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5th Mar, 2021 04:55:48 PM

Xeno is quite the serial tweaker, 36 edits on that page, all today. The other recap pages aren't much better.

6th Mar, 2021 09:43:01 AM

And now they're edit warring again, adding and re-adding an entry on the final WandaVision episode.

6th Mar, 2021 10:39:26 AM

Suspension applied. The Serial Tweaking has made it difficult to observe the first instance, but the second is much clearer. I'll note here that the debate for the first instance has been taken to the discussion subpage, if anyone else wants to join in.

6th Mar, 2021 10:56:15 AM

Should we lock these pages for a bit so people can calm down. Theirs so many edit wars going through here it seems.

6th Mar, 2021 11:20:49 AM

I support a lock as well.

6th Mar, 2021 11:21:26 AM

I also support a lock, though admittedly all I know about this situation is that it keeps popping up on ATT a lot.

7th Mar, 2021 03:18:24 PM

Wasn't he just released from being banned.

7th Mar, 2021 03:24:00 PM

That is correct.

Anyway, a lock is sounding more promising each day.

Edited by Irene
7th Mar, 2021 03:30:41 PM

And true to form, he apparently needed several edits to make that one change.

He was suspended and released for the same issues, FYI

7th Mar, 2021 03:34:30 PM

To be completely fair, the conversation in Edit Banned was entirely focused on the edit war; the other issues weren't really brought up or at least weren't ever brought up by Xeno themselves.

I'm not blaming Fighteer here; there was a ton of stuff going on in Edit Banned the other night. I just want the facts to be straight to everyone.

Edited by WarJay77
7th Mar, 2021 03:41:21 PM

That, and let's not make comments on their editing habits in that way. It's popcorning while not relaying the information in a respectful manner. "True to form" is clearly just making a poor comment. They're making errors, but we can bring that up in a manner that respects the user as well. Generally, if you don't have a respectful comment to make, you shouldn't be posting on these threads anyway. For the record, there's been a discussion on popcorning being bad(and it falls under "being a dick" in many cases), and it's intended to be more harshly disciplined than before. Popcorning has legit gotten suspensions too, so it's important to note it's a massive problem and is pretty easy to avoid.

The user was not addressed by that. We should call them into this ATT to explain the issue, imo. They did not repeat the same mistake(edit war) either, so it's a different issue altogether. I feel it's better to explain the problem(bad indentation and serial tweaking) via a PM notifier. Let's see what happens from there. :)

Edited by Irene

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