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This thread does not exist:

 26 Angewomon, Thu, 11th Aug '11 12:58:20 PM from Everywhere and Nowhere
Digital Angel
Hoo boy, someone just dropped a Logic Bomb...*bomb explodes, destroying the universe*

edited 11th Aug '11 12:58:43 PM by Angewomon

Talk to the hand.
 27 QAZ, Sun, 21st Aug '11 12:29:41 AM from Antartica
Before I even clicked on it
This signature is winnar.
 28 Jackalope Chris, Mon, 28th Nov '11 10:11:52 AM from Ontario, Canada
It exists only as an abstract concept, like irony or pumpkins.

This is a thread. 'Thread' is another word for 'string'. 'String' could be referencing 'string cheese'. String cheese is a food. Cake is also a food. The cake is a lie. THERFORE:: This thread is a lie!!
 30 loganlocksley, Fri, 9th Dec '11 9:57:23 AM from On the ceiling
Occasionally Smart
I'd say you just won the thread, but it doesn't exist, so you won nothing.
He's like fire and ice and rage. He's ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time. Rory punched him in the face.
^ Alright, Roranicus Pondicus, you asked for it. Time to bring out the big guns. *crack neck* Ahem...

Your picture is of Rory the Roman. The only time Rory was truly Rory-the-Roman was before the Doctor erased himself from the time stream with the Pandorica. This erased every event in history that had to do with the Doctor; Rory-the-Roman never existed except in memory. THEREFORE: You posting a response on a Wild Mass Guessing thread DOES NOT EXIST. It was erased from the time stream and only exists in your memory.

In fact, not even I remember this thread. I... I'm not even too sure what I'm typing right now. Who are you people?! And how did you get in my house?

P.S. Nice job punching Hitler in the face.

edited 14th Dec '11 10:27:50 AM by ParkourPaisho

 32 Joesolo, Thu, 29th Dec '11 8:06:52 PM Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Indiana Solo
Jossed. I found it and posted on it.
I am going to shove the sunshine so far up where the sun don't shine that you will vomit nothing but warm summer days -Belkar
 33 Bio Safety, Fri, 30th Dec '11 1:35:30 PM from The Ethereal Mists
I would say the number of people who've posted here make collective hallucination unlikely, but if I'm hallucinating this thread, every post so far could also be a hallucination. The only way to prove this thread exists is if someone mentions outside this thread.

Unless TV Tropes itself is a hallucination... oh bother...
GENERATION 34: The first time you see this, copy it into your sig on any forum and add 1 to the generation.
 34 Haven, Fri, 30th Dec '11 2:07:35 PM from Radiance
Planescape Hijack
OP posted this while holding up some imaginary sewing material. wild mass guess
Productivity is for people without internet connections. -Count Dorku
Needs moar friendship.
[up]Well, someone needed to make the clothes the emperor wasn't wearing.
Bridge 4: At least Guardsmen get T-shirts.
Faith in the self.
So, this thread is about Touhou?
"My life is my own" | If you want to contact me privately, please ask first on the forum.
 37 bashdemears, Sat, 31st Dec '11 8:57:35 PM from No Cal Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
Bash bash bash
This thread is in subspace.
The year is 20XX...
Coffee Fiend
What if we are actually threads and tvtropes just posts us on the forums.
It seems we are in a BEARY GRIZZLY situation.
 39 resetlocksley, Thu, 12th Jul '12 6:55:56 PM from Serenity Relationship Status: Only knew I loved her when I let her go
I aim to misbehave.
In Soviet Russia, forum posts on YOU!
I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.
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