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I hate Catharsis Factor, much better to make it into something horrifying. Subverted Catharsis is better.

There's no satisfaction in seeing whatever comeuppance the writer will give for a very evil villain because they will never think of anything that's actually enough for me.

...Tell me, am I reading too much Reddit? Should I lay off on the Reddit?

My brother once accused me of thinking like a far right extremist despite not having their views. Sometimes I deny it but sometimes I question if he had a point. Why would such an accusation hold water anyway... right?


I think you can gauge the effectiveness of a Hate Sink by their YMMV entries (unless the page is too sparse), the lack of any entries outside of Catharsis Factor, Jerks Are Worse Than Villains, Moral Event Horizon, or Realism-Induced Horror (ie not Love to Hate or Evil Is Cool) oughtta tell you something, because apparently venting hate on a pure Hate Sink is not welcome on the YMMV pages even for the right reasons.

I am that “occasional forum poster” now watch me disappear for months on end.


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