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Tear Jerker: Sabaton

  • The chorus of Cliffs of Gallipoli
    How many wasted lives? How many dreams did fade away?
    Broken promises, they won't be coming home.
    Oh mothers, wipe your tears, your sons will rest a million years.
    Found their peace at last as foe turned to friend and forgive.note 
  • The chorus of Light in the Black
    When the war has been won, and our march home begins,
    What awaits has not yet been revealed.
    What was won? What was lost? Will our deeds be remembered?
    Are they written in stone or in sand?
  • A Lifetime Of War is a heartrending ballad about the savage destruction of the Thirty Years' War:
    Has man gone insane?
    A few will remain
    Who'll find a way
    To live one more day
    Through decades of war
    It spreads like disease
    There's no sign of peace
    Religion and greed
    Cause millions to bleed
    Three decades of war
    • The Swedish version is even worse, being from the point of view of a common soldier.
    Så se mig som den
    En make, en vän
    Fader och son
    Som aldrig kommer hem
    Men vem sörjer mig?
    (So see me as a husband, a friend)
    (A father and son, who never comes home)
    (But who mourns me?)
  • The Final Solution.
    When freedom burns
    The final solution
    Dreams fade away and all hope turns to dust
    When millions burn
    The curtain has fallen
    Lost to the world as they perish in flames
  • Purple Heart. Each and every lyric seems crafted for the sole purpose of making you weep.
    Once we were soldiers
    Once we were young
    We have found our peace
    We've seen the end
    Fallen in war
    We belong to history
    Fallen in war
    Sleep 6 feet below
    Heart of the brave
    Cannot bring me back to life
    Fallen in war
    Still brothers in arms
  • Uprising, about the desperately brave but ultimately doomed Warsaw Uprising:
    All the streetlights in the city
    broken many years ago
    Break the curfew, hide in sewers
    Warsaw, it's time to rise now!
  • Their new single To Hell and Back seems to be both this and CMOA
    A man of the 15th, a man of can do
    Friends fall around him and yet he came through
    Let them fall face down if they must die
    Making it easier to say goodbye
  • The music video for To Hell and Back however falls into full Tearjerker territory, showing not only the trauma of the war itself but also the horror of the drug addiction resulting from attempts to treat PTSD.
  • Inmate 4859 is a song about Witold Pilecki witnessing and trying to fight against the horrors of the holocaust, and Sabaton depicts the horrors witnessed accordingly. That alone is terrible enough, but the song makes note that Witold Pilecki's heroism did naught to stop him from being unjustly executed by the communist government of Poland.
    Accused of treason by his own
    Sentenced by countrymen under pressure of foreign influence
  • Hearts Of Iron effectively portrays the utter despair of the German army at the end of World War II.

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