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Young adult male. Occasional contributor to a number of pages.

Created the following pages:

  • Capoeira: I'm so-so at actually doing the style, but it's referenced in so many places on the wiki, I figured it good to set up a page. *wry grin* Now to make all of the links...
  • Chronicles of the Kencyrath: ^_^ A stellar example of what fandom can spawn. I started with maybe 4-5 links and then posted the page's presence on the series mailing list. It's grown quite respectably.
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  • Magical Girl Hunters: Love the series, wanted to spread it.
  • The Wizard of Gore: Just recently watched it. Enjoyed it immensely for all its schlocky horror value.
  • F/X: The Series: Fun series. MacGyver with latex instead of duct tape.
  • Kumiko The Demon Girl: A cute bit of original fiction that was nearly lost due to the Internet moving on.
  • In Hero Years, I'm Dead: A piece of post-modern superhero fiction. Loved it so much, I had to get a copy and introduce the world to it.
  • Hobgoblin: A Problem Novel that tried to cash in on the D&D moral panic.
  • Mercs: After getting a bit part in the remake, I had to make sure to spread the love to others.
  • Bloodfist: I've only seen Bloodfist VI, but after I started inputting tropes, it just made sense to go whole hog.
  • Cabbage Patch Kids: Never owned one, but it was a redlink.
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  • Fireproof: Watched it, made the entry. Glad to see others have kept it up a bit.
  • The Forgotten: Watched it years back. Saw someone had posted a The Forgotten Movie link and moved it over into the proper section. Oddly enough, there was already a WMG entry for the movie. Makes me wonder if fans of the TV series nuked a prior entry to make room for theirs.
  • The Switch: Watched it with the girlfriend, really wanted to geek out about the blue eyes/blonde hair thing, wrote the entry.

And others... I stopped keeping track after a while because I'd see a film, realize there was not tropes page, and immediately try to put a stub in.