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Nov 20th 2014 at 11:48:14 PM •••

List of weapons...

Neutron Assault Rifle: Decent accuaracy and damage.

Energon Harvester:Shotgun that's lethal to just about every enemy at close range.

Subsonic Repeater: futuristic submachine gun.

A-4 Pulsar Cannon: Grenade Launcher that fires projectiles that can be remotely detonated

C.L.U.T.C.H: Some sort of attack drone.

Chaos Rift Combustor: Flak grenade launcher

Corrosive Slime Cannon: greande launcher (i think) that lobs blobs of Hollywood Acid.

Dimensional Decimator: An grenade that creates an miniature black hole

E.D.K. Techvolt: Electric weapon that siphons health from enemies

Nucleon Charge Rifle: Sniper rifle that can be upgraded for an faster recharge during an maintained killstreak.

Path Blaster: Semi-automatic weapon that can be upgraded with the following effect: one round per magazine will be randomly changed from an standard bolt of molten metal to an more powerful, explosive shell.

Thermo Rocket Cannon: Lock On Weapon that fires three homing rockets at an time on a single enemy.

Riot Cannon: Minature, long-ranged, powerful rocket launcher with low ammo count.

Photon Burst Rifle: 3-round burst assault rifle. Has an scope for long-ranged attacks

V32.CYBR-Corrupt@r: Mind control gun that only works on minor enemies.

Scatter Blaster: Close-ranged shotgun that kills enemies in one hit at point-blank range

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Aug 9th 2014 at 9:24:46 PM •••

You launched this in the wrong namespace. Please move it to VideoGame.Transformers Rise Of The Dark Spark and put this on the cut list.

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