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  • This massive RP has been going on since all the way back in 2007. Despite several key moments becoming Missing Episodes, some bad blood among RPs throughout the RP, too many Aborted Arcs to count, more plotlines than Kingdom Hearts, many RPers leaving because of real life or computer troubles, or even the campus' lack of relevance at times, the RP is still going strong today from those who stuck with it over the years. Even the Continuity Reboot still has a steady user base to this day.
  • The fact that there was enough of a dedicated user base to create a Continuity Reboot in itself is notable in itself. When the two main RPers controlling the overarching plot finally left because of real life reasons, most users would have figured the RP was dead in the water. Those who still loved the RP and it's overall setting refused to let it die, deciding to take the opportunity to form a more coherent version of it that was more friendly for those who are just joining.
  • On the topic, the current RPers have gone to great lengths to keep the RP from becoming a case of Continuity Lockout, which was a major problem of the old RP. Despite Big Bads and such popping up and causing trouble, many RPers are determined to keep the campus itself from becoming The Artifact like in the RP of old and to give newer RPers as many chances to jump in as possible.

Old RP

New RP