Our lives are movies:

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This explains the plot holes.
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52 Kossmeister19th May 2012 06:46:52 PM from Gainesville, FL
Burn It Down In The End
Whoever wrote my former room-mate's lines must have been on crack.
Every time a fairy says that it doesn't believe in humans, a human child dies.
53 Jheuloh29th May 2012 05:07:32 PM , Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
I'm forever stuck with the To Be Continued caption.
AKA "Jelly"
aka Silverespeon26
Mine is some zany 90's sitcom about a dysfunctional family and their only sane kid, who is also insane.

They can hear my inner monologues so whatever situation I imagine begins to happen.

The director is watching me :0
Supreme Dark Overlord
You know how in Glee the songs always match up with what the focus characters are experiencing? Well in Sixth Form I was part of the interhouse a capella competition and both years our song fitted with my feelings. I had no imput in these choices. At this point I realised my life might be a TV show.
I feel like I'd be like everybody hates chris, but half the show is through my warped perspective where everything looks like a cartoon.
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Total posts: 56
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