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Funny: Sabaton
  • The album booklets often contain amusing images of the band. The one from Coat of Arms includes a picture of Joakim wearing a shirt that says "Cover me in chocolate and show me to the lesbians."
  • A Secret, the not-at-all-secret joke track on The Art of War.
  • I had the chance to speak with some of the band members, and they have several amusing stories about their lives.
    • Apparently, they have a DVD player that is constantly running porn, and they will hide it in random places. Sometimes they even bring it on stage with them and wait to see if anyone notices.
    • Jocke has an anecdote about how an obnoxious kid kept kicking his seat, so he turned around and said "Santa and I are both from Sweden. If you don't stop kicking my seat, I'm going to go kill Santa."
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