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Heartwarming: Twisted Metal
  • As unlikely as it sounds. Krista, rebuilt into an unwilling robot suicide bomber, meets up with Calypso, who turns out to be her father. After she tells him she's afraid the inevitable explosion might hurt despite her mechanical nature, he simply hugs her and closes his eyes as the two are engulfed in flames. Borders on Tear Jerker.
    • It gets much worse in Head-On, where Krista's spirit wishes that the accident that gave Calypso motivation for his Deal with the Devil never happens. The result? A brief, touching glimpse into Calypso's former life... before revealing that the accident, instead of killing her and her family, now put her in a 12-15+ year-long coma instead, with the mother still nowhere to be seen. It seems that Calypso couldn't grant a decent wish even if he wanted to... *sniff sniff*
      • It's a even more heart-wrenching when you consider that Calypso's incomplete sentences before she asked the wrong wish implied that Krista was in a coma all along and everything he did was just in hopes she would wish to come back to life, much like Roadkill in TM 2.
  • In the first game, Thumper's ending. The driver wishes for his South Central neighborhood to be free of violence and hate. Calypso claims that he grants it, but the driver's suspicious. Calypso tells him to go home and see, so he does, and he finds... "Calypso was not lying." It seems that he changed the world so that the violence in his neighborhood never existed to begin with. Although, there's more than one way to interpret even that one.
    • Calypso may have indeed granted the wish, by killing off all the gang members.
    • In the "Lost Ending" version, the driver's wish was to save his girlfriend, who had been kidnapped by his former boss. After the driver, his co-pilot, and his girl left, Calypso killed the driver's former boss himself.
  • Mortimer's ending in "Head-On" counts. Instead of wishing for revenge on the people who woke him from his slumber, he instead just wishes to go back to sleep. Calypso grants his wish, and helps him fall asleep in his coffin with a teddy bear and a story:
    Calypso: Once upon a time, there was a competition called Twisted Metal. There was a very brave driver called Mortimer, who drove the fearsome vehicle Shadow. Becoming the Champion of the tournament, Mortimer lived happily ever after. The end.
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