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One Quarter of a Dollar
That would mean that I am way smarter than I think I am. Take That, Universe.
I don't know what I'm doing. Shut up.
I seem to meet more people with self-diagnosed-DID than self-diagnosed-Aspergers, which makes me think that DID is a side effect of role playing.

So the question becomes, do you allow each identity one vote in elections and propositions, or do you force the person to allow the identities that are of-age, and have not committed felonies a vote on what the body votes on, for what their congressional representative votes on?
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Wow, so apparently I have 999999+ unaware personalities/doppelgangers running around the world who happen to be parts of my own personality. That I can handle. waii

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You are a Innocent Uke! Cute and sweet of all ukes! MY own profile is actually HERE!
so I'm Jamie Madrox? o.o
Going Forth!
I have personas that change depending on what kind of person I'm feeling at the moment, and able to conduct conversations with those entities.

I could be a total jerk, aloof and cold, sweet genki girl ditz, yandere, sensitive, tough and then the polite nice guy. Or rather, I could be all these things. Guess I'm still not sure what kind of person I am despite knowing what I like and dislike and all the things I believe in pretty clearly.

In short all those things are separate and yet still a part of you, those different personalities.

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