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Telcontar MOD
Aug 9th 2013 at 2:32:05 AM •••

No, because this trope is not gender-specific, despite the men in the name.

Mar 18th 2013 at 6:20:06 AM •••

Would the trope counts if the two characters in question are in-laws?

Jan 14th 2011 at 11:44:23 AM •••

Should this trope be renamed 'Cain and Abel Story', or would that be a seperate trope?

Sep 16th 2010 at 8:26:56 AM •••

Removed the following from the entry on the Bibe: "Abel gave the best he had in an earnest desire to please God. Cain just gave whatever was lying around, in order not to be shown up by his younger brother. More to the point, "Without shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sin." Cain was mad because Abel doing it right showed Cain wasn't paying attention. Not to mention God cursed the soil earlier on. Cain giving God something born out of something that He cursed isn't exactly a good way to please God. As You Know, Cain kills Abel."

This sounds more like a Draco in Leather Pants attempt to justify Cain.

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Aug 18th 2012 at 8:35:03 AM •••

In LDS Scripture, the book of Moses (part of the Pearl of Great Price) reveals more about Adam and Eve and their children. Mainly (in keeping of this trope), it reveals that Cain had chosen Satan over God and only made the offering because Satan told him to (he knew Cain would do it unworthily and be rejected because of it). It also reveals that the offering happened the long while (maybe even years) before the murder. While the rejected offering helped Cain make his decision, the main reason he did it was because Satan offered him Abel's flock if Cain murdered him.

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