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Reborn BZPRPG:

  • Hau's fight with Kriigata is awesome on both sides. However, Hau gets THE real awesome moment:
    Hau: (Weakly, as he falls) Hey! (Beat) You know something? I'll keep the story short...When I was younger...I was told one great piece of advice from those who wanted me to use my powers in combat...Light. 'Em. Up. (Electrifies chain, causing Kriigata to subsequently get lit up)
  • The Infernavika is attacked by a group of people seeking revenge. The Captain fires kanoka at them-they're parried. He shoots his repeating crossbow at them-that's blocked as well. He then throws his surujin at them which ends up being dodged as well later on. So what does he do? Charge in with kukri pretending to not know what he's doing, blocks and parries a kick to the chest and two katanas all while he gets them into a grappling hold, and tops it off by hitting them in a surprise attack with explosive...up their anus.
  • Matau's actions when the Mystix invade Le-Koro is a massive Crowning Moment of Awesome for him. It has to be read to be believed.
  • The destruction of the Rama Hive: The Island Liberation Squad (a player-controlled group) and several of the islands' militaries plus a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits took down a bastion of Big Creepy-Crawlies serving the Big Bad in a Big Badass Battle Sequence. The battle itself has many Moments of Awesome:
  • Sulov V. Muaka. Credit goes to the cat for dedication and ingenuity in coming closer to killing the matoran than anything else yet, but Sulov has the real Moment of Awesome when he successfully outwits and slices to pieces the bane of his race in a battle relying heavily on his power and intelligence.
  • Perkahn manages to convince the whole Crew of the Infernavika to leave their well-self-paid jobs in something of a peaceful mutiny to go on a dangerous (albeit heroic) quest with absolutely no reward involved. They do change their minds when the captain gets replaced, but... for a moment there, his persuasion skills had indeed gone Up to 11 in a true Crowning Moment of Awesome.