The Koopalings and Bowser jr's mother:

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She was a normal human called Lena who actually married Bowser for love and had rainbow colored hair like Lemmy.She died after Bowser jr was born and Bowser rarely brings it up because its such a touchy subject.Lena wasn't a princess but was a female toymaker who worked for the forces of good.Lena and Bowser started out with a dating catwoman scenrio that eventually led to marriage.
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...Is this the premise for a fanfiction of yours?
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I thought it was Blastoice or Birdo
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Isn't that someone from the Mario movie?
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Yes, I believe that's right. The movie isn't canon. Live with it.
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Peach is, since she wasn't surprised by the fact that she could be Bowser Jr.'s mother in Super Mario Sunshine. I think any woman would remember giving birth to a giant firebreathing turtle, don't you?

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[up][up] Unless Bowser's species has a Mr. Seahorse thing going on with the males getting pregnant instead of the females. Then Peach could be the mother and not know about it.

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