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Anime: Michiko to Hatchin
Michiko & Hatchin

"Someone is going to come for me. It's what I've wished for all this time. On the morning of March 17th, a person came.

The only problem...I have no idea who she is!"

Hana Morenos is nine, miserable, and abused by her foster parents and step-siblings. She does all the chores, puts up with bullying and beatings, and daydreams about getting away.

...Enter Michiko Malandro, who recently escaped from Diamandra, a hellish high-security prison, and literally crashes into Hana's life on a scooter. With nothing in common but a man who may be dead named Hiroshi, who's Michiko's former lover and possibly Hana's father, the two embark on a wild trip through the countryside. Traveling through a South America/Brazil pastiche where everyone has Japanese given names, they encounter gangs, are pursued by the police, and learn to appreciate each other—just a little bit.

The show, released in 2008, was produced by studio Manglobe; it marked Sayo Yamamoto's directing debut, which she followed with 2012's Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine. Coincidentally or not, legendary director Shinichiro Watanabe handled the music direction for both series.

Several episodes were done in conjunction with Studio Bonesnote , Studio Gainaxnote , and Xebecnote . Funimation has licensed the show alongside The Woman Called Fujiko Mine and both are available for viewing on Hulu. It will be released in the US in September 2013.


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alternative title(s): Michiko And Hatchin; Michiko E Hatchin; Michiko To Hatchin
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