacky Lunch Sack. Even Calypso couldn't try to warp that wish up.
    • In the second game, he becomes a bug in a tiny garden out in the country, terrorzing other bugs, he was fine with that.
    • In Black, Calypso offers him a cure for the curse that makes his head burn perpetually, but warns him that if he ever kills again, the curse will return. Needles contemplates this, and then smashes the cure before cutting Calypso's head off.
    • In ''Head-On'', he wishes that "you become me and I become you". Calypso refuses, but his powers grant the wish anyway... at which point Kane, now in Calypso's body, has his old body gunned down.

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