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Mar 22nd 2021 at 6:47:42 AM •••

Linking to a past Trope Repair Shop thread that dealt with this page: Misuse, clean up needed, started by DrMcNinja on Jan 3rd 2012 at 8:23:47 PM

Sep 25th 2020 at 11:11:29 AM •••

Sans is a bit of both a bonus boss and a final boss since the player needs to do the genocide route in order to fight him

Feb 7th 2020 at 11:51:51 AM •••

Is anyone going to bring up the Radiance? Even though it's generally accepted that Nightmare King Grimm, its upgraded version, Absolute Radiance, Grey Prince Zote at higher levels are harder,they're all optional. Regardless, the Radiance is still ridiculously difficult.

Mar 2nd 2017 at 3:34:07 AM •••

I've noticed a lot of people removing entries for DLC bosses from work's pages, citing that they are Bonus Bosses and don't count. But I don't think that's right.

Bonus Bosses are incredibly challenging and usually well-hidden bosses that are designed specifically to give the player a challenge. They don't prevent the player from finishing the story. But a lot of DLC's are story expansions or self-contained storylines. If you want to clear them, you have to beat some of the bosses, and the experience of fighting them is very much the same as fighting a main game boss.

By excluding mandatory DLC bosses (the ones required to beat the DLC) we are robbed of the opportunity to talk about some of our most treasured or most dreaded experiences during what is for all intents and purposes, simply a continuation of the main game.

Mar 7th 2015 at 6:30:57 PM •••

I would really like some tropes-are-not-bad word of the wise on this trope and any other "That One X" trope.

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Mar 8th 2015 at 3:06:54 AM •••

Tropes Are Not Bad is not about Audience Reactions, and the That One X things are Audience Reactions.

Of course, if you like playing against insanely difficult and frustrating enemies, I suspect you could like one of these...

Feb 15th 2014 at 1:27:04 AM •••

Why was the Walkthrough Mode warning removed? After all, this trope is quite prone to it, but at the same time, We Are Not GameFAQs.

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Feb 15th 2014 at 1:49:16 AM •••

Presumably, because it should be hidden in the source, not out there in the open. We can put a commented out (with a %%; see Text Formatting Rules) note in all subpages.

Jan 10th 2014 at 8:31:24 PM •••

Borderlands 2, Neptune, W 4 R D 3 N, and Knuckle Dragger, the first and the last are too powerful for the common level, and the last requires you to die at least once, and both need you to find a hiding spot, a Container and a Shed, respectively. W 4 R D 3 N is simply too powerful, there is no way out of this one, you gotta use what you have.

May 31st 2012 at 10:29:17 AM •••

Air Man Song lyrics removed due to edit warring. This coming from a participant in said Edit War, who's had enough of people changing it back. -M.K.

Edited by MugenKagemaru
May 16th 2012 at 7:28:52 AM •••

I think Silitha from Darksiders deserves a mention. Constantly teleporting on top of you, never staying in one place long enough to hurt, even with the Abyssal Chain, she takes ages to kill, even on easy.

Sep 9th 2011 at 10:38:58 PM •••

Should Yiazmat be added to the Final Fantasy That One Boss section? Because he has over 50 million HP, and if you're not careful, he can use Reflect once in the fight if you use Renew (I think that's what it's called) and he can get a full heal on himself.

BUT Squenix knew he was going to be a long boss fight and gave you the ability to leave during the fight, go heal, and buy items. So should he, or shouldn't he be added?

Feb 6th 2011 at 6:56:13 PM •••

Platform game section? Does it already exist as a subsection, and if not, let's create one because I really goddamn hate the yeti fight in Spyro 3.

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Feb 6th 2011 at 7:23:40 PM •••

Either go to That One Boss/Action or use the bottom of the page.

Jan 13th 2011 at 12:34:14 AM •••

Personally I feel that we should start for Fangames, since there is a MASSIVE amount difficult boss fights (or just ones badly programed) and it will get edited regularly

Anybody agree?

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Jul 17th 2010 at 3:42:08 PM •••

Should these pages have the Subjective Trope tag on top? Different people have varying skill levels, after all.

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Nov 23rd 2010 at 10:02:17 PM •••

Yes and no. As it says in the discription, That One Boss is the boss that you always have trouble with no matter how many times you played, Just like That One Level. otherwise its a Wake Up Call Boss, Early Bird Boss or Skillgate respectivly.

Jul 2nd 2016 at 8:34:07 PM •••

The entire point of this trope is actually that it's NOT an opinion based trope. For a That One Boss, i'd say at least 75 percent of players have extreme difficulty beating this boss, if not more. That tag should be REMOVED for this one.

Apr 26th 2010 at 7:38:18 AM •••

Airman is totally a That One Boss. I CAN EVEN DEFEAT HIM!!!

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Jun 25th 2010 at 7:09:31 PM •••

Apparently you've never played Pokemon Gold or silver. Whitney. Miltank. Rollout. I'm seriously considering making it the new page image. Anyone agree/disagree?

Jul 3rd 2010 at 10:17:37 PM •••

I disagree. Air Man has always been known to be a pain in the ass. You had to explain why Miltank was such. Speaking of the image, can we get a better quality one?

Jul 18th 2010 at 12:28:40 AM •••

Why must we have the crappy english version of the song?

Edited by
May 31st 2012 at 10:31:21 AM •••

Since it's obvious there's gonna be such an Edit War over which lyrics are used, I took the liberty of taking them out.

Edited by MugenKagemaru
Apr 19th 2010 at 11:10:02 AM •••

Would anyone be opposed to making a separate page for First-Person Shooters? FP Ses have more than their share of That One Boss-es (I'm looking at you, new AVP, and your Weyland fight in the Marine campaign), and right now the examples are all mixed in with "Shoot 'em up" - which is generally understood to specifically mean games like Gradius, Ikaruga, Touhou, etc. (thus why they're called 'shmups').

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Apr 19th 2010 at 12:33:26 PM •••

I'd have no objection to the creation of such a page, but reviewing the Shoot 'Em Up page I see few examples of First Person Shooters using this trope.

Apr 19th 2010 at 8:53:10 PM •••

...whoa. I could swear there used to be more in there. Did they get moved to Action? Hmm...

EDIT: Yep, that's where they went. I'll start collating FPS examples. In the meanwhile, um... if you think of any that aren't on the Action page, post them here, I guess?

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