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Awesome: Sabaton

  • From their 2011 USA tour, a 101st airborne veteran wanted to hear them play "Screaming Eagles." So they did.
  • While it would be easy to say 'all of their songs', special mention needs to go out to Ghost Division, Panzerkampf, and Coat of Arms, for being essentially Crowning Music of Awesome about Crowning Moments of Awesome.
  • The ending of Long Live The King. After a terrific chorus and absolutely epic solo, Joakim delivers the Badass Boast to end all boasts before the final chorus.
    For their honor!
    For their glory!
    For the men who fought and bled!
    A soldier from Sweden remembers the dead!
  • The entirety of In the Name of God. The righteous fury has to be heard to be appreciated.
    • To whit, it's chewing out terrorists for their cowardly tactics and threatenening to destroy all they hold dear in revenge.
      Captured in all your lies, fear is in your eyes!
      Creature who's gone insane, your war is in vain!
      Trapped in a cage of stone, we'll destroy your home!
      Consequence of your actions!
  • There were originally three Sabaton songs that are about a specific person. Two (Lion from the North and Carolus Rex) are about Swedish kings. The third, White Death, is about some Finnish woodsman.
    You're in the snipers sight
    the first kill tonight
    Time to die
    You're in the bullets way
    The White Death's prey
    Say goodbye!
  • There are now NINE, with six on the album Heroes.
  • A Lifetime Of War, both in English and in Swedish.
  • Aces In Exile celebrates the foreign pilots who fought the Axis in the Battle Of Britain. Notably, the chorus changes 2 lines each time to remember a different nation. Sadly, they only have enough time to commemorate three nations:
    Fighter pilots in exile, fly over foreign land
    Let their story be heard, tell of 303rd
    Fighter pilots from Poland in the battle of Britain
    Guarding the skies of the isle

    Fighter pilots in exile, fly over foreign land
    Tell their story again, tell of 310
    Men from Czechoslovakia in the battle of Britain
    Guarding the skies of the isle

    Fighter pilots in exile, fly over foreign land
    When the battle is won, tell of 401
    Fighter pilots from Canada in the battle of Britain
    Guarding the skies of the isle

  • The spoken bridge in Killing Ground
    See the Caroleans standing tall;
    Enemies fall at their feet,
    Begging for their mercy.
    See the Caroleans standing tall
    Conquer land and slaughter all!
    Enemies fall at their feet
    Victory and great defeat...

  • The newly released song Resist And Bite which is about the Chasseurs Ardennais, a Belgian infantry formation who put up a fierce resistance to the German army.
    We, we will resist and bite!
    Bite hard, 'cause we are all in sight!
    We, we take up arms and fight!
    Fight hard, resist and do what's right!

    Gloria fortis milesnote 
    The Wehrmacht closing in!
    Adversor et admorsusnote 
    the Boar against the Eagle!

  • Night Witches.... just.... Night Witches
    From the depths of Hell in silence!
    Cast their spells, explosive violence
    Russian night time flight perfected
    Flawless vision, undetected

    Undetected, unexpected
    Wings of glory
    Tell their story
    Aviation, deviation
    Stealth perfected

  • Joakim Brodén has described the song "Smoking Snakes" as "the most Sabaton song ever" and "Sabaton on steroids". He's quite right.
    Rise from the blood of your heroes!
    You, were the ones who refused to surrender!
    The 3, rather died than to flee!
    Know that your memory!
    Will be sung for a century!

    Sent over seas to be cast into fire'
    Fought for a purpose with pride and desire
    Blood of the brave they would give to inspire
    Cobras fumantes, your memory lives!
    • To take it [1], remember those songs above about only one person in particular? This tells the story of three of them. And it still manages to tell more about those three than most Brazilian schools. The exception? Army schools.

  • Oh fuck it, let's just say that Heroes is Crowning Moment Of Awesome: The Album.
    • The Art Of War isn't too shabby itself. A Power Metal concept based on the legendary book that has influenced conqueror upon conqueror to this day? How is that not awesome?

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