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Awesome: Eureka Seven AO
  • Episode 2: While fighting a G-Monster for the first time, Ao's Nirvash loses an arm. So what does our hero do? He grabs the lost arm and uses it to impale the G-Monster. The icing on the cake is his Pre-Asskicking One-Liner, in response to the system telling him the arm is lost:
    "It's not lost. Pick it up!"
  • Noah, Naru's Team Pet, scores one in Episode 3 by severing the tape that tied up Ao, giving him plenty of time to escape into Gazelle's FP.
  • Gazelle and his friends rescue Ao in a Big Damn Heroes moment by crashing his car though his father's house. Then Gazelle proceeds to call out his own dad for using Ao as a scapegoat for the island's problems and declares that he'll find his own way to achieve the island's independence.
  • Ao gets another one in combat with the second G-Monster, with some help from Team Pied Piper. Having been supplied an Arm Cannon to replace his missing arm, he leaves a trail of destruction on top of the G-Monster, then throws his pistol into its engine and shoots it. The resulting explosion travels down the length of the ship, through the breaches he made earlier, destroying it in a spectacular fireball.
  • Ao defeats the third Secret he encounters by literally punching it in the face.
  • Ao and Fleur beat the G-Monster in episode 8 that is on a ballistic course towards a Scub by clinging to it and shooting it until it explodes.
  • Ivica faces down a skyscraper sized Secret in episode 10 with nothing but an RPG launcher in order to distract it long enough for Pied Piper to hit its weak spot.
  • In episode 12, Ao is stuck on a Coral in space that has been knocked out of orbit. Meanwhile, Naru, sitting on a Scub that was being mined on Earth, is absorbed into the Coral, while a similar event opens a hole for Ao to climb into. Inside he sees part of a ship. The Scub breaks up from entering the atmosphere, revealing the ship to be the Gekko. Then the spec2 Nirvash climbs out and the two ride it to Earth like a giant ref board.
  • Episode 13 reveals that Renton designed the Nirvash that Ao pilots. That's right, Renton built the first IFO, and it's even capable of self-direction (which it does for Eureka in a flashback).
  • Endo's Heroic Sacrifice against Truth in episode 13. He's the first person in the entire series to actually land a hit on the guy, which makes it worth so much if you think of Truth as The Scrappy. If you gotta go, that's one way to make sure you go memorably.
    • Eureka and Ao joining up together to fight Truth with two Nirvashes at the climax.
  • Even if she didn't really mean to, Elena ramming Truth at full speed in episode 14 was pretty awesome considering how long it put him down. It may have only been a few minutes, but she knocked him out of the sky. Truth's Oh, Crap expression is priceless.
    • The Nirvash breaking off to fight Truth. It gave him a good run-around before it ultimately lost.
  • Episode 16 has Ao destroy the Secret army with a Wave Motion Gun created from Quartz in a light show that is just as beautiful as it is epic in its scale.
  • Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that his first concern is his daughter, Christophe Blanc seals himself in the Quartz storage room with Truth to keep him from killing her. After emptying a couple clips of pistol rounds to no effect, he releases the storage tanks and crushes Truth with pure Quartz. The resulting explosion, shown from outside the door, most likely killed him, but damn if it wasn't a badass way to go.
  • He proves to be badass in death, successfully negotiating a deal with the Secrets that will pass to his daughter upon his death. They stop their attacks in exchange for Pied Piper doing their job non-violently. And if they don't play along, he'll have Ao use the Quartz Gun, which is pretty much guaranteed to stop them every time. He blackmailed Clock Roaches.
  • The following episode shows that the Secrets not only agreed to stop their attacks, they're actually aiding Pied Piper. It's quite an impressive sight to see three Secrets pop out of the water to scare off an American fleet, then later kill one of their own kind to prevent a Scub Burst.
  • Renton finally appears in episode 22, with a Badass Longcoat, Cool Shades, a Shotgun, and his own Nirvash based on the movie version.
  • Episode 24 Renton vs Ao over the Quartz Gun.
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