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  • During Woodstock 2012, which was held in Poland, the band played 40:1 while covering a good part of the crowd under a giant Polish flag. After the song was over, the whole crowd, with no prompting, sang the Polish national anthem. Manly Tears were shed.
  • From their 2011 USA tour, a 101st airborne veteran wanted to hear them play "Screaming Eagles." So they did.
  • While it would be easy to say 'all of their songs', special mention needs to go out to Ghost Division, Panzerkampf, and Coat of Arms, for being essentially Crowning Music of Awesome about Crowning Moments of Awesome.
    • Any song about a hero or military unit of a particular country when played in that country (e.g. 40:1 or Uprising in Poland or Far From The Fame in Czech Republic and Slovakia) usually fire up the crowd's enthusiasm Up to Eleven and higher.
  • The ending of Long Live The King. After a terrific chorus and absolutely epic solo, Joakim delivers the Badass Boast to end all boasts before the final chorus.
    For their honor!
    For their glory!
    For the men who fought and bled!
    A soldier from Sweden remembers the dead!
  • The entirety of In the Name of God. The righteous fury has to be heard to be appreciated.
    • To whit, it's chewing out terrorists for their cowardly tactics and threatenening to destroy all they hold dear in revenge.
      Captured in all your lies, fear is in your eyes!
      Creature who's gone insane, your war is in vain!
      Trapped in a cage of stone, we'll destroy your home!
      Consequence of your actions!
  • There were originally three Sabaton songs that are about a specific person. Two (Lion from the North and Carolus Rex) are about Swedish kings. The third, White Death, is about some Finnish woodsman.
    You're in the snipers sight
    the first kill tonight
    Time to die
    You're in the bullets way
    The White Death's prey
    Say goodbye!
  • There are now TEN, with seven on the album Heroes.
    • The fourth is Inmate 4859, which is about Witold Pilecki.
    • The fifth is To Hell and Back, about some short soldier from Texas.
    • The sixth is The Ballad of Bull, which is about Leslie 'Bull' Allen, an Australian who was awarded the American Silver Star for rescuing 12 wounded Allied soldiers during a Japanese assault in Papua New Guinea
    • The seventh is Soldier of 3 Armies which is about Lauri Törni who fought for the Finnish Army, German Army AND The United States Army.
    • The eighth is Far from the Fame, is about Karel Janoušek, leader of Czechoslovakian Forces in the RAF, and marshal of Czechoslovakia.
    • The ninth is No Bullets Fly which is about German fighter pilot Franz Stigler who, instead of shooting down a damaged B17 after a bomb raid, escorted it out of the killzone. In doing so, he put his life on the line in three different ways: Being shot down by friendly fire, by the gunners of the B17 and being court martialed for treason.
    • The tenth is Smoking Snakes, is about Arlindo Lúcio da Silva, Geraldo Baeta da Cruz and Geraldo Rodrigues de Souza – 3 Brazilian Expeditionary Force soldiers who became separated from their unit and fought a large contingent of Germans in Italy on 14 April 1945. Refusing surrender, they fought to their deaths and were buried with full honors by the Germans, who placed a cross over their graves with the inscription Drei brasilianische Helden (Three Brazilian Heroes).
  • It's Up to Eleven songs about people: Last Dying Breath off of The Last Stand is about Dragutin Gavrilović, who is remembered in Serbian history books for his dramatic order to his troops issued on October 7, 1915, the first day of the defense of Belgrade against the Austro-Hungarian and German attack during the First World War.
  • The chorus of Panzerkampf, wherein the Soviets are prepared to charge against the superior trained and equipped Nazi army with all their patriotic fury. Not only does it easily pump you up, but it shows the Soviets finally standing up to an enemy that was once unbeatable.
  • Aces In Exile celebrates the foreign pilots who fought the Axis in the Battle Of Britain. Notably, the chorus changes 2 lines each time to remember a different nation. Sadly, they only have enough time to commemorate three nations:
    Fighter pilots in exile, fly over foreign land
    Let their story be heard, tell of 303rd
    Fighter pilots from Poland in the battle of Britain
    Guarding the skies of the isle

    Fighter pilots in exile, fly over foreign land
    Tell their story again, tell of 310
    Men from Czechoslovakia in the battle of Britain
    Guarding the skies of the isle

    Fighter pilots in exile, fly over foreign land
    When the battle is won, tell of 401
    Fighter pilots from Canada in the battle of Britain
    Guarding the skies of the isle
  • The spoken bridge in Killing Ground
    See the Caroleans standing tall;
    All for one and one for all!
    Enemies fall at their feet,
    Begging for their mercy.
    See the Caroleans standing tall
    Conquer land and slaughter all!
    Enemies fall at their feet
    Victory and great defeat...
  • Joakim Brodén has described the song Smoking Snakes as "the most Sabaton song ever" and "Sabaton on steroids". It shows.
    Rise from the blood of your heroes!
    You, were the ones who refused to surrender!
    The 3, rather died than to flee!
    Know that your memory!
    Will be sung for a century!

    Sent over seas to be cast into fire
    Fought for a purpose with pride and desire
    Blood of the brave they would give to inspire
    Cobras fumantes, your memory lives!
  • A teaser from their 2016 album The Last Stand has this (later revealed to be the song Winged Hussars):
    Desperation, desperation
    It's a desperate race against the mine
    And a race against time
  • The Last Battle from The Last Stand, which may have topped Smoking Snakes for sheer awesomeness (and what it's about is incredibly heartwarming):
    5th of May, V day is just around the corner
    1945 the Fuhrer reign is at its end

    Jenny at the gates, as the SS open fire
    There's no time to waste, the final battle has begun

    After the downfall, a castle besieged
    Facing the Nazis awaiting relief
    Gangl and Lee and their men set the prisoners free

    An it's the end of the line of the final journey
    Enemies leaving the past
    And it's American troops and the German army
    Joining together at last

    One last fight, it's the death throes of the 3rd Reich
    Justice shall be done, the final battle remains

    Ammo is running low, they're depleting their machine guns
    Every bullet counts until surrender is announced
    • The subject matter is incredibly awesome, as well. A motley crew of American infantrymen, a Wehrmacht Defector from Decadence regiment, a Waffen SS officer who said 'Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!' in the eleventh hour of the war, and an Austrian resistance member united under one banner to invite the wrath of a Waffen SS garrison and free a number of political prisoners from France and all over Eastern Europe. Despite having a fifth or less of the trained combatants their enemy had, and total manpower barely equal to their enemy's by an optimistic estimate, they held Castle Itter, in Austria, against a force of 150+ Waffen SS troopers until another, larger American unit arrived to relieve them. All told, the defenders of the castle lost only their Wehrmacht commander, Major Josef Gangl, in a Heroic Sacrifice to ensure a former French Prime Minister would survive the fight, and in return took a whopping one hundred Waffen SS prisoners.
  • The Last Stand, also from the eponymous album, deserves a mention as well. The song tells of the Stand of the Swiss Guard during the Sack of Rome in 1527. After a massive Habsburg-affiliated mercenary force brought by Charles III of Bourbon to negotiate with the Vatican went berserk upon finding itself a living and very angry aversion of a Decapitated Army thanks to an overzealous local goldsmith, the Swiss Guard pulled a Heroic Sacrifice nearly to a man in order to save the Pope from these now-aimless mercenary raiders by escorting him to a secret escape route and setting up a diversion. The Swiss Guard being mercenaries themselves, one has to respect their commitment to duty in their willingness to march to certain death to buy time for their contractor to escape. Not for nothing were the Swiss considered the finest mercenaries in the world. The epically hammy closing version of the chorus, used as a teaser on the videos for the album's singles, does the affair justice.

    For the grace, for the might of our Lord!
    For the home of the holy!
    For the faith, for the way of the sword!
    Gave their lives so boldly!

    For the grace, for the might of our Lord!
    In the name of His glory!
    For the faith, for the way of the sword!
    Come and tell their story!
    Gave their lives so boldly!

    Come and tell the Swiss Guards' story again!

  • Night Witches about the famous all-woman 588th bomber regiment, begins with the band turning the opening lyrics into an epic chant. It gets better than there, with the Night Witches being depicted as actual witches able to appear out of nowhere, bombing the Nazis and their allies into oblivion, untouched by flak or enemy pilots. Unlike most of their songs, this song is extremely fast and features lots of crashing drums, representing the Night Witches' ability to strike fast and hard in their obsolete but utterly lethal PO-2 biplane bombers.
    Beneath the starlight of the heavens
    Unlikely heroes in the skies
    (Witches to attack, witches coming back)
    As they appear on the horizon
    The wind will whisper when the night witches come!

  • WAAAAAY back in 2008 the band released their Seventh Album which contained several songs about Norse Mythology. One of those songs, Twilight Of The Thunder God, is ALL ABOUT how amazing and awesome Thor Odinson is as he defends Midgard and others from monsters. Said song also hints that though Jormungandr will kill him he's lived a proud life and that he's come to terms with his fate.