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Wild Mass Guessing
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new postWhat do you supose the 4th Wall looks like?79Wed, 26th Nov '14 6:00:11 PM
new postChuck E. Cheeses is Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Post-Redesign3Tue, 25th Nov '14 1:29:52 PM
new postGlobal warming is caused by...31Thu, 20th Nov '14 3:00:07 PM
new postTV Tropes will become a Dueling Website to the Other Wiki13Thu, 20th Nov '14 2:53:15 PM
new postI am Sparticus.41Sat, 8th Nov '14 10:50:35 AM
new postWMG: Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 32Sat, 1st Nov '14 1:47:31 AM
new postThe Wild Mass Guessing Forum is Not Real17Wed, 29th Oct '14 4:55:58 PM
new postCoraline is a deconstruction of wish fulfillment 4Thu, 23rd Oct '14 6:42:32 PM
new postTVtropes is the internet's Big Good41Thu, 16th Oct '14 4:14:34 PM
new postMagic is coming6Tue, 14th Oct '14 8:03:51 AM
new postThe Quintessential WMG11Sun, 5th Oct '14 3:48:34 PM
new postTropers are the result of a genetic experiment213Sat, 27th Sep '14 12:56:19 PM
new postMasashi and Eichiiro knew just what they were doing....2Thu, 18th Sep '14 6:30:04 AM
new postPost-Götterdämmerung1Mon, 15th Sep '14 9:34:43 PM
new postThe Saiyans aren't all dead...1Thu, 11th Sep '14 11:09:59 AM
new postPokemon Players are TIME LORDS!3Fri, 5th Sep '14 2:29:59 PM
new postWe are all immortal.19Mon, 1st Sep '14 12:17:09 PM
new postIf Bismark and Talleyrand played chess against each other...5Wed, 13th Aug '14 9:35:50 PM
new postSCP-447 theories15Thu, 7th Aug '14 7:00:21 PM
new postTropers are all Nyarlathotep worshipers.2Sun, 3rd Aug '14 10:37:21 AM
new postThe Fire Nation is in Middle Earth?1Sun, 20th Jul '14 5:55:44 PM
new postPokemon post game theory.3Mon, 30th Jun '14 11:02:17 AM
new postGod is a Magnificent Bastard1Wed, 18th Jun '14 1:51:51 AM
new postAll magic in Middle-earth is Ainur technology.5Tue, 17th Jun '14 8:14:20 AM
new postReality is a blanket15Wed, 4th Jun '14 8:40:37 PM
new postMy Little Pony Friendship is Magic IDW Cameos2Wed, 28th May '14 4:03:25 PM
new postHypnotoad and Candlejack will go into a big fight and-1Tue, 20th May '14 3:04:26 AM
new postEmmure's music is secretly a binary puzzle1Sun, 18th May '14 1:34:13 PM
new postAll cartoons are in the same universe.13Wed, 30th Apr '14 3:28:17 PM
new postThis world is an rpg, and scienctists rolled Wizard13Wed, 16th Apr '14 12:57:07 AM
new postOn-Wiki WMGs you're proud of20Sat, 12th Apr '14 8:34:00 PM
new postMemento Treasure Hunt1Mon, 7th Apr '14 4:19:20 AM
new post80% of the universe is made of ninjas5Mon, 31st Mar '14 9:57:18 AM
new postDaario=Benjen2Mon, 31st Mar '14 6:49:31 AM
new postThe Names of Three Eldritch Gods on our Keyboards17Thu, 20th Mar '14 11:13:25 AM
new postDaft Punk are actually Time Lord duo1Sat, 15th Mar '14 10:44:22 AM
new postTeam Fortress 2 has a greater cultural/historical meaning2Fri, 14th Mar '14 2:08:48 AM
new postEvery three minutes, everybody on Earth dies17Mon, 10th Mar '14 7:15:30 AM
new postA time lord is a time lord.14Wed, 26th Feb '14 10:10:32 AM
new postEvery sufficiently clever villain is Nyarlathotep18Sat, 22nd Feb '14 8:33:41 AM
new postWe are all in a dream...19Sat, 15th Feb '14 10:29:28 AM
new postMelody Pond = River Song = ??? 52Sun, 9th Feb '14 8:42:14 PM
new postIf the following fictional characters were matched up in combat...3Thu, 23rd Jan '14 2:55:54 PM
new postKyon is God6Sun, 19th Jan '14 3:58:06 AM
new postMiddle Earth takes place in the Star Trek universe1Sat, 18th Jan '14 11:29:52 PM
new postPower Rangers is the distant past of Star Trek3Fri, 6th Dec '13 9:19:44 PM
new postOther M is canon "to a point".5Fri, 6th Dec '13 8:47:29 PM
new postSoylent Green is people!5Sun, 17th Nov '13 2:07:25 AM
new postWe Are All In A Ground Hog Day Loop16Sun, 17th Nov '13 12:09:16 AM
new postI've narrowed Fast Eddie's identity down to two people:23Sun, 20th Oct '13 8:23:17 AM
new postEast vs West: Who would win?4Sat, 19th Oct '13 10:30:53 PM
new postserious-ish WMG on the future of humanity11Sat, 19th Oct '13 10:05:29 PM
new postSome slasher films were an attempt at starting "shooter films"2Sat, 19th Oct '13 9:54:47 PM
new postThe WBC is the real life Church of Eva2Sat, 19th Oct '13 9:53:06 PM
new postWe Are All In A Continiuum Shift 4Fri, 11th Oct '13 7:59:19 PM
new postKeyboards were created by Vampires to reduce the available number of 12Fri, 27th Sep '13 6:32:16 PM
new postTwo weapons user is rule of cool that fails in RL9Tue, 17th Sep '13 9:44:41 PM
new postWhat is Best Of best at?3Fri, 6th Sep '13 12:26:29 PM
new postApplebloom is the child of Applejack and Big Macintosh.48Fri, 23rd Aug '13 7:44:47 PM
new postWhat if Darth Vader' was not luke father?3Sat, 27th Jul '13 11:56:24 AM
new postEvery Work of Fiction is True in Another Universe114Wed, 24th Jul '13 5:32:45 PM
new postWe are all alts of you.30Fri, 19th Jul '13 5:59:58 AM
new postTropers must pay dues before being excepted into the inner circle7Mon, 15th Jul '13 5:35:46 AM
new postTrollfics are really the greatest literary art. 11Tue, 21st May '13 10:50:47 PM
new postFor Every Work, There Is "Secret Canon"6Wed, 15th May '13 4:49:32 AM
new postNeon Genesis Evangelion is a sequel to My Neighbour Totoro1Sat, 13th Apr '13 12:15:44 PM
new postAnd I Must Run: An Interpretation of "Temple Run"7Wed, 3rd Apr '13 4:07:48 AM
new postFast Eddie, Bobby G and Madrugada fuck with us on purpose.25Tue, 26th Mar '13 4:30:46 AM
new postKeanu Reeves will star in Disposition Matrix, the movie1Sun, 24th Mar '13 7:02:52 PM
new postSanta Has Tricked Us All4Thu, 21st Mar '13 7:51:20 PM
new postTVTropes is a Dysfunction Junction25Thu, 21st Mar '13 1:32:16 PM
new postI need help making a WMG page2Tue, 19th Mar '13 2:02:35 PM
new postOur lives are games26Tue, 19th Mar '13 1:44:39 PM
new postThe creator of My Immortal is really a Mudkip46Tue, 19th Mar '13 1:40:47 PM
new postWe'll be seeing a lot of Yuno expies soon.7Fri, 15th Feb '13 2:08:03 AM
new postMLP, Touhou, Homestuck, Dr. Who, Haruhi, and MTG = same multiverse.16Sat, 2nd Feb '13 7:16:51 PM
new postKagura is a spy sent by the CIA1Fri, 25th Jan '13 9:28:56 PM
new postHere's a stange one...2Thu, 13th Dec '12 6:20:55 AM
new postWhat will happen on 2012.159Mon, 10th Dec '12 5:23:52 PM
new postHalo 4: what the composer really does. 1Sat, 8th Dec '12 2:30:26 PM
new postYu-Gi-Oh is the result of Serial Experiments Lain3Tue, 20th Nov '12 3:31:49 PM
new postSome Friendship is Magic WMGs3Tue, 20th Nov '12 3:24:51 PM
new postMale-dominated gender roles trace back to one thing...25Thu, 18th Oct '12 7:41:32 PM
new postThe Theory of Gods And Man:1Fri, 28th Sep '12 8:10:55 AM
new postI am an alternate-universe version of the real YouMustDie.2Thu, 27th Sep '12 7:45:25 PM
new postThere Is An Evil Fictional Timeline3Thu, 27th Sep '12 7:43:42 PM
new postHomestuck & Touhou exist in the same reality.34Tue, 18th Sep '12 6:13:30 PM
new postMario=Mickey Mouse8Mon, 13th Aug '12 6:53:36 PM
new postThe Garden of Eden is in New Jersey12Mon, 13th Aug '12 3:43:22 PM
new postIJBM wasn't deleted, just moved to a Mod's Only Area.44Tue, 31st Jul '12 8:43:51 PM
new postLink and Zelda from the Wind Waker are Older than they look6Tue, 31st Jul '12 2:35:16 PM
new postFast Eddie is Secretariat.6Thu, 19th Jul '12 9:22:27 PM
new postMuslim Brotherhood is Team Rocket4Sat, 14th Jul '12 7:05:25 PM
new postThis thread does not exist39Thu, 12th Jul '12 6:55:56 PM
new postIf you change some of the names in The World God Only Knows...2Wed, 4th Jul '12 5:32:46 AM
new postThat Big J Guy Lied2Wed, 4th Jul '12 5:24:32 AM
new postLMFAO Is A Parody Band2Wed, 27th Jun '12 6:16:40 AM
new postOur lives are movies54Tue, 29th May '12 5:20:32 PM
4 pages in this list
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