Trivia / Eureka Seven AO

  • Actor Allusion:
    • The trailer of the OVA/LicensedGame hybrid disc shows Elena in an outfit and pose similar to Maka's. As indicated below, both share a voice actor.
    • She also says Maka's catchphrase as well.
  • Anime First: Technically the manga was released first, but it's meant as an advertisement for the anime and was overtaken by it in only a couple episodes (the manga being released on a monthly basis with about the same amount of content per release), so the story is anime first.
  • Casting Gag: Funimation casting Micah Solusod as Ao Fukai in the English Dub. When Solusod was cast in his first Funimation role it was a common misconception online that it was actually Johnny Yong Bosch voicing Soul due to their similar tones. Solusod even made a joke about it on his site's FAQ. Which makes it hilarious that the two actors are playing Father and Son here.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Pied Piper's leader, Ivica, is now being called Stan Lee due to his similarities to the famous comic book creator.
    • Naru is often called NTRu due to her partnering up with Truth and becoming one of the antagonists.
    • The Quartz Gun is usually called the Retcannon.
    • Ao is sometimes called Aodipus.
  • Name's the Same: The song for the second OP is titled "BlazBlue".
  • Reality Subtext: Episode 8 has interference from the Americans due to it being election season. At the time it was broadcast, the American 2012 elections were only six months away.
  • Role Reprisal: Both Stephanie Sheh and Johnny Yong Bosch reprise their roles as Eureka and Renton respectively from the previous series.
  • Schedule Slip: The series skipped airing for a week in June due to a soccer game, and skipped the first two weeks in August due to the 2012 Olympic Games. Because of the delays, the last two episodes aired on November 19, since Zetsuen no Tempest took over the show's timeslot in October.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Allegedly, the series' original writer backed out of the project after only writing the first two episodes, forcing the crew to write up an entirely new plot.
    • Supposedly, Naru was going to be a member of Pied Piper. Which explains a lot about the original opening, really.
    • There is some circumstantial evidence to indicate that TheEND, Elena Peoples, and Ao's sister weren't going to be the Red Herrings that they were in the series. Particularly egregious in Elena's case, given the visual evidence and outright foreshadowing that she was more than human.
  • Writer Revolt: It's not an outright revolt but Kenichi Yoshida, character designer and animator for both this anime and the original Eureka Seven, drew a series of pictures where original series character Anemone complains about her non-inclusion in this show. Including one where she redraws the animation storyboards.
    Anemone: Hey! Don't you think you have a bit too much screen time? Give me some of that too!
    Eureka: Whaaat? But what can I do?
    Anemone: Get your boy to fire that cannon and change it to a world with me in it!

Alternative Title(s): Eureka Seven Astral Ocean