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new postIs it possible for a soprano to sing mezzo roles easily?7Sat, 18th Aug '12 10:45:40 PM
new postThe Most Versatile Musical Instrument64Sat, 18th Aug '12 6:46:47 PM
new postYour Favorite Romantic Songs!13Tue, 14th Aug '12 4:46:19 PM
new postGateway Albums696Mon, 13th Aug '12 3:56:07 PM
new postWhat voice type is this singer?6Sat, 11th Aug '12 6:59:07 AM
new postMy little castagnette, keep singing...6Fri, 10th Aug '12 4:16:32 AM
new postGood Atmospheric Instrumentals?9Thu, 9th Aug '12 6:04:37 PM
new postSappy or overly-sentimental love songs13Thu, 9th Aug '12 5:43:20 AM
new postFinding a song for "Press 1 for Inconvenience"2Wed, 8th Aug '12 2:04:34 PM
new postAll Pop Music Sounds The Same: Now With Scientific Proof46Mon, 6th Aug '12 7:13:27 PM
new postRingo Starr was the best rock / pop drummer of the sixties.29Mon, 6th Aug '12 4:54:37 PM
new postNicki Minaj72Sat, 4th Aug '12 11:33:00 AM
new postHows my Flow? Hip-Hop/Rap Kole$law Pro./TopFlow Rec.26Sat, 4th Aug '12 11:31:44 AM
new postGood production8Wed, 1st Aug '12 5:27:34 PM
new postWho have you spread your music to?43Wed, 1st Aug '12 3:44:12 AM
new postUnpopular music opinions that you have149Tue, 31st Jul '12 7:45:05 PM
new postalbum covers that you like60Sun, 29th Jul '12 3:07:00 AM
new postBlur thread5Fri, 27th Jul '12 6:04:44 AM
new postKradoutja/Kradoudja/Streets of Cairo 1Thu, 26th Jul '12 2:45:57 AM
new postHow do you improve your high notes?5Sat, 21st Jul '12 7:22:10 AM
new postSingers that you would like to hear in a different genre10Fri, 20th Jul '12 12:20:38 AM
new postShould I sing this song? 2Thu, 19th Jul '12 3:45:32 AM
new postSongs that you find easy to sing that are apparently really hard?9Wed, 18th Jul '12 3:45:27 PM
new postBest/Worst Song Lists from Music Websites6Mon, 16th Jul '12 10:26:20 AM
new postInstruments that are Overlooked and/or have Bad Reputation26Mon, 16th Jul '12 10:25:16 AM
new postKalafina18Sat, 14th Jul '12 9:39:41 PM
new postClassic Rock & Metal: Opinion Survey45Wed, 11th Jul '12 9:23:42 AM
new post2NE11Tue, 10th Jul '12 11:12:49 AM
new postAmbiguous lyrics?7Mon, 9th Jul '12 8:38:52 PM
new postTake the shame out of my playlist20Sun, 8th Jul '12 10:23:37 AM
new postHollywood Undead10Sat, 7th Jul '12 10:27:57 AM
new postThe Wombats5Fri, 6th Jul '12 8:32:51 PM
new postEnslaved and Dimmu Borgir pages?13Wed, 4th Jul '12 10:59:05 PM
new postCombine Band Names 122Wed, 4th Jul '12 2:59:19 PM
new postTheme Mixes20Wed, 4th Jul '12 8:17:10 AM
new postSongs that make you want to cry37Tue, 3rd Jul '12 8:30:00 PM
new postExtremely popular/overly ubiquitous songs you've somehow avoided139Tue, 3rd Jul '12 11:53:47 AM
new postFavorite "Misheard Lyrics" Videos18Sun, 1st Jul '12 8:07:25 PM
new postTop 40 Music30Sun, 1st Jul '12 12:30:17 AM
new postEtro Anime3Sat, 30th Jun '12 6:23:21 AM
new postPsytrance-ers1Tue, 26th Jun '12 2:15:25 PM
new postMusic for a low culture, high tech setting13Mon, 25th Jun '12 8:29:10 PM
new postPony Covers6Sat, 23rd Jun '12 5:37:41 AM
new postSongs you wish you didn't like but do.69Fri, 22nd Jun '12 2:34:41 PM
new postFour Way Clash of Internet Memetic Music1Thu, 21st Jun '12 10:53:41 PM
new post"Nobody Listens To Techno"18Wed, 20th Jun '12 5:57:08 PM
new postSteely Dan17Wed, 20th Jun '12 5:48:17 PM
new postBeatles 2.08Mon, 18th Jun '12 10:22:33 PM
new postRob Swire States that "it just felt like time to do something else.1Mon, 18th Jun '12 1:51:11 PM
new postMaster Exploder Performed LIVE!5Sun, 17th Jun '12 7:08:58 AM
new postCeltic music14Thu, 14th Jun '12 2:10:04 PM
new postThe first ever Stewart Copeland thread!3Wed, 13th Jun '12 8:58:44 PM
new postThe creative music tropes.2Tue, 12th Jun '12 2:01:19 AM
new postAnyone else heard of these guys?1Wed, 6th Jun '12 10:47:35 PM
new postGenres that are either really good or really bad15Wed, 30th May '12 8:58:43 PM
new postSampling11Mon, 28th May '12 1:53:55 PM
new postItalo/Euro Disco1Thu, 24th May '12 2:18:55 PM
new postTurntablism5Mon, 21st May '12 1:54:16 PM
new postWhat's your favorite covered and altered song?74Fri, 18th May '12 10:28:30 PM
new postSongs in Reverse: Witness the Satanic Hilarity!13Thu, 17th May '12 3:52:58 PM
new postMusicians Who Have Lost Their Hair22Thu, 17th May '12 12:35:36 AM
new postSongs You want certain bands to cover19Tue, 15th May '12 2:22:36 PM
new postAwesome Covers of Music From Audiovisual Meida (Musical Fanfiction?)1Sun, 13th May '12 10:01:40 AM
new postEvolution of 8-Bit Music5Fri, 11th May '12 8:39:13 PM
new postBoom Boom Satellites1Fri, 11th May '12 5:56:45 AM
new postRecommend me some Folk Punk music11Mon, 7th May '12 8:44:58 PM
new postThe rise of the "Classic Rock Teenager"205Sat, 5th May '12 10:58:47 PM
new postMCA of the Beastie Boys dead at 477Sat, 5th May '12 5:35:42 AM
new post"In the key of 'X'" music theory30Fri, 4th May '12 9:28:33 PM
new postMusic Festivals, or Sitting Through Mostly Bands You've Never Heard43Fri, 4th May '12 11:34:53 AM
new postPost-punk8Thu, 3rd May '12 5:12:41 PM
new postAmateur Music Covers2Wed, 2nd May '12 9:29:41 AM
new postSongs/Albums/Artists that got you into Genres32Mon, 30th Apr '12 4:56:35 PM
new postThe John Lennon Songwriting Contest1Sat, 28th Apr '12 6:57:12 PM
new post80s Pop6Fri, 27th Apr '12 10:12:03 PM
new postThe Shanghai Restoration Project1Fri, 27th Apr '12 12:15:50 PM
new postNeed help with iPod/iTunes.4Tue, 24th Apr '12 7:57:33 PM
new postInsane Clown Posse and related acts.1Mon, 23rd Apr '12 2:28:52 PM
new postThe Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses12Sat, 21st Apr '12 11:29:14 AM
new postThe New Leonard Cohen Album....1Thu, 19th Apr '12 3:57:16 PM
new postWhat makes a good song?21Wed, 18th Apr '12 8:47:53 AM
new postLooking for good fantasy-related instrumental music8Tue, 17th Apr '12 2:16:42 PM
new postFree and legal music108Mon, 16th Apr '12 9:09:29 PM
new postI just bought a record just going by the cover art.28Mon, 16th Apr '12 12:37:40 PM
new postI wrote a Protest Song5Sat, 14th Apr '12 2:40:21 AM
new postIs singing on pitch enough?17Fri, 13th Apr '12 4:27:01 PM
new postVan Halen8Fri, 13th Apr '12 10:30:16 AM
new postKid Rock...20Wed, 11th Apr '12 5:23:22 PM
new postThe Fine Art of Songwriting20Tue, 10th Apr '12 9:22:26 PM
new postStuff You Discovered You Like That Doesn't Fit In Your Categories69Tue, 10th Apr '12 4:43:16 PM
new postReally wish people would stop with the hashtag rap..6Mon, 9th Apr '12 11:54:15 AM
new postSongs that would sound awesome in another genre2Sat, 7th Apr '12 11:01:35 PM
new postOddFuture18Fri, 6th Apr '12 9:26:04 AM
new postmost misogynistic rap song ever?82Wed, 4th Apr '12 2:39:31 PM
new post"Everything except rap and country"90Mon, 2nd Apr '12 3:11:41 PM
new postLive (the band, the trope page)1Mon, 2nd Apr '12 10:06:04 AM
new postMemorable Grammy moments/Your favorite Grammy moments2Sun, 1st Apr '12 10:03:26 AM
new postMusic Library Statistics14Fri, 30th Mar '12 10:48:46 AM
new postGetting into an artist48Fri, 30th Mar '12 10:42:35 AM
new postFleetwood Mac3Wed, 28th Mar '12 8:18:14 PM
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